• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 2: First Day part 1

She should be sleeping. It's almost midnight and yet she is still awake. But who can blame her? She is now stuck in another world for who knows how long, and she has not even been there for an hour, then she has gotten herself enlisted into the local monarch's army. Hopefully she will not have to take a weapon, she doesn't know if she could use one.

How are everypony at home? Twilight is probably searching a way to bring her back. She is her best hope to get home, but who knows how much time will pass until she finds one? If she ever finds one... And her family... They are probably worried sick. And her friends too. She hopes that Rarity isn't too mad at Twilight for accidentally sending her in another world. Actually, have they even found out that she has been sent in another world? Maybe they think she has just been transported in another kingdom, or, Celestia forbid, on a deserted island. If that is the case, they will search the whole world... without result. Will they even come to the conclusion that she has been transported in another world? Maybe they will just conclude that she is dead and stop searching. And she will have to serve that mad king until the end. And she will never see anypony ever again. Her mom, her dad, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo...

"I miss you..."

Sweetie is suddenly awakened as someone knocks at the door.

"Mmh... What...?"

"Sweetie Belle, it's time!" says a voice behind the door. "I will wait behind the door! Hurry up to get ready so we can have breakfast before we start our day!"

Oh... Right... So this wasn't a dream. If only it was why this kingdom was called Dreamland. Well, she has to wake up, she doesn't want to get the king mad again, he has been kind enough to let her stay at his castle, even if she has to work for him in return.

She opens her eyes, and looks toward the window, only to have her first surprise of the day : the sun is barely raised at the horizon! Seriously? It's even sooner than a school day! Ugh! She should have tried to sleep as soon as she has hit the bed! Well, she will have to do with it. No choice.

As she gets up, she looks at her new chamber. It's a little bigger than her chamber at Carousel Boutique, at least there is that. Waddle Dee has given her a good room. The problem is that it's empty. Outside of her bed, and a nightstand with a clock, there is absolutely nothing in there, not even a closet. If she has to live here, she will have to get this room more lively, even if she is not sure with what. If only she could make appear photos of her family and her friends, it would be a good start. A few plushies maybe? She could try her luck at sewing at least one that will look like Rarity. She was only able to sew correctly the Crusaders' capes, but maybe she can ask the Waddle Dees for help? She will have to think back to it once she has a break.

There is another room attached to this one, which is a bathroom. A really small bathroom. Without even a bathtub, just a sink to brush her teeth and a mirror above it. If she wants to take a bath, she will have to take it with the others. She has already taken one the previous day after she has been given her room, so she doesn't need one right now. As for her need to use the toilet, she will have to use the ones at the end of the hallway outside of her room.

In short, she doesn't need to take too much time to prepare herself before opening the door to come face to face with Waddle Dee, or she thinks, the same one that has helped her yesterday. They look so much alike, it will be hard to keep track.

"I'm ready. Good morning."

"Good morning. I hope you didn't have any problem waking up."

"A little. I had a hard time falling asleep last night. But I think I will be alright. Still, it's really early."

"I know, you will become used to it. Let's go take our breakfast."

"Hum... First..." She doesn't end her sentence, running right into the restroom at the end of the hallway.

"Oh, right..."

"So, I was told that your first duty will be cleaning the boxing ring. You need me to guide you ?"

"A boxing ring? Really? There is a boxing ring in that castle?" exclaims Sweetie Belle while watching curiously Waddle Dee eating. She has already seen Waddle Dees eating last night, when she has taken a dinner before going to bed, and she still can't help herself but ask How?! They don't have a mouth! Waddle Dee is currently eating a watermelon, and it is just... disappearing! Just HOW?! And it's not just the Waddle Dees, she can see the same thing happening with a Waddle Doo a few chairs at her left!

Stop it Sweetie. You will just give yourself a headache. Just consider it Pinkie Pie level of impossible and be happy with it, she tells herself.

"Yes. There is a boxing ring where the king trains himself. These days, it's almost always messy. There is probably some remains of last night's training. Don't worry, you will not be alone in cleaning."

"You will be here?"

"No, sorry. I'm guard duty at the treasure room."


"Hey, like this, you will have the occasion to become friend with some others servants !"

Sweetie puts a hoof under her chin. "Mmh... You're right. For now, I only know you and king Dedede here."


After breakfast, Waddle Dee leads Sweetie Belle to the room with the ring, showing her various things to help her find her way in the future. On the way, they encounter the rest of the cleaning crew, consisting of two more Waddle Dees and two Broom Hatters, pear-shaped yellow creatures with brown feet, a witch hat like the foals would wear at Nightmare Night, and of course, a broom. Oh! And they don't have any eye or mouth... Creepy. One of the Waddle Dees has his right arm around two swabs while lifting a bucket full of water with his left arm, and the last one has a household shovel, a feather duster and an empty garbage bags, he also has a white kerchief.

