• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 26: The Calm Before the Dark Storm

They have stayed together talking, joking, having good laugh for a whole hour before Marx has told them that he wanted to go back to his house to get some more rest, still feeling tired, before thanking them. Sweetie Belle then decides that she should too return to the castle. And so, the three friends have bid each other goodbye before separating.

Rather than taking the Warp Star, she decides to walk back. The castle is not that far and she knows the way. When she reaches the castle, she takes the way to the throne room, expecting Dedede to be there. The king not being here once she enters, she then goes to the boxing room, where he is probably training. And yes he is, clobbering dozens of dummies, trying to perfect his skills.

"King Dedede!" she shouts to gain his attention.

"Mmh? Oh, that's you Sweetie Belle. Where were you? Nobody was able to find you this morning."

"Sorry your majesty. I couldn't sleep so I got out in the middle of the night to take some fresh air. Then... an incident happened and I ended up sleeping in Kirby's house. NOT TOGETHER!!!" she screams the last part at seeing the smirk on Dedede's face.

"Yeah sure. Anyway, what was that incident?"

"I found someone hurt, and Kirby's house was the closest. But this doesn't matter. I have been able to think, and while I don't like the idea of killing, I understand that to save Popstar, I may be forced to do it, and I accept it. However, I will only do it as a last resort if there are no other ways to stop the villain."

Dedede smiles warmly at her. "I understand. So what now? Remember that I gave you free day today. You can do whatever you want."

"And I know what I will do!"

"So you are saying that you beat my two cousins in Floria?" says Whispy Woods, with many burns on his bark and trying to stop crying.

"Eeyup. I knew they must have been related to you somehow. They had your face," says Sweetie, sitting against the tree while eating an apple. "However, their apples weren't as delicious as yours. You should tell them your secret recipe, just in case I decide to visit them someday. I know that I will probably come back in this world, it was nice, and we made some good friends. By the way, next time we battle, you should ask them to help you. This way, you may have a chance to beat me. Sorry Whispy, but you are starting to get too easy."

She dives under Orange Ocean, finally having her first view of how it is under the ocean. Considering she doesn't need to hold her breath, she can explore it as much as she wants, and she is doing well! By Celestia, this is beautiful! She slowly swims beside a shoal of Blippers, following them as they pass between two rocks with some Glunks on them. At the other side, she can see a group of Squishies going up and down in their way, and further beyond, another shoar of Blippers.

The ocean gets more profound the more she swims away of the coast, columns of rocks start to appear left and right, some of them going beyond the surface to form islands. She can see a cliff further at her right where it goes more profound, and after some more swimming, passing by a tunnel with many Glunks, she find a fissure in the ground. Smiling at the idea of exploring it, she goes inside, discovering the fissure to be the home of many faunas and floras, some of them reflecting the light of the sun, illuminating the dark.

If only she could show this to everypony.


Sweetie is using the bark of a dead tree (not one of Whispy's family) as a snowboard, going down the slope of a high, snowy mountain. Going slightly to the left, she barely avoid a Rocky in the way, then goes right to avoid a tree. She sees a cliff approaching before her, but rather than slowing down, she braces herself. Jumping the cliff, she does multiple 360°, laughing loudly, until she sees a tree getting closer in her way. And nope, she will not pass above it.

"Horsea-" BAM! "Arg!" Crack! "Ouch!" Crack! "Eep!" Vlan! "Ow! Aaaaah!" Scrunch!

And she falls head first into the snow at the bottom of the tree, only her hind hooves, butt and tail sticking out of it, the tree bark falling at her left. A few seconds later, she extracts the rest of her body, and shakes the snow out of it, before rubbing her head.

"Owie... I'm not doing this again anytime soon," she groans, before giggling. That was still fun.

She is sitting at her picnic place, under the tree beside the lake, sighing in contentment, having just finished her lunch constituted of various food she has found around, including a strawberry shortcake, bread, an ice cream, a banana, and a few cookies with some milk. Not the more healthy and usual lunch, but she doesn't care, it was delicious, and she can't pass something like cookies, cake or ice cream.

Maybe she should take a nap. Yeah... A nap sound good...

"Googoo!" she suddenly hears.

"Uh?" She opens her eyes and look around, until she spots the origin of the voice approaching, making her smile widely. "Gooey! Long time no see! Where were you?"

Gooey waves around with his tongue.

"You were exploring around?"

"Goo!" He nods.

"Exploring Popstar?"


She giggles. "This sure explains the time you took. Lucky you, I have not yet explored beyond Dreamland. The farther I have gone is Rainbow Resort, with the Fountain of Dream. But now that I have a Warp Star, one day, I will explore Popstar too. But you know what? I got to explore other worlds!"


"Let me tell you, you will not believe what happened to me and Kirby."

"And now, Marx is our friend again! At least, I hope this is for good this time, and that he isn't faking it. He still seems to be a little crazy and sadistic..."

"Goo!" shouts Gooey, doing some punching with his tongue. "Goo!"

Sweetie giggles. "It's nice that we can count on you to help us if he betrays us again." She then looks at the lake, seeing a Blipper swim at the surface for a few seconds before going back in the water. Her smile diminishes. "I have a question Gooey."


