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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 12: Red Canyon

By the time they reach Red Canyon, the sun is already starting to set, the sky turning orange. The perfect setting for this island made of red stone, hence the name. This gives also a panoramic view like Sweetie has never seen before, the filly opening her mouth in awe before so much beauty and majesty from the mountainous island. And that's when she finally pick up about the mountains, which they will have to climb...

When all of this is finished, she will probably sleep a whole week.

The Warp Star drops them just before a Bouncy, followed by another, then two Waddle Dees, one of them charging from behind. And they have just arrived ! After some jumps above holes, they reach three blocks made of stone with cracks on them. The first and last blocks are above spikes, while the middle one is above a door. It doesn't take a genius to guess that those blocks are like the snow ones back in Iceberg. Knowing that, they are able to reach the door while avoiding the spikes and exploding the Rocky on the middle block.

Sweetie will really have to ask Waddle Dee how they can walk on those blocks without destroying them.

They find themselves on a bridge above spikes, facing a green jellyfish like at Ripple Fields. Sweetie immediately drops a bomb on it, followed by some fireballs from Kine with Kirby in his mouth. The jellyfish hasn't even time to attack before it his knocked out. Gooey then discards the bomb and eat the jellyfish, gaining the spark ability.

With Gooey being on Sweetie, she gets the spark too, not changing much her appearance outside of making her mane and tail look more like the ones of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash, even spikier with some arcs of electricity appearing in them sometime. She tests the ability and discovers that she now can shoot lightning from her horn!

Back at the previous area, they continue their way, quickly running on the stone blocks that follow before they disappear. On a pillar further, they spot, below, a tomato on a stone block above a profound hole. Not taking any risk, Coo flies to it and takes it in his claws. Once he is back, they cut the tomato in six parts for everyone, taking a small break. The door is not far after.

After the door, they are underground, jumping on some more pillars while avoiding two Gordos. They then have to get up, jumping on a block that can't be destroyed and avoiding a third Gordo flying horizontally. They pass another Gordo and a Flamer, destroy somes star blocks, and have to get up again with the help of another indestructible block. Sweetie uses her lightning to shock a Poppy on a giant apple, before Gooey eat the apple, and they do the same thing for the two following Poppys.

They reach a dead end with some stone block in the ground, and understand that they have to continue this way. The next few moments are a chaos where they have to wait for a few rows of blocks to disappear while trying to avoid Gordos in small spaces, and Rick and Sweetie get hit. They finally fall on another row of stone blocks, with before and behind them star blocks. Kirby and Rick quickly destroy them before moving from the disappearing stone blocks, revealing spikes under them. One of the wall of star blocks lead to a small dead end, forcing the ones that have ran to it to be carried by Coo to the other side.

Passing the other wall of star block, they get out of the mountain, where they have to jump a few top pointed pillars before reaching the door, which is floating in the air above nothing, meaning they have to jump through it without failing. Because of this, Coo and Kirby are the last ones to take it, so they could catch anyone that would miss the door. It leads to another underground tunnel, where they have yet again to jump from pillar to pillar while avoiding more Gordos. The pillars eventually let place to three small platforms sticking out of the walls, with a star block between them. Shotzos drop from holes in the ceiling on the blocks, stopping them. Thankfully, they just have to destroy the blocs to get rid of them, the Shotzos falling in the void below them.

They then find themself back on pillars, with more blocks between them, but this time, no Shotzos, but a Waddle Dee, then a Sparky, another Waddle Dee, and a Sir Kibble. They find the door, where they have to jump on two more blocks to reach it, Sweetie using lightning on the new knight guarding it.

The knight has been different from the Blade Knights and Sword Knights, possessing a cylindrical black body with a purple helmet on his head with an orange spike on top. His hands and feets have been purple too and he has had no eyes visible through the visor of the helmet.

They just arrive in the new area that they are attacked by Bronto Burts and an hedgehog followed by a Broom Hatter. Not long behind the Hatter, they are ambushed by three Kabus appearing in the air, one of them falling on Kine. Barely finished with the Kabus, and they are assaulted by four Bouncies. Are they finally starting to send more troops to stop them? Or is this just this area? In one case like in the other, they have to beat much more enemies before reaching the door.

And... They are back in the forest.

What? How are we back in the forest? I thought that those doors didn't teleport this far! And I haven't seen a forest in Red Canyon since the Warp Star! And... IS THAT A NINJA?!

Before them is a bipedal creature in purple ninja garb, with yellow shoes. The biped possesses yellow five fingered hands and two yellow eyes. There is no mistaking him, he is a real ninja.

After living parasols, a dragon, giant animals and whatever, I now fight a ninja?!