"Hey! You are the Rookie!" says the Waddle Dee with the swabs at seeing Sweetie Belle.

"Yes, it's me. Sorry if I'm late."

"You are right on time! Here, take this!" says the same Waddle Dee, giving her one of the swabs, which Sweetie takes with her magic.

"Thank you."

"Well..." then says Waddle Dee... the one that has been leading her. "It seems like you will be able to continue by yourself from now. I must go. Good luck Sweetie Belle. See you at lunch."

"Ok. Thank you for everything Waddle Dee. See you." She waves at the departing Waddle Dee who waves back, before turning to the cleaning crew.

Seeing she is ready, Slab Waddle Dee (she will name him that for now, and the other Shovel Waddle Dee) tells her to follow them before they continue their way to the room with the boxing ring, the filly right behind them. In the way, one of the Broom Hatters gives her a white kerchief with green stars, which she puts around her mane to protect it.
Not long after, they reach the room, and right now, Sweetie is thankful that she is not alone cleaning it, but is also wondering if they should have asked ten more Broom Hatters to follow them. The room is huge, and the ring at the center has many destroyed or crushed dummy parts on and around it. Some of them even ended up on the stands!

"Let's go !" says Slab Waddle Dee. "We have one hour to clean this!"

She gulps...

It's... not that bad, surprisingly. The Broom Hatters use their brooms to push the dummy parts and assemble them in a big pile that Shovel Waddle Dee puts away in his garbages bags with his shovel. Meanwhile, Sweetie and Slab Waddle Dee dampen their slabs with the water in the bucket and clean around where there is no dummy parts, starting close to the walls of the room, then around the stands, then on the stands once the dummy parts on them are removed, then around the boxing ring. The Broom Hatters have already finished their job and one of them is helping Shovel Waddle Dee, and there are almost no dummy parts left while the other has taken the feather duster and is dusting the ropes of the ring. And all the while, Sweetie Belle couldn't help herself but sing one of her little song. She has taken the habit to sing sometime while cleaning back in Ponyville, helping her to keep going without thinking about anything else.

Seeing their job almost accomplished, Sweetie decides to ask Slab Waddle Dee a question. "Say, what do these dummies represent ? The more intact ones look like a pink round... thing."

"That's Kirby. The newfound rival of king Dedede."

"What? But it looks so small!"

"I know. And yet, he -We are sure that he is a 'he'- was able to beat king Dedede. They fought in this same boxing ring, and at the end of their fight, Kirby was able to send king Dedede flying through the roof! He also beat by himself a great part of our army, including some of the king's strongest lieutenants. Since then, king Dedede is training really hard in the hope of beating him."

"Wow. He must be really strong then ! King Dedede is so big and has that really big hammer! And he can aspire everything in his mouth!"

"Just a proof that size and power don't mean everything," says the Broom Hatter with the feather duster... Feather Duster Hatter?

"Don't let him hear that, you fool!" says Shovel Waddle Dee in horror.

"Don't worry," reply Feather Duster Hatter. "He is certainly having his breakfast as we speak. he shouldn't come before a few more minutes."

"Still... Watch out what you say... just in case."

"Alright alright... Pfff..."

"You are doing a really good job Sweetie Belle." says then Slab Waddle Dee to Sweetie. "This isn't the first time you clean, right?"

"Huhuh." answer Sweetie Belle while shaking her head. "Rarity often asks me to clean, either my chamber, or after disturbing one of the rooms." She then sighs thinking about Rarity. She really misses her.

"I see. You also sing very well, you know ?"

Sweetie Belle hasn't thought she would get complimented, and couldn't help but blush as she looks at Slab Waddle Dee in surprise. "Uh? T-thanks!" She then averts her eyes and rubs a hoof behind her head in embarrassment. "I love singing..."

Slab Waddle Dee shuckles at seeing her embarrassment, it's adorable... "Well, it was beautiful. You should try singing to everybody else at lunch, I'm sure they will love it too."

Sweetie can't stop the squeaky "eep" escaping her mouth. She can feel her blush growing and tries to hide it by lowering her head, turning her eyes to the floor. "S-sorry. I'm a little scared of singing in front of others, especially big crowds..."

Slab Waddle Dee is about to reply when they hear a "Urk!" coming from the ring. Once she looks, she sees Feather Duster Hatter on his back, waving the feather duster at his face (?) like a fan.

"Oh my gosh! Are you alright?" she screams in panic.

The Hatter waves at her in return. "Yeah yeah. Don't worry for me. It's just heat. I will be alright."

Sweetie rises an eyebrow at his excuse. "But it's not hot. It's actually a little cold."

".......... It's a cold hot."

"What? But that doesn't make sense!"

"Just forget about him," interrupts Slab Waddle Dee while laughing. "Trust me. Leave him a minute and he will be back to work. He just needs a little air. Let's continue our cleaning."

