• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 17: I'll Make a Man Out of You... Even if You Are a Filly

"Sweep sweep sweep let's go sweep the dust
Make this room clean is the must
Side to side until there is none
Make this room clean is so fun."

Sweetie Belle sings joyfully as she sweeps her broom on the floor in rhythm to her song alongside the two Broom Hatters in the chamber. It's certainly less boring to clean a room this way!


Everyone in the room jumps at the suddenness of the door being kicked open, a silhouette standing at its place.

"So... I have heard that you search someone to help you learn how to use your body to break skulls?" says the silhouette, arms crossed.

Sweetie understands that the silhouette is speaking to her. "Mmh... Breaking skulls, maybe not, but at least to better fights enemies that get too close. And no need to be so dramatic Knuckle Joe."

"Aww... You are no fun," says the silhouette, revealed to be a Knuckle Joe, a small bipedal creature with a tan head with big cheeks, small eyes like Kirby, pointy ears, spiky yellow hairs separated in two by a white headband with a red jewel, a blue jumpsuit on his body, red shoulder pads, white gloves on his hands, and blue shoes.

"Watch out what you do, you idiot !" screams one of the Broom Hatters. "You could have broken the door!"

"Sorry," says Knuckle Joe, bowing to the Broom Hatter.

Sweetie Belle giggles at this. Knuckle Joes are such hotheads. Always punching first, thinking later. But they are formidable fighters, their punches powerful enough to destroy rocks. They can even throw energy balls with their hands!

"I would love to start training with you Knuckle Joe, but can I first finish cleaning this room with the Broom Hatters? I'm almost done."

"I don't mind. I can even help!" he shouts. Without warning, he jumps beside one of the Broom Hatters and takes his broom.

"Wha-? Wait!"

"Hiya!" Knuckle Joe violently bring down the broom on the floor to sweep it. Crack! Too violently, the broom breaking in two at the impact. "Haa!"

"My broom!" yells the Broom Hatter in rage, before jumping on Knuckle Joe, pulling his hair. "You didn't have to be so violent, you knucklehead!"

"Argargarg! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Stop it please!"

Sweetie sighs, then giggles again, shaking her head. Such hotheads... They remind her of Scootaloo.

On the boxing ring, Knuckle Joe takes a wooden plank, a hand in each ends, and shows it vertically in front of the filly.

"Break it! I'm sure you can with your hooves! I just need to see!"

"Uh... Alright. But I never tried before, so I'm not sure. Unicorns aren't known for their strength. An earth pony however, like my friend Apple Bloom, could break it without problems, I'm sure of it."

"Still try!"

Sweetie nods, takes a breath, and with a big "AYAH!", she punches the wooden plank, effectively breaking it in two.

"See? Hooves are hard! They can already do some powerful punches! All you need now, is to learn how to use those hooves to win a fight without needing a weapon! You can already knock out the majority of the king's army this way, with just a punch, but against a more experienced opponent, you will need more!"

"Yeah... Cape Knight made sure to make me know that that was not enough."

"Of course he did! He is not the Captain for nothing! But next time, you will be able to win a fight against him just by doing this!" He then does a serie of small jabs in rapid succession releasing small shockwaves, his famous Vulcan Jab, followed by an uppercut with his fist engulfed in energy, the Rising Break. He ends his combo by putting his hands at his right side, and forms an energy ball that he shoots in the air, the Force Blast, destroying one of the spotlights above the ring. "Oops..."

Sweetie giggles. "That was so cool!"

"Thank you!" He bows. "I will also help you learn how to grab an enemy to throw them! Or to trap them in a powerful grip from which they will not be able to escape so you can finish them like you desire! By the end, you will be as swift as a coursing river, as forceful as a great typhoon, and as strong as a raging fire!" He raises his fist right above his head. "You will be invincible! Or almost. Nothing is truly invincible."

Sweetie Belle sweats. "Yeeeeah... Thank you Knuckle Joe." Oh boy...

"Come on! Stronger the jabs! Imagine that this sandbag is your worse nemesis! Faster!"

"I’ll try!"

"Don't try! Do it! Just! DO IT!"

"Continue! More push ups! Don't stop until I say so!"

I'm gonna die...

"And now you will do some laps around the room."


"With this weight on your back!" he says, taking a big, heavy weight from behind the stand.

Celestia... Help...

"Urg..." Sweetie groans from the floor.

"That was some good training! You have done well! In no time, you will become as good as me! But now, it's dinner time, so it's time for me to say goodbye to you! Until next time we train!" He bows. "Have a good night!"

"Ugh... Thank you..."

