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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 21: Wind, Flame and Cave

When the Warp Star reaches the third planet many minutes later, which from afar looks like a giant blue ball surrounded by layers upon layers of clouds, Sweetie Belle is still sleeping peacefully. The Warp Star passes between many of those clouds in various colors and floating balls and stars until reaching a floor made of more cloud, beside a floating door. Rather than going abruptly and risk another crash like all the previous times, Kirby decides to approaches slowly, before hopping down from the Warp Star with the filly on his back.

He hesitates to wake her with how peaceful she is. So rather than passing the door and carry on with their adventure, Kirby decides to lay Sweetie on the fluffy cloud, which make the perfect bed. He then takes some clouds from the floor and uses it to make a cloud wall with a hole for a door and another one for a window around them. Before long, he has created a small cloud house similar to his own house in Dreamland, with the filly sleeping inside. Deciding to use the occasion to take a nap, Kirby goes on the floor beside Sweetie Belle, cover himself with her cape while making sure that it still cover her, and snuggles against her. In her sleep, Sweetie puts a leg around him as if he is a teddy bear, and soon, he joins her in Dreamland. He should sleeps on clouds more often. So fluffy...

Sweetie Belle wakes up, slowly opening her eyes. She can feel that she is sleeping on something really soft, and hugging something else just as soft. Looking around, she quickly sees that she is in a round cloud house, and that she has been sleeping on said cloud. She yawns, then looks at what she is hugging, only to raise an eyebrow at seeing that she is hugging a sleeping Kirby.

And now, Sweetie find herself with a few contradicting thoughts. Kirby is a boy, so the two of them sleeping together like that makes it weird and she is now blushing, and she has to stop herself from jumping away or pushing him. However, the puffball is far too innocent to be thinking about that kind of thing, and has probably only wanted to keep her company and warm, like when her and her friends in Ponyville sleep sometime together during a Cutie Mark Sleepover, especially when it's cold. And it sure is cold there, wherever they are. Beside, with how soft he is, she doesn't mind the idea of sleeping with him, he is like a big plushie.

And Celestia darn it, he is adorable.

And has he built that house where they are? Gosh, his kindness could rival Fluttershy's. Such a sweetheart. Now it would be cruel to push him away, as awkward as the situation is. Will she even dare wake him up? He has let her sleep, so... But they should continue their journey, they have already lose enough time.

She then can feel him rubbing his face against her, pressing himself against her.

She sighs. Why are you making this so hard?

Waiting until he wakes up it is, then. Curse that ball.

They get out of the house, fully rested and ready to end this adventure. Sweetie looks around her, seeing clouds everywhere alongside those big balls and those stars. So they are in a world made of cloud now? Well, that's nice, but it's a little cold.

She then turns to Kirby at her right, and says "Thank you again Kirby, you are a great friend. Let's... Let's just not talk about it to anyone, they could get ideas."

Kirby tilts his head. "Poyo?"

"...Let's just go."

She then jumps through the door, Kirby just watching for a moment with a raised eyebrow before following her. They have to fight their way through Chillys, Bronto Burts and a few other enemies trying to stop them for some reason, before they reach a small cloud tunnel with a star bloc in the ceiling. There is a strong wind in the tunnel pushing them, so it's a little hard to target it, but Sweetie is able to destroy it, detailing a small hallway going up, and she lets Kirby go see what there is up there while she continues, freezing a Twizzy, a bird, in the way with an ice ball before kicking it into another.

At the end of the tunnel, she finds some foods, and decide to wait Kirby there while eating, letting the hot dog for Kirby. No meat, thanks. She remarks some structures further ahead, that looks like towers where she can just see the tops poking of the cloud floor. So there are normal buildings in this world? It would be nice to visit them. Kirby comes back a few seconds later with a new ability, the puffball now wearing a metallic hat that looks like a plane, with a reactor behind.

"Poyo!" he shouts.

"Hey! What is this ability? And there, a hot dog for you."

"Poyo!" Kirby thanks her before gobbling the hot dog. He then jumps, and thanks to the reactor of his hat, charges right forward him in great speed for one second before the reactor stops. He lands and looks back at Sweetie, raising his left arm shouting "Poyo!"

"Neat! You can fly fast now!"

Kirby then looks at her, rubbing pensively his chin. Quickly, he runs back at her, and jumps on her back. After a small flash, Sweetie can now see metallic wings poking out of her back, each of them with two small reactors. "Poyo!" he shouts in joy at this.

