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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 36: Final Matter

They appear at the surface of Ripple Star, only for all of them to raise an eyebrow at what they are seeing. Or rather, what they are not seeing. Rainbow everywhere. Pink hearts and colored rings in the yellow sky. Flowers and ever small rocks of various colors. Bushes with star-shaped leaves. There is even giant flowers with pink petals that open and close all the time, revealing a bulbed purple pistil. But not a single trace of darkness.

It's probably an area not touched by the Dark Matters, they conclude.

Ribbon looks around and says "I recognize this place! We are not far of the castle!" She then points in a direction. "It's this way. And the crystal says that the next shard is this way too!"

"Convenient," Dedede comments. "But remember Ribbon, even if we see your friends, we will not be able to trust them. They may be possessed by the Dark Matters, and we may be forced to fight them."

Ribbon looks down in sadness and resignation. "I know. I hope we will not have to..."

"We will try to not hit too hard," says Waddle Dee.

Sweetie Belle nods. "Just enough to knock them out."

Kirby looks in determination in the direction pointed by Ribbon, and starts to run. In the way, he eats a Plugg, a creature that looks like a blue outlet plug -whence their name- on green feet, and gain the spark ability. The others look at him, nod, and follow him without saying anything.

They quickly find out that the creatures of Ripple Star are all possessed by the Dark Matters, seeing that they are far more violent than usually. Each time they knock one out, Ribbon uses the crystal to force the Dark Matter out and destroy him, hopping so to weaken their forces.

Just before reaching a pond, they find a shard floating in the way, surprisingly with great ease. Just after the pond, they enter a dome-shaped white and pink house with a red turbine above the door. The door seemingly being a wall with a pink star in it, a water wall in front of it, and circled by a yellow octagon, Ribbon has to show them that they can simply pass it by walking through it.

After walking in a tunnel-like yellow hallway, they enter a single room with another turbine in the ceiling, a few colored blocks included of with a heart, and a computer. The hallway closes behind them, and there is another similar hallway in front of them that closes too. At this moment, a big version of those living saw named Sawyer pop out of the ground and charges at them to try to cut them in half, only for Dedede to grab it, pluck it out of the ground, and throw it toward the ceiling, where Kirby sends a big electrical ball at it while Sweetie jumps and punches it in the side with a Vulcan Jab. Meanwhile, Adeleine and Ribbon deal with the few Bronto Burts flying around.

Once they are done with all those enemies, they obtain another shard, and they are able to exit the house. Outside, they pass through what is a garden full of flowers, then enter a river where Dedede destroy a rock to reveal a third shard, before seeing that it is starting to get darker.

"We are approaching," says Ribbon with apprehension.

After eating a Maxi Tomato to heal every injuries they may have gained in the way, they continue their way, the atmosphere starting to change. The sky is now turning blue, with clouds of darkness starting to show. They soon see the castle of Ripple Star, a beautiful, giant round structure circled by smaller triangular structures with green gems in them. Above the castle, separated by pillars, there is a second section shaped like a rounded cone. And the whole thing is surrounded in darkness.

Ribbon can only look in horror at the state of the castle. "My queen... Everyone..."

Dedede rolls up his sleeves. "Welp! Time to bring back some light in this place!"

Ribbon looks at Dedede as he starts to walk in determination toward the castle. "Wait!" She points at a well beside the path. "The crystal says that there is a shard in there. And besides, there is a secret passage that can help us infiltrate the castle without having to fight hundreds of Dark Matters in the way."

"Yeah..." Sweetie Belle says. "I don't think we would be able to fight this many Dark Matters with an incomplete crystal as their only weak point..."

"So, the well?" asks Adeleine to the others.

"The well," they all answer. excepted Kirby who says "Poyo."

So they all jump in the well, where they find yet another shard in another rock at the bottom, under the water. Ribbon then shows a tunnel in one of the walls, and they take it, Dedede with difficulty because he is almost too big to go in. This leads to an underwater cavern that they follow until they reach a point where there is no more water. Jumping out of it, they travel the rest of the cavern on feet, Dedede destroying a boulder blocking the way.