"Is there a problem?"

"Can't... move..."

"Oh... Have I gone too far?"

"M-maybe a little..."

"Sorry!" He bows again. "Let me help you!"

"You don't need to... Just give me a minute... or two... or three..."

"I insist!" he shouts. He suddenly takes Sweetie Belle from the floor and puts her on his back. "You have dinner with the king, right?"

"Eep! Uh yes. But, wait..."

"Then let's go! Tayooooo!!!" He starts to run like a rocket, exiting the boxing room in two seconds and leaving behind him a trail of dust. Sweetie Belle clings to him for dear life, screaming so loudly that she thinks that everyone in the castle can hear her. The two of them are a blur when they traverse the hallways, Knuckle Joe sending flying all the servants that have the misfortune of being in his way, screaming "Sorry!" each time. If he could bow, he would!

Before long, they reach the king's dinner room. "My king! I'm bringing Sweetie Belle to you!" he yells at the entrance of the room. On his back, Sweetie Belle tilts right, then left, then right again, before falling, her eyes looking at two directions at the same time. Knuckle Joe then bows at the king.

Dedede looks at them, mouth open with a raised eyebrow. "What?"

"After our training, she was too tired to walk for dinner, so I ran with her on my back so she could come!"

"I... I see... You are dismissed."

"Yes! My king!" He bows again. He then bows at Sweetie Belle still on the floor. "Until next time!" And he is gone.

Dedede looks at the filly, and after a few seconds, chuckles. "Seems you found quite the teacher."

"You... don't... say..."

The following weeks, nothing much happens. She does her tasks, she trains with the help of Dedede, Cape Knight, or Knuckle Joe, and sometime goes out to walk around Dreamland, spending time with her friends, including Kirby, taking a good time. She would sometime observe a butterfly with red rimmed orange wings fly around, reminding her how peaceful this land is when nothing is trying to turn it into darkness land. She also learns more about the various creatures living in the Kingdom, and beyond, making sure she knows what she could face in the future.

Sometime, she would punch Broom Sunglasses in the face, because he asks for it.

Right now, she is in the boxing room again, about to start her training with Knuckle Joe.

Gulp "What are we gonna do today?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Something that can seem easy, but that is actually really hard."

"And... What is it?"



"I know it may not sound as great as throwing jabs at a sandbag or running around with a weight, but it is important if you want to do some of my more powerful techniques like my Force Blast."


"How do you think I have been able to find the inner energy that I use to boost my punches or to create those balls? I had to do countless hours of meditation! And no, this energy has nothing to do with your magic! This is a different kind of energy!"

"Okay... So what do I do?"

"Nothing. You just sit on your hind legs, empty your mind from all thoughts, and search inside you this energy! This is also a great way to learn how to better control your feelings, so you can better focus in a fight! Or doing other things!"

"Are you sure? Because you don't seem to control your feelings so well, seeing how you are always excited to the point of being clumsy."

This causes Knuckle Joe to fall backward as if he has been punched in the face. "Ouch! So true!"

Sweetie giggles. "Well then, I'll try."

Knuckle Joe gets up. "Remember, it tooks me many hours ! You may not accomplish it first try!"


Sweetie sits on her bottom and crosses her legs, then she closes her eyes, and takes a big breath. This is not so different from when she tried to use magic the first time, but it's still harder. With magic, at least, she didn't have to focus so much. She already had a little knowledge of how to use it. But this energy... It's more profound, she can tell. Already, emptying her mind his so hard. There is always something that come in her mind, excitement for when she will unlock this energy, curiosity like what will there be for dinner tonight, or thoughts of her home, her family, her friends...

She takes another breath. Maybe she should start with something else. Her magic! She will start focusing in her magic, and from there, she will go deeper!

So, magic. Magic is near her heart, going all the way from here to her horn passing by her brain. Focusing in that point, it's not long before she feels her magic in her horn. She keeps her focus in that point, not thinking of anything else. Not breathing, she lets her body do the job. Not the beating of her heart. Not the sweat on her forehead. Just her magic. The magic becomes a green star in a vast blackness, with nothing else in sight. She can see some of that star going out, toward what she knows is her horn, but she doesn't focus in that. She focus in the magic. Just, the magic.

And then, she starts to move her focus elsewhere, deeper, while keeping the star as a beacon. She starts to search the energy, whatever and wherever it is. For what feels like hours, she searches. She searches. She searches.


She keeps her frustration in check, this will not help her. She returns to the star, thinking to try again. But as she returns to the star, she sees something. In the star. Deep, in the very center of the green, she can see something. Something... She is not sure of the form, or the color. Is this the core of the star ? The very origin of her magic ? It's... It's...


