• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 29: A Gift for the King

Sweetie Belle finishes to put Adeleine's drawings in a drawer in her recently acquired desk. Recently, as in a few days before the incident with Marx. Dedede hates paperwork as much as any normal person, so he hasn't thought that she would need a desk, but she has argued that she may need one to stow stuff, or if she needs to write something, so he has reluctantly accepted to give her one. Right now, the desk is rather empty, with just a few books, a pen (why hasn't there something like that in Equestria?) and a pile of blank paper in one of the drawers. And now she can add Adeleine's drawings, which will make good souvenirs of this day with her friends.

She has also gotten to keep the sailor hat and the red bow, Pick and Nyupun refusing to take them back. So she has put them in her closet, not sure if she will use them one day. Well, she may actually use the sailor hat, thinking about trying to obtain a Cutie Mark in being a sailor. She would need to borrow one of Dedede's ships, and a few minions to be the crew.

Why not do it tomorrow?

"You are lucky that Cape Knight knows how to command a ship, or else, it would have ended very badly," says Dedede.

"I'm sorry..."

"You know, before trying something else to obtain your Cutie Mark, you should first learn how to do it. It doesn't matter to try to be a sailor, if you don't even know what is larboard or starboard."

Sweetie chuckles embarrassingly at that. Yeah, it's pretty stupid now that she thinks about this. Wait...

"You don't know either what it means!"

"And that's why I let someone that know how to command a ship do the job at my place. I'm not a sailor, I'm a king. I say to the captain where I want to go, and he makes sure that the ship leads me where I want by ordering the crew, because I don't know anything about being a sailor. If I want to lead a ship, then I will have to learn first."

She giggles. "You? Learning? Impossible!"

"Exactly!" says Dedede, guffawing.

"So... Am I grounded?"

"Grounded? Why would I ground you?"

"Well... I almost destroyed one of your ships."

"I never grounded you until now, not even when you flooded half of the castle, I will not ground you now, especially with you being now my second in command. This castle has seen worst. As long as you don't destroy the whole castle, you can try anything you want. Just don't forget to ask for someone to help you in the future."

"Ok. Thank you, your majesty."

It's not in Equestria that this kind of thing could have happened. If she does something wrong, then she is grounded, end of the story. But there, no matter what she does, Dedede lets it pass. Well, sometime he gets angry, but even then, no 'No dessert at dinner!' or 'go to your room and don't get out!'. At worst, he lectures her, and that's all.

That's nice, but somehow, it makes her feel even more guilty. Dedede has been so nice to her, so when she screws something and make him upset, only for him to let her go, it almost makes her want to cry.

And so, she decides that she must do something for him.

But the problem is... What can she do for him?

"So, do you have any idea?" she asks to Waddle Dee and Cape Knight.

"Sorry Sweetie, but I have no idea," answers Waddle Dee. "He is a king, he can already have everything he wants."

"Not really everything," says Cape Knight. "Remember, if he goes too far, he will just have his butt kicked by Kirby again."

"Oh right... Well, the best thing we could do for him would be to beat Kirby, but..."

"I can't even expect yet to beat Dedede in a duel, so Kirby? No chance," says Sweetie Belle.

"Sorry Sweetie Belle," then says Cape Knight. "If you want to thank the king, you will have to find by yourself what you think will please him based on what you know of him. It will be the best way to show your gratitude."

"Mmh... I know! He loves to eat ! i will make him the best cake ever!"

"Aren't you still banished from the kitchen?" asks Cape Knight.

"Then I will ask the cooks!"

"NO!" screams the Cook Waddle Dee in front of the door.

"But please! I just want to cook something for king Dedede!"

"You would kill him!"

"I'm... I'm not that bad, right?"

The Waddle Dee just glares at her without saying anything.

"Then... Maybe you can help me learn?" she says, insure.

"What?" asks the Waddle Dee, slightly surprised.

"Dedede told me that when I try something new, I should learn with the help of others. And, well..." She rubs her left foreleg with her right hoove. "He is right. I tried cooking by myself, and... this didn't work well, as you know. But with your help, maybe I can do at least something that can be eaten."

The Waddle Dee stares at her for a moment, before his expression brightens.

"Then come!" he says, waving his arm to sign her to enter.

"Yay!" she shouts in happiness, bouncing once, before entering the kitchen.

"So, what do you want to bake for the king?" asks the cook Waddle Dee.

"I don't know..." answers Sweetie Belle. "He loves cakes, and he loves fruits too. So... a cake with some fruits?" She then gasps. "I think that I know what I will do!" And she says what she is thinking to the cook.

"That's a beautiful idea!" says the cook, clapping his tubby arms. "Alright, so we will need the basics, like eggs, milk, sugar, or flour, but we will also need strawberries, blueberries, and apples."

"Okay. Can I still try to do the cake by myself as much as possible? You will help me by telling me when I'm doing something wrong."

The cook sighs. "Very well," he says before calling a few other cooks. "We will keep a close eye on you, and make sure that you don't put the kitchen on fire."

Sweetie Belle looks at her creation with some doubts. Even with the help of the cooks telling her when she was starting to do something wrong, she has still made a few small mistakes here and there. A little too much sugar, or getting the cake a little overcooked for exemple. The cake is also not fully uniform, being slightly smaller at one side than at the other. Finally, she has tried to form Dedede's face with the fruits, blueberries for the blue head, strawberries for the red hat, apples peeled and cut in cubes to form the beak and the golden rim of the hat, and white chocolate for the pompom on the hat and for the eyes, alongside a single blackberry for each pupils. At least, she has done this right, but it's not perfect. One eye is a little bigger than the other, and the beak and the hat aren't symmetrical.

