• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 30: It's Raining Crystals

Dinner time, the same day.

Sweetie Belle looks at her food, thoughtful. She hasn't eaten anything yet, and Dedede finally remarks this.

"Is there a problem?" he asks.

Sweetie looks at him, before she sighs, and finally asks "Do... Do you know of any way to go into another dimension?"

Dedede raises an eyebrow. "Why the sudden interest?"

"Well... it's because..." She sighs again. "I think that I'm not just coming from another world, but from another dimension."

"Another dimension? Really?"

"I have been having doubts after exploring all those worlds in our quest to stop the sun and moon from fighting each other. And then, thanks to Gooey, the day before we went to hide in Iceberg, I learned that the stars symbolise the dreams. and they are everywhere! Heck, Popstar is a giant star-shaped planet! It's a literal world of dreams, and all those other worlds had the same logics as Popstar. But my world... There are none of that. In my world, stuffs like breathing underwater exist only in dreams or using magic. No black doors that transport you to a different place. No food popping in random in the wild. No stars representing dreams. Nothing... My world is so different from all the ones that I visited that I'm thinking that I'm not from this universe. This universe is a universe where dreams are real. Not in my world..."

"I see your point..." says Dedede while crossing his arms, before sighing. "Sorry to say, but there is only one thing that I know which can transport you in another dimension."


"Let me finish. We call that thing the Dimensional Mirror, and it can be found somewhere in the sky of Dreamland. However... It only transport to a mirror version of Popstar."

"Oh... Does this means... that I will never go home?"

"Don't say that. I only know of the mirror, this doesn't mean that there are no other ways out there in the universe. Like you say, in our universe, dreams are real, and this means that somewhere out there, dimensional travels are real. It will just be really hard to find..."

"Nova probably could have helped me. Too bad I had to destroy him to save the world."

Dedede doesn't say anything to that, only watching Sweetie as she finally starts eating slowly. After some thinking, he then says "Nova was only one way. There will be others, and sooner or later, you will return to your home. Until then..." He makes the peace sign. "enjoy basking in my sublime presence!"

She laughs.

The next week, Sweetie Belle runs toward Adeleine, the girl busy painting two rainbows crossing each other from the top of a hill. She has been searching her for a few days now, but it's like searching a needle in a haystack.

"Adeleine!" she shouts to get her attention.

Adeleine hears her and stops her painting before looking in her direction. Seeing her approaching, she smiles before saying "Sweetie Belle! It's nice to see you! You want something?"

Sweetie stops beside the girl and says "Yes. With your painting, can you create a portal to another dimension?"

"Eeeeh?!" Adeleine screams. "A dimensional portal? I-I can't! It's too much for me! Well, I probably could try, but the portal would probably transport you in a random place! The chances for you to end up somewhere dangerous are too high!"

At this, Sweetie stops smiling before sitting and sighing in sadness. "I see... Thank you Adeleine..."

"Hey..." says Adeleine, petting Sweetie to comfort her. "I'm sorry. Why do you want me to create a portal?"

"To go back home..."

"Oh..." Adeleine hugs the filly, before saying. "I understand. I'm sorry that I can't help you."

"It's alright Adeleine. I will just continue to search."

"Well then..." Adeleine stops the hug, before looking at her paint. "Do you want to paint something alongside me?"

This makes Sweetie smile. "Yes!"

Her painting, of Rarity, is not as good as Adeleine's paintings, but she still puts it on one of her wall in her chamber. She should do more painting, it's really relaxing.

Two days later.

"So you can't open portals with your powers?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Sorry Sweetie Belle. This is too much even for me," replies Marx.

Sweetie Belle and Marx are sitting on a log beside a path. Sweetie has found him sitting on it and took the occasion to ask him if he can open portals with his powers, only to be answered by a no.

She sighs, before saying to him "Ok... Thank you Marx. So... do you want to go pranking with me? I have seen Kirby sleeping in the way."

"Oooooh! Ohohohoh! This is perfect!"

They quickly find Kirby sleeping under a tree not far of a river, and Marx is already trying to hold his laughter.

"So, any idea Master Prankster?" asks Sweetie.

At this, Marx gets out of... nowhere a jar full of red peppers. "He likes eating everything. Then let's see how he endures peppers."

It's now Sweetie's turn to hold her laughter. "Wow! There are so much he could breath fire!"

"I know, right?!"

The two pranksters then slowly approach the sleeping puffball. Once they are just in front of him, they wait until Kirby yawns before Marx drops the whole jar in his mouth because it closes. Immediately, Kirby wakes up, turns red, and puts his arms before his mouth, his cheeks bloating and sweat appearing everywhere on his head. But then, before Marx and Sweetie can start to laugh, Kirby spits fire right at them, before he starts running toward the river, spitting even more fire all the way.

He is quickly followed by the two pranksters now on fire, screaming, before they all jump in the river almost at the same time, Kirby rapidly drinking as much water as he can, creating a whirlpool in front of him. Sweetie and Marx find themselves caught in it, and before long, despite trying to swim away, they find themselves stuck inside Kirby who is full of water, the puffball not swallowing them. Two seconds later, he spits them back, at the bottom of the river, Sweetie finding herself on Marx, the two of them with swirly eyes.

"Well... This didn't go as planned..." says Marx.

"You don't say..." replies Sweetie.

Just as they recover their senses, they then hear Kirby starting laughing. They look at him, rolling on the floor, before they look at each other, before they start laughing too.