"Could... Could we have spared Dark Matter?"

Gooey looks at her in surprise. "Goo?!"

Sweetie then points at him. "You were like him, right?"

Gooey looks at her in silence, getting sad, before nodding. "Gooey... Dark Matter..."

"Thought so... And yet, somehow, you became kind. But good feelings hurt Dark Matter, so how did you become... you? Why aren't you hurt anymore by good feelings?"

Gooey looks pensively at the ground for a whole minute. He then takes a stick, and starts to draw something in the earth. After a moment, Sweetie identifies the drawing as Dark Matter in his last form, a black ball of darkness with an eye and smaller orbs behind him. Once he is done with Dark Matter, he then draws beside him a small heart, before crossing it. After that, he draws an arrow coming from the crossed heart to Dark Matter.

"Dark Matter can't love," guesses Sweetie from the drawing.

Gooey nods, and draws below the heart a smiling face, and crosses it, yet again drawing an arrow going from it to Dark Matter.

"Dark Matter can't be happy, or feel joy."

Another nod, before he draws a fire with a swirl in it, crosses it, and draws an arrow from it to Dark Matter.


Gooey shakes is head, and points at Sweetie's chest. Could this be...?

"The soul?"

He nods.

"Dark Matter... doesn't have a soul?"

He nods again, then draws a small star, and like the previous times, crosses it and draws an arrow from it to Dark Matter.

This one is harder. What does the star represents? "I don't understand. What is the star?"

Gooey mimics someone sleeping.

"Sleeping? Wait..." What does someone do when they sleep? "Dreaming?" It would seem so. After all, the artefact that helps spreading dreams is a wand with a star.

Gooey nods, confirming her conclusion.

So the star is a symbol of dreams? So, does that mean that Popstar is the world of dreams? No, not just Popstar. When she was exploring the other worlds, stars were everywhere. It's as if all those worlds were made of dreams. This also means... Well, she has been starting to have a doubt, but now... Could she be in an universe made of dreams? A different dimension? This would explain the crazy logics. Food popping everywhere, breathing in water, walking on clouds. Those are dreams come true!

But this also means that she can't go home with just a spaceship...

Focus Sweetie. I will think about it later. Right now, I'm talking with Gooey. "So... Dark Matter can't dream?"

Gooey nods. Then, he goes to another place and starts a new drawing. Before long, he has drawn what she recognizes as the Fountain of Dreams, but without the Star Rod, and so, not working. He points at the fountain with the stick. "Goo!"

"The Fountain of Dreams when Nightmare was corrupting it."

He nods again, then draws above the fountain a smaller Dark Matter. But then, Gooey points at the Dark Matter, before pointing at himself. "Goo! Goo! Dark Matter!"

"That's... you? I mean, it was you? You were here?"

He nods, before restarting drawing something on the fountain. He draws the Star Rod, and the fountain starts working again. He then draws a circle of stars around the fountain, and draws around the stars arrows showing them spreading everywhere, making sure to point at the Dark Matter Gooey.

"So... The Fountain of Dreams working again, it spread the dreams back all over Popstar, and with you being here, you were affected. Let me guess, it gave you dreams?"

"Goo!" He nods, smiling. He then draws a small star beside the Dark Matter Gooey. After that, he draws an arrow from it to elsewhere, and at the end of the arrows, he draws a heart, a smiling face, and a soul.

"Dreams gave you a soul and the possibility to love and feel happiness!"

"Googoo!" He draws a circle around the Dark Matter, the star, the heart, the soul, and the face, then links it to another arrow. At the end of the arrow, he draws himself, like he is actually.

"So, the 'Nightmare Incident' led to you gaining dreams and feelings!" she shouts excited.


Her smile then disappears. "That means... We couldn't have saved Dark Matter. Unless another being like Nightmare forced the 'Nightmare Incident' to happen again, nothing could be done..."

"Goo..." confirms Gooey with a nod. He then starts to think about something, and after a few minutes, draws something new. He draws himself, then beside him, Dark Matter. Sweetie nods to confirm that she is following. Gooey then draws another Dark Matter, then another, then another. At each new Dark Matter drawn, Sweetie gets more and more shocked. A few minutes later, he has drawn twenty Dark Matters in total, without counting himself.

She gulps. "There are more of you out there?"

He nods, and starts to draw one last thing behind all the Dark Matters. One big circle, at least ten times their sizes, and in the circle, one single eye. Nothing else.

Whoever, whatever that thing is, it fills Sweetie Belle with dreads. "Who... is this?"

Gooey looks at what he has drawn in pure fear, shaking and sweating. Silent.





In the depth of space, the beautiful little stars are floating everywhere, giving light to the dark and filling the emptyness.

However, there is something else that is filling that emptyness. Moving with a destination in mind, a giant cloud of Darkness progresses between the stars, engulfing some of them, leaving nothing behind. Some small eyes can be seen poking out of the cloud everynow and then, before disappearing back in. However, there is a constant feature to that cloud. An eye, red like blood, giant, never disappearing, always looking in the same direction, the same one that the cloud is moving to. Its black pupil is fixed in a single point, far, far away. But each days, that point becomes a little bigger.

A star.

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