At least, it seems edible. But...

"Maybe I should do something else..."

"I don't know," says Cape Knight behind her. "You have done the best that you could to bake that cake, I'm sure he would like it."

"I still want to try to do something else that I could do better. Like... Like... I know! Dedede has a big ego, so I could do something about it!"

"And what will you do?" asks Cape Knight.

"I will create a small statuette of him!"

"Do you even know how to do?"

"No... But I can still try!"

Sweetie asks around the castle for someone to help her. After a few minutes, she is directed to a group of Waddle Dees, and when she meets them, she finds out that it's a group specialised in creating objects using clay.

"So you will help me?" she asks them after telling them what she wants to do.

"Of course!" answers one of them. "We will help you learn how to use clay to create that statuette! However, we must warn you, it's messy, and it takes time."

"I don't mind getting messy, I will just take a bath after, and I'm ready to take the whole day if I have to."

"Good! Then take some clay, and we will start."

Sweetie looks at her new creation now beside the cake. She has followed the instructions to the letters, but she has learned that molding clay is definitely not as easy as she has thought. She has wanted to do a statuette of Dedede making a peace sign, his symbole, and at least she has been able to give it the shape she has wanted. However, his beak looks like the fusion of his beak and the one of a duck, and the right foot is a little bigger and rounder than the left. The pompom is a little too big too. And of course, she has missed the arm and the hand doing the peace sign. The right arm looks more like a small noodle with the head of a rabbit at the end. At least, she has been able to paint it more or less correctly, even if she has spilled the paint a little everywhere, so the white rims have a little red or blue here and there, for exemple.

At least it looks like Dedede. But...


"Maybe you should try to do something that you know how to do, rather than doing something that you don't know anything about," says Cape Knight.

"Yeah... Maybe... The problem is, I'm not sure about what I am good at. I don't know what is my special talent yet, and everything I have tried until now has ended in failure." She sighs, then looks at the painted statuette. "Maybe... drawing? Yes... I like drawing, and it's not something that I should mess too badly. But it may be a little too childish..."

"You are a child," says Cape Knight. "If it's from you, it will not be too childish."

Sweetie giggles. "You are right. I will draw, then."

Using some colored pencils and a blank paper from her drawer in her desk, she starts drawing, cake and statuette at her left and right, not knowing what to do with them. She already has an idea of what she wants to draw, and so, it doesn't take her long to end her drawing.

"You wanted to see me?" she suddenly hears behind her. Recognizing the voice, she turns around to see king Dedede at the entrance of her chamber.

"Dedede?! What are you doing here?" she asks in surprise.

The king raises an eyebrow at her question. "Waddle Dee told me that you needed me."

"What? But I never asked him to go find you."

A vein appears on Dedede's forehead. "Really? Then why did he..." He suddenly stops his rent when he sees what is on the deck. Again, he raises an eyebrow and asks "Is that statuette representing me? And is that my head on that cake?"

At this, Sweetie's cheeks become red. "W-well..." She sighs. "They are gift that I created for you but... erh... Like you see, they aren't as good as I wanted them to be..."


"Yes..." she answers him, before taking her drawing in her magic, and giving it to him.

Dedede looks at the drawing. It's a drawing of him doing the peace sign with his right hand, a fierce look on his face, rather well done, but not perfect. His left arm is against his chest, Sweetie Belle sitting on it holding a scepter with Dedede's symbole at the top while giving the same fierce look than the king. Her cape is also wrapped around her, making sure to show the symbol on it.

Above the two of them, in big, red, yellow rimmed letters, is written "THANK YOU! BEST KING!"

Sweetie Belle then talks again. "I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me. I tried to do a cake with the help of the cooks, but I messed it a little. I then tried to do a statuette of you but..." Laughing sheepishly, she shows the statuette with a wave of her hoof. "I messed it too a little. And so, I decided to just do something that i know I'm rather good at: drawing." She then looks at him with hopeful eyes. "I... I hope that you like it. I understand if you find it a little too childish, but Cape Knight told me that from me, it would be alright."

Dedede smiles warmly at her. "Of course it is alright. It's even really good! Look at that! It's a great pose!" He then takes Sweetie Belle and sits her on his left arm against his chest, before doing the peace sign with his right hand, like in the drawing. "Yeah! I look awesome like this! WE look awesome like this! Just... wrap your cape like in the drawing, to see..."

"Like that?" she asks, wrapping her like around her, making sure that the symbol is showing.

"Yes! Like that! Now all we miss is the scepter, but as we are right now, we already look like the perfect duo! The best king and his wonderful second!"

She laughs. "Yay! We are... the Dededestroyers!"

"That's it!" he shouts, pointing at her, before guffawing. He then looks at the cake, takes it, and eats it whole, to Sweetie's surprise. After swallowing it, he says "Not bad. You may actually become a good cook in the future."


"If I say it! As for the statuette..." He takes it and looks around it. "Even if it's not perfect, I will still keep it. It's a statuette of me after all. Perfect or not, it would be a waste to throw it. It will make my chamber a little more livelier. The drawing too." He suddenly feels Sweetie's hooves around his neck. Recognizing the now familiar hug, he puts the statuette back on the desk, before petting the filly.

Cape Knight and Waddle Dee watch the scene from the entrance, happy.

Author's Note:

Little edit to say that the drawing is exactly what I would like to have for the cover of the story, without the "Thank you ! Best king !" part of course. Too bad my drawing is not as good...

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