• Published 15th Mar 2019
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A Healthy Lesson - StuffMyCrust

Silverstream is determined to help her friend, Anon, to recover from an illness he caught.

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Ch 3: Sweet Emotions

The sun is setting, the town lights are starting to shine, it’s time for the night to begin. It was time to head back to the school.

Silverstream flew across Ponyville on way to Princess Twilight’s School of Friendship. She had just finished her longer than expected visit with Anon and she was gonna pay him another visit the next morning. However something was off about Silverstream, she seemed upset since leaving Anon behind.

“Oh Anon….please don’t start feeling worse. I wish I was still there with you right now, in your arms, helping you feel better…..cuddling in your be-” she stopped herself there.

Silverstream was very concerned about Anon’s well being, she hoped the medicine she had gathered for him would help him feel better. Just the thought of him getting in a much worse condition and perhaps being sent to the hospital was enough to make the hippogriff tear up a little. But she was also upset that she had to leave him behind. She wanted to be there by his side and never leave him hanging. All these emotions coming around to Silverstream as tears were welling up in her eyes. She really cared about her human friend.

The school came into view as Silverstream initiated her touchdown target. She landed right in front of the door leading to the dorms for a variety of students. She opened the door and walked down the hallway towards the direction of her room. For the time being, she assumed she would just be chilling in her room studying and then head out for some dinner. However as she neared her door, a voice called out her name stopping the hippogriff in place.

“Hey Silverstream! I was wondering where you were all day, what’s up?” the voice stated.

The voice came from a changeling named Ocellus. Ocellus was an interesting creature. Her race were originally an army led by former leader Queen Chrysalis that would feed on love. Now, thanks to a resistance led by their new leader Thorax, the changelings are happy peaceful creatures. Ocellus was typically a shy one, however she easily opens up more when around her friends.

“Oh hey Ocellus! I was just hanging around with Anon for the most part. I’m probably just gonna relax and review some material for the test on Tuesday”.

“You hung around with Anon for the entire day? Sounds like it was a fun time,” the changeling said with a wink.

“Yeah...I didn’t plan to spend the entire day with him, but he was feeling a little ill so I offered to help him out for the day”.

“Well that was sweet of you, he’s doing alright though”?

“He was dealing with a fever and such, hopefully he’ll start to recover soon...I honestly wish I was still there to help him some more,” the hippogriff said as a tear leaked from her eye which caught Ocellus' attention.

“You’re okay yourself, right? You seem very upset about it, do you wanna talk about it”?

“I-it’s nothing, really. I just am really worried about him. He kept assuring me he’d be fine, but….what if? I just wanna be there for him….in his arms, making sure he gets better…..keeping him warm and…,” Silver realized she was fantasizing too much in front of Ocellus.

“Ummm….I get the feeling there’s something else on your mind. Like there’s something you need to get off your chest”?

The changeling was right, Silverstream wanted to come clean about something. She was in love with Anon and she wanted to express her feelings to the human. But Ocellus is starting to catch on and Silverstream doesn’t know how the changeling would react if she told her the secret.

“Ummm...could we further discuss this in my room?” the hippogriff asked.

“Sure, I guess”.

As the two entered Silverstream’s room, Silver thought Ocellus would probably understand her feelings more since changelings do share love with one another. The two sat on the bed in the room and looked at each other for a moment before Silverstream spoke up.

“So uhhh...assuming changelings thrive on the concept of love, you’d probably understand what I’m gonna say but….have you ever fallen in love with someone”?

“Uhh no I can’t say I have, why you ask”?

“I hopefully won’t sound crazy when I say this, but….I l-love Anon. Not just a friend, but I LOVE him. You get what I’m saying”?

“Oh I see now. So aren’t you gonna say something to him?” the changeling said with a big smirk on her face.

“I-I mean yes, I want to, but….it’s not as easy as you think!” Silver shot back.

Just then Yona the Yak suddenly barges into the room practically smashing down the door in the process. Yona was a very energetic Yak who seemed very confident her species were the best at everything.

“What changeling and hippogriff speaking of? Yona wanna chime in!” the proud yak yelled.

Silverstream was too distracted within her mind processing all her emotions, so Ocellus responded for her.

“Hey Yona, now probably isn’t a good time. Silverstream ain’t in her best state right now. Could you come back in a little bit”?

“Why hippogriff upset? Yona wanna help friend!” the yak said with a stomp on the floor.

“No, Ocellus, it’s fine. Sorry Yona, I’m just worried about our friend, Anon. He’s been sick and I just wanna be there for him. I just wanna show him just how much I care for him”.

“Human sick? Yona, changeling and hippogriff visit him and make him better. Yak best at nursing”!

“UHH THAT WON'T BE NECESSARY!” the hippogriff yelled out loud.

After a minute of explaining to the yak about the scenario and her feelings for the human, surprisingly Yona seemed to understand Silverstream. After claiming that yaks were best at love, she assured Silverstream to just be honest with Anon. Out of nowhere, Smolder pops in and interrupts the scene.

“Quite the gathering we have here right now. What did I miss?” the dragon said.

This was gonna be a long night for Silverstream. Deep down she was just wondering what Anon was doing and if he was doing alright.

Anon was lying down in his bed reading a book with an ice pack over his head. He had just took some pills that would assist in the war against his invader. He checked his temperature and saw it dropped to 100.6 compared to the 101.2 it was earlier today. He was slowly recovering, now he just needed a good night sleep and hopefully he would really start feeling better by morning.

Anon then remembered that Silverstream would pay another visit in the morning to check in on him. He honestly enjoyed today for the fact he got to spend time with Silverstream. The hippogriff always managed to brighten up his days even if they were not the brightest.

After about an hour or so of reading, Anon checked the time and saw it was a little after 9:00pm. A little early for him in terms of trying to head to sleep.

“Damn, only 9:00pm? Guess I’ll try and see if I can crash”.

Anon then set his book to the side, removed the ice pack and took off his shirt. He got into a comfy position and attempted to fall asleep. Thanks to some of the medicine and their wonderful side effects, he managed to get knocked out pretty quick. Hopefully Princess Luna would assist in giving him a wonderful dream tonight.

Well, all of Silverstream’s friends except Gallus and Sandbar knew of her feelings for Anon. This was something she never intended to let loose. However she trusted her friends, she knew they would support her for no matter what.

Silverstream laid there in her bed staring outside the window looking at the moon. Luna always did a great job displaying the beauty of the night. Silverstream wondered what it would be like to sit on the moon and look back at the Earth. To be the first hippogriff to set foot on another sphere outside home.

Moving over in her bed, Silverstream then started thinking about Anon. She was gonna visit him first thing in the morning and check to make sure he’s still breathing. She couldn’t even get herself to sleep because Anon just kept flowing through her mind. She wanted to be there with Anon, under his arms, all snuggled up near the fireplace as they enjoy each other’s company. Maybe perhaps exchange a kiss or two….or three. All these thoughts were driving the hippogriff crazy. She needed to tell Anon how she felt, but she was scared how he would respond to it.

More or less Silverstream decided that at some point tomorrow, she was gonna confess her feelings to Anon. She would have to time it just right however, so she can’t really plan it out much. First she just had to focus on making sure Anon was back to health and taken care of.

“Don’t worry, Anon. I’ll be there for you soon” Silverstream said as she slowly dozed off for the night.

Author's Note:

Quite the dialogue chapter amirite :^)

Next chapter will be the big confession, but will that be it? Guess we'll have to wait and see.