There are still a few enemies, but they are not as many as outside, so they don't have any problems, and thanks to Ribbon's directions, they don't get lost. They have to jump in a few hole to reach another part of the cavern underwater, where they find a shard before jumping out of the water again. After a small trek, they arrive at a wall of star blocs, and destroying them reveal more star blocks. At this moment, the cavern is replaced by a basement, with sculpted walls, stairs, and pillars, with a shard behind one.

After a staircase full of those star blocks, they enter a hallway that leads them to a room with what Ribbon reveals is an elevator yellow at the outside, red at the inside, with a yellow star at the center. When they walk on it, it lifts them to the room above, which seems to be a storeroom full of pink heart blocs, carpets, and jars.

"From there, we just have to pass a few rooms and climb a few staircases to reach the top of the castle," Ribbon informs them.

Sweetie Belle nods. "No doubt they will be well guarded."

"Not well enough," says Dedede with a smirk. "Against us, they have no chance."

They exit the room, and from there, it's like Ribbon has said. They enter a room that is full of enemies, fight all of them, exit it, take a staircase, reach another room full of enemies, and this repeats five time, finding shards in the first, third, and fifth rooms, the second shard hidden under a carpet. The enemies are numerous, but against he full power of the whole group, like Dedede has said, they stand no chance. To Sweetie Belle, they aren't even as well trained as the Meta Knights she has fought with Kirby in the bridge of the Halberd, so their defeat has been assured from the start. The most difficult part is making sure that Ribbon can destroy all the Dark Matters without them being possessed because of their number.
After the last room, they arrive at another staircase under a big cloud of darkness, with a few of those black creatures like Waddle Dee has eliminated in Popstar before entering Dedede's fortress. After eliminating them, they look up at the dark cloud.

"So, what do you think is in there?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Who know. There can be anything," answers Sweetie Belle.

Ribbon looks at the crystal. "The next shard, probably the last one, is in there. We will have to fight whatever is in it."
They pass another few seconds looking at the dark cloud in determination before climbing the staircase, reaching a room directly under the dark cloud. Readying themselves, they fly into it.

They are now inside the cloud of darkness, surrounded by blue and dark void. They immediately spot their enemy floating at the very center, and to Sweetie Belle, it is one of the weirder enemies she has encounter. Weither it is more weird than the video game thingy is up for debate. The thing looks like a white geometrical figure with 21 faces, each face having what looks like a red eye with a black pupil. The thing turns on itself in an erratic pattern, and they absolutly don't know what it has in store for them. The similarities with Zero don't escape Sweetie Belle and Kirby.

Adeleine then starts to speak. "So... Is this thing vulnerable to our attacks, or is Ribbon the only one that can damage it?"

Before anyone can answer, the thing turns into an orange sphere with small spikes around it. Suddenly, the spikes extend everywhere, almost impaling Dedede and Ribbon who move out of the way at the last seconds. The spikes then retract, leaving behind thorns, and after a couple of seconds, it turns back into its normal form.

"Whatever, we have to try!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "We can't remain here just dodging its attacks!" At this, she shoots a beam at this weird Dark Matter, only to do nothing to it.

Kirby nods with a "Poyo!" and attacks too with his spark, only to do nothing too. Dedede jumps and swings his hammer, but it bounces on the Dark Matter's body. Even Ribbon's crystals don't do anything to it, to everyone's surprise.

"Darn it!" yells the penguin. "How do we beat it?!"

The Dark Matter then turns into an eyeball of fire, and starts shooting columns of fire while turning around, each columns leaving behind small fireballs. Watching closely from where the columns start, they are able to avoid them without being burned until the Dark Matter returns to its first form.

While in its fire form, however, the group has discovered something. They have continued attacking it with everything they have. Because it's made of fire at this moment, sweetie Belle has thought that it would be vulnerable to ice. So she has shooted ice at it, only to cause no damages. At this instant, annoyed, she has started to throw her other attacks, starting with lightning, then fire. And surprisingly, the fire has worked ! It's just at this moment that the Dark Matter has turned back to normal, and they can now see that one of the eyes has turned black.