"Wait, you are not telling... How my gosh! I could fly?!"


"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHQUICKQUICKQUICKQUICK!! I must test it! I must test it!" She then puts her four hooves firmly on the floor, neck right and head looking forward. Thanks to the ability, she instinctively knows how to make the wings work, and before long, she can hear the reactors purring, and fire start to get out of them. "Here we GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" she shouts, suddenly taking off at a speed that would make Rainbow Dash proud. Which is too fast! She almost hit one of the towers before quickly going right. She then sees a wall of yellow and green blocks quickly coming, and she tilt her body to go up.

And so, she flies through the clouds, trying not to crash on one of them. She finds herself doing loops, U-turns and other zigzags for what looks like hours, only to be a few minutes, until she is able to gain control of her wings and starts to have an idea of what she is doing.

After a whole minute of silence, she then shouts "WIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! I'm flying! I'm flying! I don't believe it, I'm flying!"

"Po... Poyo..." groans Kirby on her back, his pink turning green.

After a few more minutes of flying around, they are able to reach where they were, only they directly land at the end of the path, beside a door. Sweetie then takes Kirby from her back and hugs him. "I can never thank you enough for this! Thank to you, I have been able to fly! Fly! First the ninja, and now that! Oh Kirby! Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

Kirby rubs his cheek against hers before stepping back and jumping back on her back. He then points at the door, shouting "Poyo!"

"Alright Kirby! Let's go!"

She runs through the door with the biggest smile she can give, only for that smile to disappear at seeing what await them after it. They find themselves in a small room, with a Parasol Waddle Dee, a Parasol Waddle Doo, and not one, not two, but THREE doors.

"Uh... Alright Kirby, where do we go?"

Kirby looks at the three doors, then points at each door in turn while singing "Po po po popoyopoyopoyo..." Eventually, he stops at the door in the center. "Poyo!"

"Well... Let's hope that luck is with us."

Slowly, with the help of a small push from her wings, she flies to the door and take it, only to end in a similar room with more door. She can see that they are in a different room, because the decor and the enemies guarding it are not the same.
"Oh please... no..."

She takes one of the other door, and they end up in another different room with more doors.

She deadpans. "A door maze..."

Kirby deadpans too. "Poyo..."

"I... hate... mazes..."

They are actually in a room with three door, a Grizzo, which is some sort of bear with stripes on its back, and two Noddys, round creature that pass their time sleeping with a sleeping cap on their head. They have now gone through at least two dozens doors, some of them they have probably taken more than once, but it's hard to say with how the rooms all look almost identical.

Wait, she can swear she has been to this room before... Oh yeah, she has come from the middle door and has taken the left one. And now... they have entered it from the left door. Urg... Well, this means that they haven't taken the right door, hopefully it will lead to a new room.

They take it.

At the other side, something fall before them.

"Wha-" BAOUM!!!

Whatever it has been, it has caused a big explosion. Sweetie and Kirby find themselves propulsed in the air, the jet ability knocked out of the puffball. Despite the pain, Kirby quickly gets up and takes back the ability before it disappears. Sweetie, meanwhile, slowly sits up, rubbing one of the burns she has gotten.

"Owie... What happened?"

Answering her, Kirby goes on a platform, starts to walk in a funny way toward the edge, then at the edge he lets himself fall. When he reaches the floor, he shouts "Boum!"

Sweetie facehoof. "That was a Bomber?"

Kirby nods.

Sweetie looks up toward the ceiling. "But where did it fall from?"

He shrugs. He then takes a Maxi Tomato on the floor of the room and gives a half to her.

"At least, there is that. Thanks."

Has they eat, Kirby points at the door at the center of the room, on the floor. Seeing the door, then the big star on top of it, she gobbles the remain of the tomato, takes Kirby on her back, and run through the door without looking back.

They are out of this bucking maze! Yay!

At the other side, they are on a small arena made of blocks, and before them comes a familiar big eye. The eye gather clouds around him, and before long, a Kracko lookalike in a grey-blue color is facing them. Is this his brother?

Sweetie takes her whip and turns on her reactors, ready to start the fight. She doesn't have to wait long, because Blue Kracko charges at her only two seconds later. She flies away from him, and shoots a beam at him, before dodging a lightning. Avoiding more lightnings, she flies away again before doing an U-turn, charging right through the Blue Kracko, making a big hole in his cloud. She restarts the same maneuver, only to be hit by a lightning before Kracko rams her. She counter attacks with her whip, hitting the cloud a dozen time before flying away.