She reaches to it... or to her...

Knuckles Joe looks at Sweetie Belle, the filly not moving at all. He has been worried when he has seen her horn light up, thinking that she has been doing something wrong. But almost after that, she has totally stopped moving, only her breathing showing that she is alive. Not even her ears move. Seems like her magic has been the key to enter her meditation state, which is impressive. It took her only a few minutes, while it took him about an hour the first time. There are some people that are just better gifted...

It has been many hours now, and Knuckle Joe may have to stop the exercise soon.

But then, he starts to see something, barely visible. Some white-green-blue energy is starting to envelop the filly. He gasps. She did it!

In an instant, Sweetie opens her eyes, and puts her fore hooves at her right, where an energy ball of the same color is forming.

But when she throws it, the ball disappears...


"Oh come on! I had it!"

Knuckle Joe shakes his head in disbelief. This filly is something. He then says "At least you found it. I must congratulate you. But how have you been able to find it so fast?"

Sweetie takes a big breath before answering. "Well, first, I put my focus in my magic, so I could use it as a beacon to search deeper in me for that energy. And... turns out it was deeper, but deeper in my magic. I barely saw it, it was almost invisible, impossible to feel, but it was there, in the center. It..." She looks at Knuckle Joe right in the eyes. "It was my soul, right?"

He nods. "A part of it, at least. This energy is an energy coming right from your soul, representing your spirit. Seems like your magic is from the same origin." At this, he laughs and claps. "Nature sure spoiled you! And your people!"

She looks at her hooves, annoyed. "But I wasn't able to form an energy ball. Mph!"

"Of course you weren't! It's one thing to find the energy, it's another to learn how to use it! But I think we can stop for now, it's almost dinner."

"Really?! Already?!"

"Time goes fast when you are in meditation! You can go! I will ask the cooks to prepare for you a Maxi Tomato pie as a reward! You deserve it!"

Oh Celestia... An apple pie made from Whispy's apples is already too good, what will it be with the Maxi Tomatoes ?

Sweetie walks in the hallways, not knowing what to do while waiting for dinner. She is not sure she can start any task and finish them in time.

But then, she hears a Waddle Dee starts a discussion with a few other servants.

"Have you heard? A few days ago, Kirby has fought that giant bird, Dyna Blade, who terrorised a part of Dreamland."

"It's only now that you heard about it?" answers another Waddle Dee. "Were you living under a rock?"

"Hey, I was sick! I just learned about it, like, five minutes ago!" replies the first.

Oh yeah, Dyna Blade. Too bad I wasn't here, Sweetie thinks. She has been annoyed to miss helping Kirby in fighting another threat, but at the same time, she can't be at his side every time, so she can't know when he goes on another adventure.

"I have heard something else," suddenly says a Sword Knight. "The Bronto Burts have seen some heavy activities from the Meta Knights, at their not-so-secret base at the coast of Orange Ocean, at the south. They must be preparing something."

"Meta Knight? Preparing something?" says the second Waddle Dee. "All he does is walk around Popstar challenging whoever he finds powerful enough. What would he prepare?"

"I don't know..." says a third Waddle Dee. "Why would he have an army of mercenaries under his orders if he just want to become stronger?"

"Good point," say the others.

She has heard enough. Dinner can wait. If there is even the chance that the Meta Knights may prepare something bad, she must go see what it is. Their base at the south, at the coast of Orange Ocean, right? All she will have to do is follow it.

The Meta Knights are not to be underestimated. She has only met their leader, Meta Knight himself, but she has heard many thing about them. They are less numerous, but far more well trained than Dedede's army. And Meta Knight is the most powerful warrior in the world outside of Kirby.

Hopefully it's a false alert, because she is not sure she will be able to fight Meta Knight, but someone must at least stand against them. Kirby may not have heard about this rumor. Maybe she should go speak to Dedede, together they may have a chance. But he may not take seriously what are just speculations on a rumor.

She enters the room with all the boars, hops on one, and exits the castle, under the sunset.

Many minutes later, she can see the trident-like towers of their base, and a giant dome. A dome that is opening, letting out... something. It's long, black, with many canons, and what seems to be a bridge like on a ship, but far bigger. At the front, she can barely see it from where she is, there is a reproduction of Meta Knight's mask.

Then, big metal tubes at the back spit fire.

And it starts to fly, long purple bat wings deploying at the sides.

A giant, technologically advanced flying battleship.

"Oh boy..."

Author's Note:

You are ready for some epicness ? The next chapter is already written, and it's a BIG one !

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