Sweetie Belle smiles in joy. "Yay! We can hurt it! It is vulnerable to fire!" She then shoots a fireball at it, only for the fireball to do nothing. "What the heck?"

"There must be something," says Waddle Dee. "You hurt it with fire, but now you can't."

The Dark Matter then changes form again, this time turning into a ball of electricity, and starts to shoot beams of electricity that bounce from the walls of the dark cloud. The surprising move causes Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Sweetie Belle to be hit, but thankfully, it doesn't hurt too much. After a moment, the beams turn into electric balls that float around for a time before disappearing. Taking an opening between the beams, Kirby jumps beside the Dark Matter and attacks it with his own electricity, this time hurting it. Seeing it has worked, Kirby jumps again and hurts the Dark Matter a second time just before it turns back into its first form, now having three black eyes.

"Wait a minute!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "It turns into fire, and fire hurts it. It turns into electricity, and electricity hurts it. What if the only thing that can hurt it is the element corresponding to its current form?"

"And those forms are surprisingly like Kirby's abilities," remarks Waddle Dee. "First, the needle ability, then the fire, then the spark." The Dark Matter then turns into a big rock, with four smaller rocks floating around it. "And now the stone ability!" They dodge the falling rocks, then the Dark Matter itself once it starts to roll around to try to crush them. "It's like it exists to counter Kirby's ability to copy!"

Dedede frowns. "The Dark Matters probably created that thing in case they would have to fight Kirby again, hoping that by using Kirby's very own ability against him, they would beat him. That's smart. Too bad for them, now that we understand how to beat it, it will be a piece of cake." He sees Kirby licking his lips and punches him on the top of his head. "Stop thinking about food and do your job! Use its own weapon against it! Use your abilities!"

After rubbing his head, Kirby nods at him and wait for the Dark Matter to transform again. It transforms into a crescent-shaped razor followed by smaller crescents and starts to fly around to try to cut them.

"Cutter!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

Kirby gives up the spark ability and is able to inhale the smaller crescent at the back. Now with the cutter ability, he attacks the Dark Matter. Waddle Dee attacks too, wanting to see if his spear can count, only for it to bounce on the Dark Matter, causing him to be cut by it. Eventually, they hear a small explosion coming from the Dark Matter, and it reverts back to its first form, three more eyes having turned black.

It now takes the needle form, spikes protruding everywhere around it. Again, after dodging a spike, Waddle Dee jumps at it, and this time, is able to use the spear to hurt it. Kirby quickly gives up the cutter ability to inhale one of the thorns left behind by the spikes, and spits it at the Dark Matter. Another attack from Waddle Dee, and they hear another explosion before it goes back to its first form.

The Dark Matter now turns into a giant black bubble, and creates more smaller bubbles that start to bounce around.

"Uh... I'm not sure about this one..." says Sweetie Belle.

Dedede looks at Kirby. "Do you have an ability related to bubbles?"

Kirby only shakes his head, before rubbing it to think which ability would work against this form.

The small bubbles suddenly split in two, doubling their number while making them smaller. Because of their number, one of the bubbles hit Kirby from behind, and the bubble explode, releasing a small explosion that hurt him.

At this, Ribbon and Sweetie gasp. "It's the bomb!" they shout.

The bubbles start to pop, releasing small bombs that remain floating in place. Kirby quickly inhale one to gain the bomb ability and throws bombs at the Dark Matter. At the same time, Adeleine draws bombs and throw them at it too, while Sweetie shoots explosive balls. Among the explosion, another small one is heard inside the Dark Matter, and it goes back to normal.

The next form is the spark one, but a single lightning from Sweetie causes it to revert back to normal before it even attacks, everyone hearing another small explosion from it. Now there are only height red eyes remaining.

The Dark Matter now turns into a big tilted ice cube that float up and down surrounded by shards of ice, the shards threatening to ram them. Kirby gives up the bomb and inhale some of the shards of ice, and rather than getting the ice ability, he decides to spit them back at the Dark Matter. Dedede does the same thing, while Sweetie shoots ice balls. Another explosion is heard from the Dark Matter, and it is back to its first form.

Five eyes remaining.