She retries another charge, and is able to dodge a lightning with an aileron roll, and another with a second in the opposite direction, before passing through Blue Kracko, creating another hole. Blue Kracko decides to fly after her, starting a chase through the sky as the cloud tries to ram her again, shooting dozens of lightnings. After a moment, she turns on her back, her head facing the Blue Kracko while still fleeing from him. Kirby has to cling to her back to not fall. Still going left and right to avoid the lightnings, she shouts back her beams, some of them dodged by Blue Kracko, but with him being bigger, he is not able to avoid all of them.

Eventually, she charges a magical beam in which she infuses her energy, she then turns around her body, charging right at Blue Kracko again, before shooting the beam right at his eye. The beam hits, and then she rams his eye, plucking it right out of the cloud. She grips the eye in her hooves and dive toward the arena where they have started the fight. At the last second, she places the eye under her hooves, and they percute the ground, the eye crushed between it and the floor. She then kicks the eye away, letting it fall beyond the edge of the arena.

He is not getting back. This opens the door to the fountain.

"Ah! Take that you Kracko wannabe! I'm Dedede's second in command! Kracko is just one of his lieutenants! You had no chance against me!"

Kirby sweats. "Poyo..." Having fought Kracko not long ago, she should watch out. The cloud is learning and may not be as easy to beat.

After getting out of the cloud world, and a small trip in space, they now reach the next world: a giant ball of rock surrounded by fire. Can they even get close to it without being cooked alive?

Seems like yes, as long as they are quick. The Warp Star leads them in a hole in the surface, leading to an underground cavern. While still being hot, at least this is not TOO hot. They will still need to drink a couple of bottles of water once they get out of there...

The Warp Star crashes them on a rock poking out of a wall, and they already can see that the jet will be a big nono. There is magma everywhere, and with the jet, the risks of crashing into it are too high. So Kirby releases it and let Sweetie get on his back.

They fly for about a minute, Sweetie shooting a Sir Kibble in the way, before they reach one of those floating cannons that can expulse them. Taking it, they are shot at the other side of a big pathway with more magma and a bomb block. Once they land, or rather, crash, Sweetie shoots a beam at it, only for it to cause magma to fall. With nothing else to do, they continue, flying up before reaching a place where they can walk. In the way, Kirby eats a Sir Kibble to gain the cutter, and they find an invincibility candy.

They look at each other, Kirby raising an eyebrow. Sweetie sighs. "There are no other ways? Like, you could break it in two and give me just a part?"

He shakes his head.

She sighs again. "Alright, go on."

One mouth to mouth later, and the both of them are now running as fast as they can, wanting to use their temporal invincibility as much as possible. They pass a door, only to find themselves behind a minecart.

Again, they look at each other, this time smiling. They then both jump in the minecart, and Sweetie use her magic to push it. Taking speed, they now move forward, somehow rolling on magma, as if they are in an amusement park, not quite like in a roller coaster, but close enough. They lose their invincibility, destroy walls, push in the ground wooden pillars, sometime somehow creating a path, and ram enemies in the way, all the while laughing in fun. Sadly, they have to jump out of the minecart when a wall of magma suddenly appears in front of them, Kirby taking Sweetie on his back. Luckily, there is another minecart after the wall, with some food floating in front, including a Maxi Tomato. Sweetie take them in her magic, and after eating two candies, an half of the tomato, and drinking fruit juice, she starts to push the minecart.

Sadly again, the ride doesn't last long before they are stopped by another wall of magma, that is followed by a door. It leads to another area full of magma everywhere in the floor and the ceiling, and Sweetie is forced to go back on Kirby's back so he can fly them through it, avoiding Gordos in the way. Sweetie sees another Maxi Tomato a little out of the way, and takes it in her magic in case they get hurt.

They then reach some cannons, leading them through a small maze of cannons, much to Sweetie and Kirby's annoyance. The fact that they can't see where they are going because of the cannon doesn't help. The first cannon at least lead them to yet another Maxi Tomato, and another to yet again another! This makes three tomatoes that Sweetie is keeping in her hooves, until they reach a fourth at the end of a small pathway. Sweetie takes it in her magic, and they then reach the door to the guardian.

"We can't keep those tomatoes, they will bother us. But I'm starting to get a little full..."