She shakes her head to focus back on the ninja, only to be hit by some crescent-shaped projectile, cutting her. Rick charges at him, but the ninja suddenly disappear before flashing around in the air. After about two seconds, he stops and start to drop toward Kirby, who avoids the attack by jumping in Coo's claws. Hitting the floor, a star leading flames appear from his feet before bouncing on the ground, threatening to burn anyone touching it. He is burned by Kirby and Coo counterattacking him by charging him surrounded in fire.

The ninja runs, and at Sweetie's surprise, runs up a tree! He then jumps and kicks Coo in the face before throwing two crescent-shaped projectiles toward Rick and Kile. While they jump out of the way, Sweetie is able to hit the ninja with lightning. Rick follow by punching the ninja in the face, knocking him out.

I should write down everything I have done since arriving in this world. I can now add 'fighting a ninja.'

After the ninja, they are back in an underground tunnel partially submerged. In it, they find a tomato, before reaching another door without any problems. It's the next area that cause problem, because there are no less than three doors. They decide to follow the same strategy as earlier, this time separating the group into three. Sweetie and Gooey take one, Kirby alone take another, and the three animals take the last.

Sweetie enters the door, coming face to face with a knight similar to the previous one. But he wears a skull mask and use an axe. A single lightning as reason of him, but she gains nothing from that fight. When Sweetie comes back, she sees that the others have been able to win their fight, and have gotten nothing too. What a lost of time...

They end up traversing a bridge before reaching an area where they have to jump through many pillars to go to the next door on a tall, but narrow pillar. The next area reveals to be a lake where they find a tomato at the bottom, Sweetie starting to get full again. They then separate, Kirby and Kine taking the water way while the others continue at the surface, fighting many enemies including a few embushing Kabus. After the Kabus, they regroup, nothing important reported. Fighting somes eels, they reach a water pit, having to enter it to continue. At the bottom, pipes release currents leading them right into spikes, forcing them to swim up to not get turned into cheese. At a moment, they pass under a hole that Kirby and Kine can reach, leading to a door. While they continue to follow the current, Kirby and Kine go into the door, coming back a few moment later with the cutter ability and another tomato. Now Sweetie is really getting full. She may have to decline the next one, as sad as it is.

The following area is a succession of rock platforms and bridges where they have to ascend, fighting many Broom Hatters on the way alongside a few other minions. At the end, they have to avoid three Gordos and fight two Scarfys before entering the door. And now they have to cross an area full of platforms on narrow pillars, making seem as if the platforms would fall if there is too much weight on one edge. The most annoying are all the Bronto Burts bothering their jumps, forcing Kirby to go with Coo so he could use the feathers with the cutter ability to get rid of them.

After another door, they are now in a room, with... a giant Gordot that look angry? And who actually attacks them? Panic starts to appear in the group.

"How are we gonna fight him? Gordos are invincible, and this one must not be different!"

Before they can think too long to find a solution, the giant Gordo charges at them, forcing them to disperse. The Gordo then hits the wall behind them... and his spikes fall off of him... his body takes a pale blue... and he loses his angly look...

They all attack him at the same time. It only takes three seconds...

Sweetie deadpans at his unconscious body. "That's... disappointing."

They all nod. The smaller Gordos are far more annoying than this one.

After this... 'battle'... they end up in a place where violent winds push them, but there are not much in term of obstacles. All they have to do is jump above the stone blocks not long after the start, eliminate the few enemies, jump above some spikes at a point, and not jump to avoid three Gordos in a row.

The next area is more interesting. They start in an underwater tunnel where currents push them. Sweetie not wanting to use electricity in the water, let Gooey separate from her so she can uses her beams while Gooey can use the same water jet as Kirby. As for Kirby, he enters Kine's mouth, and spits from inside sharp waves right before him thanks to the cutter ability. With all of them, they have no problems knocking out the Blippers and the Glunks in the way, until they reach a place where they can get out of the water even if the tunnel continue in a level above. This second level is a straight line full of pipes expelling air with fishes hoping on the ground and an eel coming out of a pipe at one point. Going on the pipes, the currents expulse them in the air, making them fly, much to Sweetie's joy, the filly starting to laugh.

And now I can add 'using air currents to fly'! This is so fun!

One last pipe leads them higher, reaching a third level of the tunnel. with more eels and some Scarfys between blocks. At the end, they can see the door behind two Gordos trapped between blocks. They have to destroy all the blocks, so the Gordos can have bigger space to move, leaving the group more space to pass them.