It takes the fire form, and Sweetie immediately shoots fireballs at it. After dodging a column of fire, Kirby inhale a fireball and spits it at the Dark Matter. It reverts back to its normal form with another explosion.

Three eyes.

The stone form. While they dodge the boulders, Adeleine paints rocks and throws them at Dedede who uses his hammer to send them at the Dark Matter. Kirby then inhale one of the small boulders and spits it, while Sweetie wraps her whip around another boulder and hit the Dark Matter with it. Another explosion is heard, and it goes back to normal, no eyes remaining.

The Dark Matter explodes again, the explosion bigger, before it starts to shrink, and after a couple of seconds, it breaks apart, and the pieces turn into particles that disappear in the darkness while releasing a shard. When Ribbon fuses it with the crystal, it is now about four time her size.

She smiles. "We did it! The crystal is complete!"

"Then what are we waiting?!" shouts Waddle Dee. "Let's use it do destroy the Dark Matters!"

She nods, and lets the crystal float as they regroup around it. The crystal starts to glow, the light getting stronger and stronger, engulfing the whole dark cloud. It rapidly spreads outside the castle, to the whole planet, attacking the darkness and forcing it to back away. As the group reach the balcony between the two sections of the castle, they watch the darkness being chased away by the light full of love released by the crystal. Soon, the darkness is chased out of Ripple Star, is forced to take the shape of a giant ball, and after receding far enough into space, it explodes, the explosion seen from the surface of the planet.

As they start to scream and bounce in joy, exchanging congratulations and hugs, and even dancing, Sweetie and the others are joined on the balcony by other fairies who congratulate them, including a tall fairy that look more like a human. She has freckles on her cheeks, and possesses black hair that form two braids behind her head held together by red ribbons. She wears glasses, a white shirt with a red skirt and a pink collar, a blue tie, a blue bow in the back, and they can see a pink dress under the skirt. The golden crown on her heads easily help identifying who she is.

"My queen!" shouts Ribbon in happiness.

However, as the queen starts to open her mouth, probably to congratulate them, the crystal suddenly starts glowing again, and shoots a beam at the queen, to everyone's shock. Very quickly, a GIANT cloud of darkness is expulsed from the queen, and it quickly flies away from Ripple Star. Despite it now being in space, they can see it expand, forming its own world of darkness just beside Ripple Star.

They all frown. "This is not the end," say Dedede.

"We will have to go in it?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Of course!" answers Sweetie Belle. "We can't let them escape! We must deal with those Dark Matters now, before they come back for another round! Beside, they seem to wait for us to settle this."

Meanwhile, the fairies have gathered around the queen, Ribbon holding her in her arms.

"My queen! Are you alright?!" she shouts in worry.

The queen weakly groan, and almost whisper "Ribbon?" not even opening her eyes.

"Yes. It's me. I found heroes, and together, we have expulsed the Dark Matters out of Ripple Star." She looks up at the giant orb of darkness visible in the sky. "But now, they have formed a dark world. I don't know what is waiting for us."

After some more groans, the queen only says two words.

"Zero Two."

And she falls into unconsciousness.

"Oh boy... This will be ugly..." says Discord.

They can see it, those two words have somehow filled Sweetie Belle and the others with dread, and even Discord seems uncomfortable.

The Dark Matters, so far, have proven themselves to be the most horrible creatures they have ever seen, and that white one with all the red eyes has been really disturbing.

So, what will it be with that Zero Two?

"Zero Two..." says Celestia. She looks at Discord. "Haven't you said that the previous leader of the Dark Matter that Sweetie Belle and Kirby fought was named Zero?"

"Yes. And if this Zero Two is like the first one..." He snaps his fingers, creating a bin in front of each ponies, and dragon. "you may need those. Unless you prefer that I close the portal now, which I recommend."

"It was that horrible?" asks Applejack.

"Maybe you should tell us what happened the first time," says Luna.