Kirby licks his lips in anticipation of eating four Maxi Tomatoes at the same time.

"Alright, you take three, I take the fourth."

One meal later, they pass the door finding themself in a big room with nothing in sight. Where is the guardian?

They walk around the room, looking everywhere, until suddenly, Kirby is charged from behind by something, sending him flying a few meters. When Sweetie turns around, she can see a creature a little bigger than her that looks like some sort of red lizard with two big eyes at the sides of its head and protrusions at the back of its head that look like horns. It possesses small forelegs with claws, and two long hook-like hind legs that it actually use to stand up.

The lizard looks at her, open its mouth, and suddenly, she is grabbed by a very long tongue. Next thing she knows, she is trapped inside the lizard's mouth. No wait... Could this be a chameleon ? Answer later, right now, she must try to not get eaten. But before she can do anything, she is spitten back outside, right into Kirby, making the two of them hit a wall.

They quickly get up, only to see the lizard changes color, blending with the room. Yep, it's a chameleon. Sweetie quickly shoots an ice ball at its last position, only to hit nothing, the chameleon having already moved elsewhere. Rapidly, Sweetie and Kirby go in the center of the room and go back to back, not leaving any blind spot to not be surprised.




Sweetie turns her head, and see a tongue coming at them. She takes her whip, dodges the tongue with Kirby, and wraps the whip around the tongue.

"Grab the whip! Quick!"

Kirby understands and takes the whip alongside her. Forcefully, they pull on it, and they are able to lift the chameleon from its spot. Another pull, and it is slammed on the floor, forming many cracks in it. Kirby quickly throws his blades at it, and Sweetie wraps her whip around the hind legs, crippling it. But the chameleon is a smart one, and it starts to use its forelegs to turn around itself, dragging her around it. Kirby is forced to jump to avoid her, while she tries to regain control, without success. Kirby runs to the chameleon and go on its back, where he lashes out at it with countless slashes from his blades.

Sweetie then gets the idea to trap her hind legs to the floor with ice, so she points her horn to them and does so. Even if the cold hurts her, at least, it works, and she stops being dragged by the chameleon, immobilizing it. The chameleon still tugs at the whip, trying to break the ice, but Kirby then slashes at one of its eyes, stopping it from tugging, instead trashing on the floor in pain. This leaves it vulnerable to more slashes from Kirby, and charged beams from Sweetie, until finally, it stop moving.

Sweetie release the legs, melting the ice with some fire, and approaches the chameleon, glaring at hit, daring it to move. Kirby jumps from its back, and go before its face, blade ready to cut.

It opens its eyes, then its mouth, and Kirby finds himself trapped inside it. It turns around, ready to spit him back at the filly, only to suddenly put its claws around its neck, its expression turning into one of pain. It then spits Kirby on the floor before it, cuts visible on its tongue, and more inside its mouth. Sweetie takes this to charge a Force Blast, and shoots it inside its mouth. It flies right on its back at the impact, and stops moving again.

The door appearing prove to them that this time, it will not wake up anytime soon.

They sigh in relief. This chameleon has taken more effort to beat that they have thought first.

Finished with the fire planet, they follow the trail to the next world. This time, the world they are approaching seems to have nothing special, just being a big ball of rocks. When they pass the atmosphere, they find out that the whole world is mountainous, with clouds hiding their base. The Warp Star crashes them on one of those mountains, right beside the door probably leading inside it.

Passing it, they end up in a cave facing a Bio Spark that Kirby eat, much to Sweetie's joy. After passing a Gim, the robot with a cap and a yoyo, they take a ladder going down, watching out the Gordo going left and right in the way. Another ladder, this time going up, with another Gordo later, and they end up in a room with crates as floor where a Chef Kawasaki is waiting them. He's a orange egg-shaped being wearing a chef outfit, with two tubby arms, and two pink red feets. And his first action if to try to fry them, trying to drag them in a cauldron with his ladle that can extend. Sweetie simply take the ladle in her hooves and use it to lift the chef before dumping him head first in the cauldron. His body causes the cauldron to roll, spilling the hot soup all over the crates. The chef doesn't wake up after that.

Leaving the unconscious chef, they reach an intersection with a path going forward, and a ladder going down. They decides to take the ladder, only to discover that it leads to more paths. At this instant, they understand: another maze.

Sweetie screams.

