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A Healthy Lesson - StuffMyCrust

Silverstream is determined to help her friend, Anon, to recover from an illness he caught.

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Ch 5: Little Changes

Silverstream sat there, on the verge of having another meltdown. She had watched Anon walk away to another room so he can think for a minute, all the hippogriff was thinking was that she did something wrong. She thought she took her approach the wrong way and it scared Anon. As much as Silverstream didn’t want things to go this way, she assumed Anon would basically turn her down.

“Stupid Silverstream, w-why did you just kiss him like that!? Now he probably h-h...hates me and….and” she said struggling to accumulate her words.

Now the hippogriff just had to wait for the human to return and give her his thoughts on the whole ordeal. She was expecting to be turned down. She knew a human and a hippogriff would probably never work out to begin with. But she feared losing her best friend for the act she just pulled, even though the human assured he wouldn’t hate her for her feelings. For now, it was a waiting game.

“FUCK!” Anon yelled slamming his fist against the counter.

Anon took some deep breaths and gathered his thoughts. He couldn’t keep his guest waiting for too long, so he had to come up with an answer to her proposal. He wondered if it would be considered pedophilia if he chose to pursue dating Silverstream.

“Okay so technically speaking, Silverstream is probably considered a teenager or so under human conditions but...how old even is she? Different animals have different maturing ages, but when would a hippogriff even reach maturity?….okay I’m gonna burn my brain trying to think all of this hold up,” Anon said to himself trying to remember simple zoology.

Anon assumed the maturity for a hippogriff would more than likely be similar to the average horse, which was around 11-14 months typically. Anon also assumed that Silverstream was definitely over a year old, but couldn’t really narrow down her actual age. At this point he stopped caring about the age matter after concluding Silverstream was 99.99% likely to be mature. He moved on to the next big question.

“Do I even like her that way? Would I even commit to such a thing?......I mean Silver is my best friend, but...fucking hell. She’s nice, she’s a very gorgeous creature...she’s always there for me and….honestly treats me better than all the human women back at home”.

Anon then remembered the kiss Silverstream gave him earlier. There was something about it that he couldn’t quite put a finger on. He didn’t even stop the kiss, he just let it happen. Truth be told, he kind of enjoyed it. Anon never had a kiss like that in a long time and the fact one of his best friends did it, it developed a new feeling within him. It was a warm sensation that filled his chest, almost felt like butterflies. Anon started to feel a much deeper connection with Silverstream.

“If I’m gonna pull this off….ehhh screw it. I better return and not keep her waiting”.

Anon wiped his face with a towel and slowly exited the bathroom. He then made his way back to his living room where his guest was patiently waiting.

Silverstream heard a door open and close signaling Anon was making his return. She braced herself for the worst possible outcome, she had tears rolling down her face, but she hoped to tough it out over all. As she saw the human walk towards her, she had never been so anxious her entire life.

As Anon approached the hippogriff, he could tell she was quite the emotional wreck. But he decided to be nice and not say anything about it. He then sat down next to Silverstream as she held her face down. She reluctantly spoke first.

“I-I understand how you probably feel right now and….I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I never should’ve approached you like that. You h-have every right to hate me for it,” she said sniffing.

“Silver….don’t worry about it. Even though you caught me by surprise, I’m not bothered by it. You have nothing to feel sorry for….but I think it’s time I tell you something”.

Here it comes, the moment Silverstream waited for. To be denied and experience being heartbroken. She sighed as she prepared for the worst.

“I’ve been thinking about it and….first I accept your feelings for me. I don’t hate you for it. However there’s another thing, you may be surprised to hear it. I...I wouldn’t mind taking our relationship to the next level. I...think I love you too,” the human said rubbing the back of his head.

Silverstream’s head raised immediately after the response. Was she hearing things or did Anon actually feel the same way for her? She had to make sure he wasn’t playing around.

“D-do you really m-mean it?” the hippogriff asked.

“Yes, Silverstream….I do mea-” Anon said as he was cut short by Silverstream jumping on him and kissing him deeply.

Anon sat there motionless for a second as Silverstream’s beak pressed against his lips. He didn’t mind it, he enjoyed it. He decided to return the favor and let his mouth do all the work. It was a very passionate kiss, one the two could go on for hours if they chose. After about 20 seconds, their mouths detached as Silverstream hid her face in embarrassment.

“Hehe...sorry, I couldn’t help it,” she said as her cheeks flourished in red.

“It’s all good,” Anon whispered as he pulled Silverstream back in for another kiss.

This kiss lasted much longer and was much more adventurous than before. Each of their tongues had a little battle as they passionately enjoyed each other’s company. Silverstream was shedding tears of joy throughout the process to which Anon happily wiped them off her cheeks. Starting today, their friendship would start a new chapter.

“Did you enjoy that”?

“I LOVED IT!” the hippogriff happily claimed.

The two then spent the next few minutes kissing some more. Anon yawned a little, he was still exhausted from being ill the past few days. He could really use a nap.

“Feeling tired already, Anon”?

“A little”.

“Wanna lie down and cuddle up?” Silver asked, eyes resembling a little puppy.

“I mean, how could I resist an offer from an adorable creature such as yourself? Feel free to get yourself comfy”.

Silverstream blushed at the comment and then laid herself on Anon’s chest as she got herself comfy. Anon started petting her head causing the hippogriff to get a little drowsy herself. As they both got comfy, the two sat there for a moment, exchanging one more kiss before Silverstream chimed in.

“I love you, Anon”.

“I love you too, Silver” Anon said kissing the top of her head.

From now on, both their lives would change forever. For they would continue to expand their relationship to greater heights. As Anon sat there, staring down at his new companion, he noticed he didn’t feel ill anymore. He felt completely normal now. Was it the magic of love that fully cured him? It would be a question that could be looked into another time.

Anon couldn’t be more thankful for the life he had been given in Equestria. He was especially grateful to share the life with his love, Silverstream. For all the things the hippogriff had done for him, especially nursing him back to health, it was quite the healthy experience for the two. Anon couldn’t ask for anything more than the dependable caring creature that Silverstream was.

As the two drifted to slumber, good dreams would surely cherish their sleep.

Author's Note:

And that wraps up the story! Let me know what you thought of it!

I've been thinking about it for some time, I think I could see a potential sequel to this story. It will be mature however because of some naughty stuff going on. As to when I plan on doing it if I decide, it will be quite some time. I have some other stories in mind currently anyways.

Likewise, any suggestions, criticism etc. is welcome, thanks for tuning in to this story.

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“It’s all good,” Anon whispered as she pulled Silverstream back in for another kiss.

Anon is a guy.
Other then that, good story! :)

Whoops, didn't realize I mistyped that, it's fixed now.

Well, I would like to know how everyone else around them, would react to their relationship. :pinkiegasp:

Only one way to find out whenever I decide to release a potential sequel ;^)

Comment posted by laurelkase deleted Mar 20th, 2019

I like the story and looking forward to the sequel

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