"The first time," Discord repeats. He looks at everypony with a big frown. "The first time, they invaded Popstar, and possessed half the population. Dark Matters are beings of darkness and negative emotions. Their only weak point are good emotions, especially love. So they go to a world, spread at its surface, possess its inhabitants, and force them to do everything you can think to make sure that they stop feeling any ounce of positive emotions. Once the inhabitants are hopeless, the world is plunged into darkness and despair forever, and they pass to the next one to repeat. This is what they were about to do to Ripple Star, and this is what they wanted to do to Popstar. To put it simply, their goal is to plunge the whole universe into darkness and despair, exterminating all forms of love, happiness, and whatever. So they did this to Popstar..." He looks at Rarity. "and Sweetie Belle was one of the possessed." They all gasp.

"She has been forced to hurt innocents. She had to fight her friends. She almost killed. By the time she was saved, and she started fighting Zero alongside Kirby and that blue blob named Gooey -remember him?-, she had developed a real hate of the Dark Matters, and in particular Zero because he was the mastermind responsible of everything. You saw how she was the most focused in trapping the Dark Matters so Ribbon could destroy them? It's because she WANTS them dead. No mercy.

Now, Zero. He was nothing more than a giant white orb. A white orb with a single bloody eye. And I mean, BLOODY! And Sweetie Belle absolutely pummeled it. Even going close and personal to beat it like a punching bag. By the time they were done with Zero, Sweetie Belle was almost fully covered in blood, and she passed the next few hours in a pile of friends being comforted. So, I don't know how the fight against this Zero Two will go, I don't know how Sweetie Belle will react against him. A whole month has passed since then, after all, and she had her friends to help her. But just in case, you should keep those bins ready."

He is answered by silence, everypony looking at him. Rarity then starts to cry. "My... My poor Sweetie Belle... Why did this happened to her? Those... MONSTERS! She is just a filly!"

"They don't care," says Discord. "They have no care, and no mercy."

"So, you are telling me that a filly traumatized is about to fight the main reason of her trauma?" asks Luna.

"Not really, I think. I mean, Zero is dead. But if Zero Two looks close enough to the first one, then maybe it counts. All I know is that she seems to be okay with this, seeing how they are approaching that dark thing."

They see that Sweetie Belle and her friends, including Ribbon holding the crystal, are now riding on a big star, about to enter the planet-sized cloud of darkness. They can see that she has a very determined expression, but that she is also grinding her teeth, and sweating. She is not the only one, the others also being in the same state, but Sweetie Belle is the most apparent.

Celestia frowns. "Hopefully, with her friends, she will be able to pass this trial without being hurt."

They enter the giant cloud, the crystal opening a way. After a few seconds, the Warp Star leads them to the start of a way constituted of platforms made of hexagonal colored tiles. All around them, there is only a red void filled with the dark energy of the Dark Matters.

They are very close to each other, looking everywhere, not leaving their weapons. Surprisingly, there are no Dark Matters assaulting them. They only see those black creatures guarding some of the platforms in the way.

Kirby looks at the others and nods at them in determination. "Poyo." He then jumps on the next platform, eating the black creature on it.

Dedede looks at Sweetie Belle, and pets her. "Are you sure?"

She nods. "Zero is dead. This Zero Two is only a substitute. This may not be that bad. Beside, I have all of you with me."

"I don't know about this," says Waddle Dee. "If the fight against Zero Two takes place in the air, like against Zero, not all of us may be able to follow."

She sighs, only to be hugged by Adeleine. "Remember. Even if we aren't here, we will still be with you."

"At least, I will be here," says Ribbon.

"Thank you."

At this, they advance, following Kirby who has already eliminated all the black creatures and is waiting them at the end of the path beside a hole. Jumping in it, they fall to another level where there are no creatures. Further, they see a blue hexagon in the floor, and a green hexagon protruding beside it, looking like a big button. In curiosity, Dedede hits the green hexagon with the hammer, causing the blue one to suddenly rise before going back in the ground.

He looks up, toward the dark center of the cloud above them. "Seems like this is it, guys." He looks at Kirby. "Go on the blue hexagon, and I will hit the green one to propel you up so you can fight Zero Two." When Kirby goes on the blue hexagon, Ribbon lands on his head, clinging to him. Dedede then looks at Sweetie Belle. "Do you still want?"