This one is the worst so far. Not only they have to find the right way, but they have to fight many stronger opponents along the way, like a Poppy Bros. Sr, a Mr Frosty, a Bonker, or an Iron Mam -big armored ball with spiked balls for shoulder pads, two big round pink hands that are not attached to the body, two pink shoes, and a pink bow-, and many others. Right now, after a long hallway full of food, they are fighting a Bugzzy. Too bad the Bugzzy is in a dead end.

The Bugzzy charges at them with his mandibles ready to grab them, one of his eyes swollen because of a punch from Sweetie, and many cuts all over his body because of Kirby. The ninja puffball jumps out of the way while throwing kunais, and Sweetie sidestep him before punching him between the eyes with an energy charged hoof, sending him flying. Kirby runs after him, take his katana, and slash his belly, making him drop unconscious.

This causes a door to appear.

Sweetie's eye twitches. "We had to fight those guys... until we find the one that open the door? In this maze?"

"Poyo..." Kirby rubs his head, before going to the door, followed by a filly taking deep breath to calm herself. They end up in an area, where they see a big metallic door like there were in the Halberd, the kind that open with a switch. Say switch is revealed to be after a bomb block, which the destruction causes water to fall, forcing them to swim up. Hitting it with a beam from Sweetie, they quickly go back down and are able to pass the door before it close. Behind this door, they find a black door leading to a small room with some food, including a Maxi Tomato, and an invincibility candy.

Now the two of them invincible, they end up in the previous area, above the metallic door. Quickly running in the remaining path above them, they run up some slopes, go down two ladders, forget the Maxi Tomato at the end, and pass the door to the guardian.

They are now on a platform arena, in a giant room plunged in the dark. Looking around, they eventually see something appears in the dark, and whatever it is, it's giant. They can just see the head, and even then, they can only see a few features: stone-like eyes, a big stone-like mouth, two stone-like ears with diamond-shaped earrings, a stone on the forehead, and some stone-like thing on his head that is maybe hair. Thanks to all those features, they can see that the head is scarre-shaped, and that's all, the rest being hidden in the dark. Also, Sweetie and Kirby are even smaller than his eyes... What is his full size?

Then, a giant floating hand made of stone appears above them, and fall on them, only for it to be destroyed by their invincibility that disappears just after. The destruction of the hand seems to hurt the giant.

Another hand appears and try to ram them, and Kirby jumps above it while sending kunais at it. Sweetie just avoids it by running out of the way before sending a normal beam at it, not having more time to charge before it disappears in the dark.

Kirby then jumps on Sweetie's back, giving her the ninja ability, and uses it to avoid another hand that turn into a bunch of boulders raining on them. A second hand slaps its finger, causing more boulders raining from the ceiling. All the while, Sweetie jumps from boulder to boulder, sending shurikens at the hands and the face of the giant, not making much damage. Two hands appears at both sides of the arena and try to crush Sweetie and Kirby between them, only for Sweetie to jump again, but this time, she makes sure to fall on the back of one of the hands, getting lifted by it.

This makes the giant angry, and he tries to get rid of Sweetie by shaking his hand first, then by turning it so Sweetie would fall in the abyss, but thanks to the ninja ability, she clings to it no matter what he tries, all the while attacking the hand. The giant then tries to punches her with another hand, only for Sweetie to jump on it while the punches cause the first hand to be destroyed, hurting himself.

On the second hand, Sweetie shouts charged beams at his eyes, making him close them. In pain, he shakes his hand again, without success, until Sweetie takes a katana, and jumps directly toward his head, planting the katana in the stone in his forehead. Getting her hind legs around the katana and letting herself hang from it, she then charge a Giga Force Blast, and shoots it right between the giant's eyes, making him yell in pain. She sees a fist coming right at her, and get on her katana before jumping from it just as the fist collide with the giant's face, planting the katana entirely in the stone. At this moment, as he yells again in pain, she throws kunais on his eyes, inside his mouth, and on his stone, the kunais having red burning parchments.

Just as she lands on the arena, the parchments burn completely, and they explode. With a last scream of pain, and with smoke coming out of his mouth, his eyes, and his now destroyed stone, the giant falls on his back, making the whole room shakes.



"Did I just knock out a giant at least one hundred time my size?"

Author's Note:

I know we only see Wham Bam Rock's head, but it's never precised if it's a floating head or if he has a body, so I decided to let him have a body.

I also remembered that I hadn't reread the previous chapter before posting it. Now it's done and it shouldn't have as much errors.

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