After the door, they are in another tunnel where they have to go up by using platforms with Sparkys on them. At the top, they have to go forward, before going down through some star blocks and reach water. They have to pass through Glunks and squids while avoiding two Gordos before getting out of it, landing on more platforms with Sparkies. At the top of the platforms, they reach not one, but two doors side by side. Kirby jumps on Rick, and together with Kine, enter the left door, while Sweetie, Gooey, and Coo enters the right door. Turns out that the right door is the right one, because they end up on a floating rock platform with no way back, just a way up in a vertical tunnel. While waiting, Sweetie zaps a few Sir Kibbles above them.

A few seconds later, Kirby, Rick and Kine join them, Kirby having a tomato in his hands. Sweetie bits her lips, still full. Oh heck! I'm not missing it! And it's with a stomach aching a little that they start to climb the tunnel, using floating platforms, bridges, and even stone blocks to go up. They then have to climb two slopes, then jump on more platforms, before reaching... another tomato!

"Oh come on! What is with all those tomatoes?! I can't eat anymore!" Kirby and the animals look at her before chuckling. Kirby then takes the tomato to partage it, about to partage it in five parts, before she then says "Urg! Just give me a part! I will eat it later!" which Kirby does, Sweetie placing the tomato part on her back in front of Gooey. "Don't eat it, alright? Just make sure it doesn't fall."

A few more jumps later, another problem arise. There is a door, and up above a few more platforms, there is another door. Yet again, they separate like earlier, same groups. Kirby, Rick and Kine take the first door, and Sweetie, Gooey and Coo take the one at the top.

They appear in what Sweetie recognizes as what she now call a Rainbow Drop Room, making her smile widely. And apparently, they made the right choice, because it turns out that the blocks in this room are vulnerable to the spark ability, which Gooey, and by extension her, currently possess. They destroy the blocks above them, then they have to take a way between two. They go down a few steps, and destroy more blocks at the other side of a small hole. The ceiling being too low, they can't jump above it. While she is about to tell Coo to take her, Sweetie Belle is suddenly lifted from the ground, and yet, it's not Coo, the owl being at her left. The feeling of a wet tongue around her barrel answer her question. Looking back, she can see Gooey flying, some ring of small orange orbs having appeared behind him.

"You can fly?"


They reach the other side of the hole, and Sweetie decides not to question how Gooey can fly without even inflating himself like Kirby or Dedede. She remarks after landing that the oranges orbs on Gooey disappear before he lands too on her back. They go up a few steps, and reach the socle with the Rainbow Drop, Sweetie Belle taking it.

"Yay!" she shouts while raising it in her hooves. She then gives it to Coo, before taking the way back, Sweetie eating the tomato part as a reward for herself, even if it causes her stomach to hurt a little more. Such gluttony, Rarity would be shocked! She doesn't care. Those tomatoes are too good. Beside, she has at least waited a little before eating it.

They join Kirby and the others behind the first door. To Sweetie's surprise, they are on a cloud! She is actually walking on a cloud, without a cloudwalking spell! How?!

Stop it Sweetie, it's Dreamland! Remember! After all that 'breathing underwater' thing, it shouldn't shock you!

Coo gives the Rainbow Drop to Kirby, who eats it with a big smile, congratulating them for finding one. Sweetie doesn't pay too much attention to that, looking below the cloud to see where they have to go from there. There are a few more clouds on which they can jump, it's the only way she can see. Coo then takes her in his claws, Gooey jumping from her back, and together, the group get down, jumping from cloud to cloud until they reach star blocs in the sky. After destroying them, more star blocks are further below, and after destroying them, even more below. It's only after that they reach the door on a big cloud, at the top of the tallest mountain of the island.

They now end up on some platform arena in the sky above the mountain, finding themselves between... Oh, seriously?

A living tree, a giant boar, a giant fish, a dragon, and now, the sun and the moon, alive?! No, that can't be right. Kirby fought Nightmare on the moon, and it was bigger than this. Are those just some creatures that look like the sun and the moon?

The sun one is nothing more than a ball of fire with two hands and a face. As for the moon, he is actually crescent-shaped with two hands and feet, and a face too, of course, his mouth being in the hole of the crescent. The two of them are two time Sweetie's size.

Kirby seems to already know them, because he starts to say many "Poyo!" and instructs them in what to do to fight them. If only they could understand him. At some moments however, he points at the sky, so Sweetie at least understand that they have to keep an eye in the sky.

The sun starts to talk. "We are happy to see you too, Kirby. And you brought friends! What a BRIGHT idea!"

The moon takes his turn. "Too bad they don't look like knights in SHINY armor, you would need one right now!"

Sweetie deadpans at them. "Seriously? We just encounter, and you already start with bad puns? Wait..." She facehoofs. "Would you be Mr Bright and Mr Shine? That Dedede asked for help in the Nightmare incident?"