She nods. "I will use a shield to fly."

He sighs. "Remember. We will not be able to help you, we could do nothing. However, don't forget. Whatever happens up there, we will be there for you, and it will be alright.

She nods again, smiling at him. "Don't worry."

He huffs. "Don't tell me to not worry."

Giggling, she steps on the blue hexagon beside Kirby. Seeing they are ready, Dedede hits the green hexagon with all the strength he possesses, propulsing Sweetie, Kirby, and Ribbon toward the dark center, where Zero Two is waiting for them.

Reaching the very center of the cloud, now surrounded by black... things turning all around above the red void, Ribbon quickly gives the crystal to Kirby before grabbing him to help him fly, Kirby holding the crystal and ready to shoot. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle creates a shield that she uses like a flying platform to fly.

They quickly spot a giant white orb, but it is not quite like Zero. It is not spheric, looking more bulbous, slightly flat at the bottom with a point like a small tail. He also possesses small white segmented wings, and... a halo above his head? They also spot a big bandage just under it, with a few red cracks protruding around it.

Zero Two then turns around, revealing that he has been back to them, and reveals his face, constituted of two small beady eyes and a big red mouth.

He actually looks more like an angel, which Sweetie find really disturbing, knowing about his true nature.

But then, Zero Two has a small transformation. The mouth opens, the eyes disappear, and the wings expend, with dark red oval-shaped 'feathers' appearing at the end of the fragments, for a total of twelve 'feathers', six at each wings. Then, a pupil appears in the mouth, revealing it to be actually the infamous red eye.

The moment he sees them, Zero Two then closes his eye... and starts to cry bloody tears, surprising the three of them.

But before they can say or ask anything, Zero Two opens back his eye, and shoots energy balls at them from it. They quickly fly out of the way, discovering that the energy balls explode. He continues shooting them, targeting Kirby, while the puffball shoots crystals toward the Zero Two. Again, to their surprise, the crystals don't hurt Zero Two, only the ones hitting the eye seemingly doing something as they make it bleed. So he targets the eye, but targeting it while dodging the explosive energy balls is surprisingly hard.

To help him, Sweetie Belle tries to gain Zero Two's attention by shooting all kind of projectiles at him, but because they do nothing to him, Zero Two doesn't pay attention to her. So, instead, she shoots at the energy balls, making them explode prematurely and giving Kirby and Ribbon some easier time to target the eye.

After a few hits, Zero Two suddenly half closes his eye and seems to be stunned, stopping attacking. So Kirby continues to shoot more crystals at the eye, until Zero Two goes back to his senses and restarts attacking with his energy balls. For some reasons, it is his only attack. No shooting blood. No popping Dark Matters out of his body. He doesn't even try to charge at them.

Kirby stuns him again, and again, Zero Two goes back to his senses after a few seconds. The whole process repeats a few times, until Sweetie groans in annoyance. "Come on! Why is he still alive?! Even the fight against Zero wasn't this long!"

Strangely, at the mention of this, Zero Two closes his eye for a few seconds, then looks toward Sweetie Belle in what seems to be pure hate.

And then, he charges at her.

The filly immediately makes her shield flies away while not stopping to face Zero Two, shooting at his energy balls. After a whole minute of this, having enough, Sweetie Belle surrounds herself in her shield, and charges at him at great speed. While the charge doesn't damage him, it still knocks him away a little. Kirby, who is behind him, takes the occasion to ask Ribbon to fly above him so he can shoot toward the bandage, thinking that it may be a sensitive spot that could hurt him. But instead of directly hitting the bandage, the crystals actually hit the halo, making it turn a different color at each hit. Zero Two rapidly turn around to shoot his energy balls at them, one of them getting its mark, almost making Ribbon drop Kirby.

Still surrounded by a shield, Sweetie Belle charges at the left wing, which forces Zero Two to spin around himself, and giving the occasion for Kirby to hit the halo again, eventually destroying it and hitting the bandage under it. This destroys the bandage, revealing a familiar bloody red hole, and it REALLY hurts Zero Two, making him thrashing around.

