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Big ol' Texan. Might see southern pronouns in my stories :^). I'm everywhere yet nowhere.


Anon wakes up one morning feeling very bad and sees he's coming down with something that's giving him a pretty high fever. Whether it be the flu or whatever, he'll have to fight it off. However it's the same day in which Silverstream is scheduled for a tutoring session with Anon. Silverstream notices Anon is ill and offers to help. After some hesitation, Anon decides to give in. It will be quite a healthy friendship lesson for Silverstream as she helps nurse Anon back to full health.

A cute little story I had in mind. Silverstream to me is just adorable and I wanted to write something focusing on her.

Story in 3rd person.

Rated Teen for occasional profanity.

There will be a little romance as the story progresses, but there's no naughty stuff. That may happen in a sequel.

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Good lord Silverstream was just so adorable, she always did a good job at melting the hearts of others. Perhaps if she was able to get a cutie mark, her special talent would be just melting hearts.

Huuuurrrkkks, the cuteness~ :heart: :twilightsmile:

I am an addict to these kinds of stories! :heart:

But, isn't Silverstream too dumb to be a tutor in anything?

Finally, there is another SilvevrstreamxAnon story!
Can't wait for more chapters as well as a potential sequel! :)

i'll just leave this here

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life

Please can I have some more?

Other than a few inconsistencies in perspective and needing more natural grammar, this is pretty enjoyable.

Yeah, more proper grammar is my main thing I'm working on. It's not perfect, but I'm glad you're still enjoying the story!

I meant natural grammar as in talking naturally. The last thing you want is every character speaking like they graduated with honers from Harvard or Yale...

“It’s all good,” Anon whispered as she pulled Silverstream back in for another kiss.

Anon is a guy.
Other then that, good story! :)

Whoops, didn't realize I mistyped that, it's fixed now.

Well, I would like to know how everyone else around them, would react to their relationship. :pinkiegasp:

Only one way to find out whenever I decide to release a potential sequel ;^)

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I like the story and looking forward to the sequel

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