They bow. "In person! And thank you for being such a good public!"

"We are present all day..." says Bright.

"And night!" continues Shine.

She deadpans at them again, before turning to the rest of the group. "Let's just beat those idiots and go to the next island."

Bright then does a good impression of Rarity about to faint. "Ouch! Such burn!"

"Stop it!" yells the filly.

"Hey Hey! Don't be grumpy! Or I will be forced to say 'Good night' to you!" says Shine with a smirk. Sweetie answers by shooting lightning toward him, only for the moon to jump high in the sky, avoiding the attack. "As you wish!" he then says while he ascend. He suddenly stops in the sky, looking like a real crescent moon. Somehow, the sunset suddenly turns into night. "Good night!"

Shooting stars then fall from the sky toward them, forcing the group to disperse. Kirby turns to Bright and starts to pummel him with the blades of his cutter ability. The sun, in return, charges at him like a comet, the puffball avoiding him in the last second, only to see that the sun continues his charge toward Sweetie Belle who is too busy looking for the shooting stars to notice the danger.

"Poyo!" screams Kirby.

"Googoo!" tries to warn Gooey on her back, seeing the sun coming.

At their call, Sweetie turn her head, saying "What?" before being pushed out of the way by Rick, who takes the hit at her place. The charge send the burning hamster further away, where he slowly get up, a paw on his burned fur. Sweetie shoots a lightning at Bright in revenge, succeeding at hurting him.

Sweetie then hears a thud coming from behind while the sun jumps in the sky. When she looks behind as the night turn to day, Shine is here. Before the moon can do anything, he is attacked by Coo and Kirby, until he starts to roll around, forcing them to go away.

"Goo!" suddenly screams Gooey. Sweetie quickly looks at where he point his tongue, and sees the sun coming right above her. Understanding that being under the sun is a bad idea, she runs away, just in time to avoid being fried by a laser coming from the flaming ball. While she runs, she shoots another lightning at Shine as he stops rolling.

Shine jumps back in the sky, but Bright doesn't come down. Actually, Bright puts himself above the center of the arena, and Shine put himself right under him. The whole area starts to illuminate, excepted a cone of darkness under the moon, where the light of the sun doesn't reach. Not knowing how to react, the whole group hasn't time to hide as the sun expulses fire everywhere that his light reaches, burning everyone. This knock Kirby and Gooey's abilities, but they are thankfully able to take them back.

Bright gets back on the floor, where he is immediately assaulted by Kirby sending his blades and Sweetie shooting her lightning. He is about to charge at them again, when the attacks seem to get him. He is forced to jump back in the sky, where cracks are seen on him, and Shine is forced to take his place. At once, everyone attacks him with everything they have. The assault only last two seconds before the sun suddenly goes just above the floor, and Shine goes back to his moon form, this time behind the sun. The area starts to flash again, and everyone run toward the cone of darkness created by the moon. But Bright and Shine have been smart, because the cone is revealed to be too far, nobody reaching it in time. The sun expulses his flames all over the area, and everyone is yet again burned by his attack. This is too much for Rick, who fall belly first on the floor, unconscious. Kine and Coo are barely in a better stat, and Sweetie Belle can feel herself also starting to close her eyes. Kirby and Gooey are still able to recuperate their abilities in time.

Instead of returning in his biped mode, Shine remain in the sky alongside Bright. The sun positions himself again at the center of the arena, followed by the moon below him. Sweetie understands that they are about to do this attack again, and shoots a lightning right into the moon. Cracks appears on him after being hit, and he suddenly finds himself colliding with the sun in a big explosion. The two celestial bodies then fall beyond the arena, somewhere in Red Canyon, and a last explosion is heard as they hit the ground behind the mountains.

Not celebrating their victory, Sweetie runs to the hamster, who is already nudged back to consciousness by Kirby.

"Are you alright Rick?" she asks. "I'm so sorry that you took a hit for me."

Rick places a paw on her mouth and shakes his head with a smile, signifying "It's alright, no problem. Don't hurt yourself like that." He then hugs Sweetie to reassure her, while Coo lands on his head.

Kirby sighs in relief. This fight has been harder that he had thought it would be. This new move of Mr Bright and Mr Shine changed everything. He is glad that everyone has been here to help him, or he would have had a hard time battling those two by himself.

They wait a few minutes, the time to take back their breath and to let the pain of the burns disappear, at least a little. They then take the Warp Star, ready to brave the sixth island: Cloudy Park.

Hopefully, they will find a tomato quickly. Sweetie's full stomach can go to Tartarus, they need to heal.

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