Despite their surprise at seeing the hole, they spot that the white point at Zero Two's bottom as turned into a cactus-like tail shooting green gas, disturbing them even more. But they understand that this may be a weak point, so Ribbon quickly flies so Kirby can targets it while dodging the obviously poisoned green gas. The crystals really seem to have an effect on it, so Kirby continue to shoot until it turns back into the white point, and Zero Two turns back to face them, now really pissed off, the hole on his head bleeding heavily, and the halo back above it.

He then close his eye, and starts to spin around himself at great speed, sending the blood flying all around him. While Sweetie is able to not get blood on her thanks to her shield, Kirby however gets blood on his eyes, blinding him.

As Kirby starts to rub his eyes to get rid of the blood, Ribbon looks at it and shouts "That's disgusting!"

"Watch out!" yells Sweetie Belle.

At her yells, Ribbon looks back toward Zero Two, only for both her and Kirby to violently be rammed by him. The shock causes Kirby to release the crystal, throwing it away, and Ribbon to drop Kirby, who starts to fall.

"Oh no!" She looks at the crystal, then at Sweetie Belle. "Take the crystal!" She then flies down to catch Kirby.

Without even nodding at Ribbon to show that she has hear her, Sweetie Belle flies after the crystal, pursued by Zero Two who clearly doesn't want her to get it. He hasn't counted on Sweetie's magic, the filly grabbing the crystal with it. Crystal in magic, she spins around, and shoots at Zero Two's eye a few time before dodging energy balls.

She then starts to talk. "So you are actually Zero, right? Or at least, some reincarnated version of him. We destroyed your eye, but your body survived, and it became what you are now." She shoots more crystals, all the while flying away from Zero Two still pursuing her and shooting his energy balls. She gets on her hind hooves and grab the crystal in her fore hooves, forming a shield to block some of the balls. "So you remember? I'm the one that did this to you. I killed you. This is why you seem to hate me so much, am I right?"

Zero Two glares at her.

She glares back. "I hate you too. Because of you, I almost killed my friends." Her glare loses in intensity. "Gooey told me that you don't have anything in you. No soul. No heart. No dream. You can only feel things like hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, or pain. And you spread them. Because things like happiness, laughter, kindness, or love hurt you."

Zero Two gets stunned by the crystal hitting his eye, and Sweetie takes the occasion to attack the halo. However, she is not able to destroy it in time before Zero Two restarts attacking her.

"I remember the first Dark Matter that I fought. His reaction to me hugging Gooey. Dark Matters are your creation. So they are a part of you, in a sense. So, Zero Two, I suppose that this whole 'spreading pain' has more behind it."

She grits her teeth in pain at one of the balls hitting her. At this, she strengthens her grip on the crystal, and starts to spin around herself. After two turns, she throws the crystal in Zero Two's eye, impaling it. She then surround herself in her shield again and charges at the crystal in his eye, pushing it all the way in, making him violently thrashing around, his eye becoming a geyser of blood. Luckily, she still has her shield around herself.

She then starts shouting "You are jealous of us, right?! You want to know what it is like to have friends, to love, but because it hurts you, you can't! So you decided to make others stop feeling love!" She grabs the crystal in her magic and gets it out of what remains of the eye, and flies up to the halo. "Rather than trying to find a way to make you be able to feel love, or to just let the others alone, you decided that they should suffer, like you suffer!" She shoots at the halo, destroying it, and hits the hole, making the green tail appear. "I have been thinking about this since our first fight! I don't know what I should feel about you anymore! I hate you! But I also pity you! You have caused all this pain, but you are in pain too!" She points the crystal at the tail, takes a big breath, and close her eyes. "And I will end all this pain, right now."

She shoots.

The tail explodes, and light starts to emerge from Zero Two's body. As the area starts to get brighter, she sees Zero Two's face, and sees that he has taken back the form from the start, the eye becoming like a mouth and the two small black 'eyes' reappearing, 'smiling' at her. The effect is kinda ruined by all the bloods pouring from the 'mouth' and on the head.

She then hears a "Poyo!" and turns around, seeing Kirby and Ribbon approach.

"You did it!" shouts the fairy in joy.