The next day, not having any more idea of what or who could create a portal, Sweetie comes back at her initial idea: becoming powerful enough in magic to one day be able to create a portal to go back home, doubling her magical training. For the following month, she passes hours lifting bigger and bigger weights with her magic, or shooting various projectiles at dummies.

To help her train, Dedede would often join her to fight each other, this time in real fights until one of them can't move anymore (Of course, it's always Sweetie Belle), improving their skills. Dedede reveals that he is starting working in the creation of a new hammer that 'will definitely clobber that Kirby!' But it may take a few more months before it is achieved. Now Sweetie is curious to see this hammer.

She is also starting to work on a new offensive spell based on the thing she loves: singing. She remembers the way the Walkys, those walking microphones, attacks by sending musical notes to their enemies, and she would like to reproduce something similar. The problem is that contrary to fire, ice, or lightning, she hasn't experienced what it's like to shoot music notes from her horn, so it is far harder and longer to learn. She will have to ask Kirby to eat one of those Walkys before jumping on her back, to see if it will help.

Right now, she is in front of Dedede with all the soldiers and servants in the castle in the main hall, the king having something to say. He seems angry.

"Alright everyone!" he starts. "I just learned that this group of thieves, the Squeak Squad, has yet again stollen some treasures in one of my fortresses!"

"Them again?!" shouts Sweetie.

"Yes! This is a fortress a little further that I had kinda forgotten. So, what I'm gonna do is that I will go to that fortress to reinforce it, so I will not be present for a few days."

"Can I come?" asks the filly.

"No need," answers the king. "There is not much you will be able to do there. Instead, as my second, you will take my place in the castle until my return."

Sweetie gulps. "You are sure?"

"Hey! Don't worry Sweetie!" she suddenly hears. Looking in the direction of the voice, she sees that it's Waddle Dee. "Remember, you can count on me and Cape Knight to help you! Well... mostly Cape Knight..."

"Right..." replies Sweetie Belle, still insure.

"I'm sure you will have no problems," says Dedede. "Remember, it's only for a few days."

Surprisingly, Dedede has been right. With the minions already knowing their work, she doesn't have much to do, meaning that she can continue training without problems. That is, until the night after Dedede's departure, where her sleep is interrupted by a Waddle Dee shouting her name.

"What...?" she asks sleepy.

"There is something going on in the sky. Come look outside the castle."

Rubbing her eyes to get rid of the sleep, she says "Okay, i'm following you," before they go on the roof of the castle, where Sweetie looks at the sky alongside the guards on the walls. She sees two things. One: the sun is almost rising, the sky getting clearer at the horizon. Two: there are... not meteors or shooting stars, but things falling of the sky here and there. It's hard to see what they are, but it's clearly not natural. Something is happening, and it may be bad. She sees one of the things falling not too far of the castle, and says "I'm going to see what they are. Can one of you go waking up Waddle Dee and Cape Knight?"

Two Waddle Dees salute. "Yes madam!"

"Okay you two," speaks Sweetie to Waddle Dee and Cape Knight. "A few minutes ago, unknown things have fallen from the sky, and it may be bad. I saw one of them falling not far, and I'm going to see what it is. Waddle Dee, you are coming with me."

"What? Why me? If it's bad, then Cape Knight may be more useful!"

"Because he will take my place until I come back. He is better than you at leading the guards and the servants, so he will know what to do if something happens while I'm away dealing with whatever it is."

"I can't say anything against that..." says Waddle Dee, dropping his arms in resignation. "But wait... Why do I even need to come?"

At this, Sweetie smiles. "You may know what to do once we find whatever has fallen from the sky. And also, because we haven't spent much time together since almost two months."

Despite not having a mouth, she can swear she sees him smile. "Ok then."

Cape Knight then speaks. "Go on you two, leave the castle to me."

They nod, before leaving.

It doesn't take them long to find whatever has fallen from the sky, in the middle of a small field surrounded by wooded barriers. They find out that it's some sort of small glowing crystal.

"That's it? A crystal?" says Waddle Dee.

"It's beautiful. But we must be careful, crystals can have nasty things in them."

Courageously, but carefully, Waddle Dee pokes the crystal, only for nothing happening. Seeing this, he takes the crystal, looking closely at it. "There doesn't seem to be anything." He doesn't see however the shadow appearing behind him.
However, Sweetie sees it, seeing a familiar black ball with a single eye popping out of it. Shouting "Watch out!" she immediately grabs Waddle Dee before pulling him at her side.

Waddle Dee sees the ball, and yells in surprise "A Dark Matter?!"

At this, the Dark Matter ascend to the sky, before flying right at Sweetie Belle at great speed, using the light of the sun to blind her. Seeing this, Waddle Dee screams "No!" before jumping in the path of the dark ball just before he reaches her, the Dark Matter disappearing instead inside him.

"Waddle Dee!"

"Poyo!" she hears a very familiar voice behind her.

"Kirby!" she shouts, turning around, seeing the puffball approaching with an adorable little winged human girl with long pink hairs, a red dress with white rims at the arms and two golden buttons, a red ribbon in her hair, a white collar, and brown shoes. The girl is holding a crystal similar than the one they found, but a little bigger. "Watch out! A Dark Matter took possession of Waddle Dee!"

"Oh no!" shouts the girl in a childlike voice.

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby, looking at the fallen Waddle Dee who starts to wake up, Sweetie running beside him before looking at her possessed friend.

Waddle Dee wakes up, his arms hiding his eyes.

And then...

He turns into a Waddle Doo.



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