Sweetie Belle tilts her head. "Okay...?"

Returning at their work, after a few more minutes, they finally finish cleaning the room with some minutes to spare.

"What now?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Do you know what is your next task?" says Slab Waddle Dee.

"No, nopony told me what I must do after cleaning this room."

"'Nopony' ? You must mean 'nobody'."

"Oh? Uh... Yes! Nobody! Sorry, 'nopony' is the way we say it in Equestria."

"That's okay. So, if nobody told you what to do next, then you can either remain here until the king comes so he can give you something to do, or you can explore the castle in search of something to do."

As much as she is scared of the king, she doesn't want to get lost in the castle. "I will remain here, just in case."

"Understood. It was good to work with you, I hope we will do this again someday. Until then, goodbye! Ah! I almost forgot, can you give me the slab?"

"Oh! Of course!"

After giving back the slab, the Waddle Dees and the Broom Hatters exit the room, pushing the now full garbage bags, waving goodbye at Sweetie Belle. While waiting for king Dedede to come, she decides to explore the few rooms next to this one. One of them is revealed to be a storage with various weapons, probably to train with them on the boxing ring. Another room seems to be a gym, full of equipments like weights. This one actually gives Sweetie Belle an idea. Maybe she can still train her magic, even if she is in a different world. Maybe she may even become powerful enough to teleport back to Equestria! With this idea in head, she tries to lifts the weights with her magic one by one, from the smaller to the bigger, and once she finds a weight that she can barely lift, she takes it back to the boxing ring to train her magic with it until the king comes.

A few minutes later, said king finally comes through the door. He raises an eyebrow at seeing the filly on the ring.

"Mmh? What are you doing here? Don't you have a job to do?"

"Sorry king Dedede, I had nothing to do after cleaning the boxing ring, so I decided to wait you to see if you have some task for me."

"And you are lifting a weight with your magic... why?"

"Remember when I said that I wanted to train my magic?"

"I see. Yes, if you can get stronger with your magic, you can be a better help at fighting that pink pest."

"I suppose... but I think I took a weight a little too big, my horn is already aching."

"Pfff. Of course. This is training after all. Pushing your body to its limit, lifting weights until your arms hurt, running until you have to crawl, this is how you get stronger!" he says as he strikes a pose, flexing his arms to show the fruit of his training.

"So I should continue?"

"No. If you get too tired, you will not be able to continue your job. You know what? I propose you this. You will do what is asked of you until it is 6pm. At this hour, you will come here to train until dinner. What do you think?"

Sweetie smiles at this. Finally she will not be behind the other unicorns! "I'm okay with this!"

"Good! If you can become as powerful as you told you can be, then maybe you can become my trump card against that Kirby! If I don't crush him before, of course. Actually, you told me that this... princess Twilight became an alicorn, right? An alicorn is, like, a stronger version of what you are? That means than if you become one, you will be more powerful, uh?"

"You can say that, yes. You see, in Equestria, there are unicorns, like me, pegasi, and earth ponies. Unicorns have a horn and can use magic with it. Pegasi have wings and can manipulate the weather, make rain, snow, or even a tornado. Earth ponies don't have neither, but they are really strong and tough and can be really good with plants. The brother and the sister of one of my friend can drop all the apples of a tree with just a buck. Alicorns are like a fusion of all the three, but really, really, REALLY more powerful, and they possess both a horn and wings."

"Interesting... And how did this Twilight became an alicorn?"

"Twilight was a really powerful unicorn before, so I think it counts. But my sis told me something about the Elements of Harmony shooting her with magical lasers making her explode. And when she reappeared, she had wings. I didn't understand everything, I think there was something about a poem? I remember that my sis' Cutie Mark was changed that day... Maybe-"

"So if I make you explode, you will come back more powerful?" Dedede interrupts her.

"What? No! Nonono! I don't think it's how it works! If that was the case, then there would be thousands of alicorns! But so far, there are only four. I really don't know how it really happened that day. All I know is that you must do something worth it. Twilight would be able to explain it better."

"But she is not here..."

"Yes... And that's why all I can do is try to get better by training."

"Mph... Then get out of that ring so you can go do your next task."

"And what must I do?"

"Ah yes. Well... I know! Go to the kitchen! I want to know if you are good at cooking!"

Sweetie salutes him. "Yes sir! And thank you!" she almost screams before she jumps over the edge of the ring.

"By the way, good kerchief."

"Uh?" Sweetie puts a hoof on her mane, only to feel that she is still wearing the kerchief given to her by one of the Broom Hatters. "Oops! I totally forgot that I still had it! I will have to give it back when I can." She takes the kerchief, and instead puts it around her neck. She then passes Dedede and exits the room. Maybe Waddle Dee was right and she can still hope.

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