"Yes, but we should quickly get out of here, because I'm sure the place is about to explode."

They nod, and a few seconds later, they are escaping on the Warp Star. They quickly join Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Adeleine, and they jump on it. They exit the dark cloud just a few seconds before it explodes, and they fly back to Ripple Star.

As Sweetie Belle and her friends return to Ripple Star, the ponies only look in silence at what they have witnessed, excepted Fluttershy, who his hidden behind her chair. Pinkie is also crying.

"I have heard a big explosion. Is it over?" asks the pegasus.

Applejack answers her after a few seconds. "Yes sugarcube, it's over. But darn, Discord. You weren't kidding about the ugly part."

"Of course! But seriously! Did she had to impale the crystal in the eye?! That was totally unnecessary and overkill!"

"Probably to end the fight faster, without having to shoot in the eye for another whole minute to stun him," says Luna.

Rarity takes a big breath and sighs. "I don't know what to think... Seeing my sister killing something..." She looks at Celestia. "Princess... Was it the right thing to do?"

Celestia frowns. "Like Sweetie Belle said, Zero, or Zero Two, choose to make the whole universe suffering like him, rather than accepting his life or trying to find a way to change it. If she had spared him, he would have just come back to restart spreading pain elsewhere, and she had no way to imprison him. It was one of those cases... where death was the only way out. I don't say that killing is right, but Sweetie Belle had no choice. She was quite violent about it, but Discord warned us, and after what she has gone through, I think we can forgive her."

"At least, it wasn't as violent as the first time. An impaled eye is nothing compared to what she had done to him," says Discord.

"It's still so sad!" says Pinkie Pie. "He just wanted to love and be loved! But he couldn't because love hurt him ! And so he was sad and hurt and angry and mean and..."

"But he is not suffering anymore, right?" says Rainbow Dash, insure. "I mean... Sweetie said that she has ended the suffering caused by Zero Two, but she also ended Zero Two's suffering. So that's... nice...?"

"I suppose this is the only good part about Sweetie Belle killing Zero Two, beside definitely stopping him : putting him out of his misery," says Twilight as she hugs Spike. "I could tell that she really wanted him dead, like Discord said. But at least, she hasn't killed Zero Two only by hate and vengeance. There was mercy, and duty. I... I don't know if i would have been better at her place."

"And she has even accepted it," continues Discord. "The first time, she was a mess. But now, she seems only a little disturbed, but nothing to the point of having to be buried under a pile of friends."

"She has really matured..." says Rarity. She looks at her little sister, as her and her friends are given medals with small crystals by the queen of the fairies. She smiles proudly at her. "I so want to hug her..."

Discord then closes the portal. "I think that's it, everypony. End of the journey, the world is saved, blah blah blah. Oh! Before I forget!" He snaps his fingers, and a miniature version of himself appears on his lion paw. "You will watch Sweetie Belle, and warn me once something interesting happens."

The mini Discord salutes him, opens a portal, and steps through it before it closes.

"You think there will be more adventures despite the probable end of the Dark Matters?" asks Luna.

"Yes. The Dark Matters where clearly the main threats until now, with Sweetie Belle fighting them three times, but they aren't the only threat. There was that mad jester, after all." His smiles grows. "Something tells me that what we have just seen may be nothing compared to some of her future battles. After all, new bad guys tend to be stronger than the previous ones."

"Nightmare Moon wasn't a pushover for a first bad guy, and you were probably the biggest threat we had until Tirek," says Twilight. "Your logic is eroned."

"I did say 'tend to be'. This is not a general truth." At this, he disappears.

Not long after, Celestia and Luna have to say goodbye, before they return to Canterlot to do their duties. However, Celestia still asks Twilight to inform her of Sweetie Belle's adventures, that she judges "Pleasant to follow".

The princesses are also very curious to see what there will be after something like Zero Two.

Author's Note:

I know that the name of Ripple Star's boss is Miracle Matter, but the characters don't know its name, so they just think of it as 'the Dark Matter' or 'the white thing'.

i hope that I haven't screwed up the fight against Zero Two, knowing how the fans love this boss.

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