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A Healthy Lesson - StuffMyCrust

Silverstream is determined to help her friend, Anon, to recover from an illness he caught.

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Ch 2: Silverstream, At Your Service

Anon had resumed his comfortable position on the couch with a book in hand. Silverstream was busy looking for the cold water in your kitchen and she seems to be having trouble looking for it.

“Anon? Where is your water anyways?” the hippogriff called out.

“Go over to my fridge and you’ll see a little opening on the left side that has a cup platform. There’s two levers, one’s for ice which is the smaller one, and the bigger one is for the water itself,” Anon responded before blowing his nose.

After a few seconds, the sound of water pouring was heard pouring from Anon’s fridge. Then came the ice, perhaps Anon should’ve told her ice came first but it was too late, Silver had already splashed her face with the effects from the ice hitting the water.

“Oh my goodness, that’s so cool! EEEEEEEEE!” she said as she continued letting a few more ice cubes in the cup.

Once she had the cup ready, she made her way back to Anon. The cup was filled to the very top, so she had spilled some water on the way. As she delivered the water to Anon, he had noticed Silver’s face a little wet.

“You do know it’s ice that comes first then water, right”?

“Hehehe, I guess that makes sense, sorry if I made a mess” she said a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, we all learn from simple mistakes anyways,” Anon said as he took a sip of water.

Silverstream had sat herself on the other side of the couch and watched Anon as he slammed down the water he gave her. She was busy admiring the creature and watching each movement it made. All she could really focus on was to make sure her friend be recovered but she was also having romantic fantasies envelop within her mind. Her thoughts were cut short when Anon tried getting her attention.

“Silver? You alright”?

“Y-Yes sir! Sorry I had lost my train of thought for a second hehe,” she said as her cheeks started blushing.

“Okay, well do you mind helping me up real quick”?

Silverstream quickly rushed over to Anon and helped him off the couch. Anon started stretching as Silver stood there ready to catch him in case he lost balance. He then started walking towards a hallway and Silver wondered what Anon was doing.

“Where you heading to, Anon”?

“The bathroom, I’m gonna probably take a warm bath and relax for a little bit”.

“Oh wait! Let me start up everything for you!” she said as she dashed towards your bathroom.

Anon clearly knew Silverstream was enjoying herself and being that determined to help him out. He couldn’t be thankful enough for all her help. He would have to repay her somehow, but for now he needed to recover. He walked into his bathroom and saw Silverstream adjusting the knob making sure the water was warm enough.

“Is this good enough for you, Anon?” Silver said as the water appeared to be steaming.

Anon felt the water and quickly flung his hand back as the water was really hot. Silverstream had apparently left the knob near the hottest end. Perhaps hippogriffs could tolerate higher water temperatures.

“Maybe a little too hot, but close enough. Thank you”.

“Always here to help, Anon!” the hippogriff said as she sat there watching Anon strip down and getting ready to enter the tub.

“Uhhh, can I at least get some privacy?” this question caused Silverstream to blush so hard it was almost noticeable to Anon.

“Oh! I’m sorry, yes of course I’ll just be waiting outside until you’re done hehe….” she said quickly leaving the room.

As Anon started his bathing session, Silverstream decided to explore the house a little bit. Her first stop was the room right across the bathroom. It was a fairly small room with some instruments sitting around. She had heard Anon used to play certain instruments, but apparently he still has some equipment sitting around. She then assumed more than half the stuff was extremely valuable and decided to move on to the next room.

This room however, was extremely forbidden to anyone but Anon. It was Anon’s bedroom. Being the curious hippogriff she was, she explored it anyways. She didn’t want to ruin anything so she was cautious. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a portrait. This portrait showed a picture of a human, just like Anon except it appeared to be a minor.

“Oh my sweet Celestia, it’s Anon when he was a child!” she said making a silent squealing sound. It was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

She quickly put the portrait back where she found it and left the forbidden room. Once exploring time had wrapped up, Silver decided to look around for any type of medicine Anon could benefit from in the kitchen. She came across a few containers in which she read it would treat fevers. Once she gathered a few, she decided to set up a little medicine dinner for Anon when he finished his bathing session.

About 40 minutes or so passes and Anon had finished relaxing in the tub. Once he dried up and changed into some clean apparel, he went back to the living room. As he walked in, he was greeted by a coffee table full of medicine, snacks and even more ice cold water.

“Surprise! I prepped you a little healthy early dinner. I went and found some medicine that should treat your fever-like symptoms and I even gave you some more water. Always good to keep yourself hydrated!” she said with an adorable smile on her face.

“Wow, thanks Silver. You’ve clearly been busy for the past half hour or so. I can’t thank you enough for all your help, it really means a lot to me”.

“It’s my pleasure, Anon. I’m just being a good friend that’s all,” Silver said with a blush on her face.

Out of nowhere, Anon went in and hugged Silverstream. Silver was initially shocked by this action, but quickly embraced the feeling. She could cherish the feeling of hugging Anon forever. What would make this moment even more memorable is if she could kiss him. If only she could just tell Anon how she felt and hopefully he would accept it. But she felt now wasn’t the time just yet. Once the hug ended, Silver tried so hard to hide her noticeable blush to which thankfully Anon didn’t pay attention to.

Anon then looked at the clock and saw it was a little after 4:00pm. Time surely flies fast in Equestria. He then wondered when Silverstream needed to be back at her place at the School of Friendship, especially since dark time comes soon when winter is near.

“Hey Silver? Don’t you need to be back by dark time? It’s coming pretty soon”.

“Oh yeah that’s right. It’s already almost dark?” she said looking out the window as the sun was starting to set.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. In a few minutes just head back to the school before anyone starts to wonder where you’re at”.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay, Anon”?

“I’ll be just fine, now you should get ready. Plus you have classes the next morning”.

“Actually it’s a teacher holiday, so class doesn’t resume until Tuesday! But yeah, I’ll get ready here”.

“Well alrighty...if there’s no school you can always come by to check on me the next morning”.

“You bet I will check on you!” she said bringing herself in for a hug.

Anon and Silverstream sat there for a minute embracing each other. Silverstream always enjoyed hugs, but hugs with Anon were like heaven to her. She never wanted them to end, but she knew she had to get going momentarily. They both ended the hug and Silver looked into Anon’s eyes.

“Promise me you'll feel better soon, Anon?” she said with a concerned look.

Anon then reassured her that he’d be alright. He rubbed Silverstream’s head and wished her a good night. Once Silverstream left, Anon lunged himself on the couch and took some NyQuil. It would help him get a little sleepy. He’s gonna need all the sleep he can get tonight.

Anon then was thinking about Silverstream. The fact she did so much today to help you out in any possible way meant so much to you. She was such a nice, caring creature. She’s always been there cheering you up and getting you back on your feet in rough times, she was just that wonderful type of friend.

“I wonder how I will ever repay her for all my troubles now?” Anon said to himself.

Author's Note:

And thus Anon is on the path to recovery with the help of Silverstream.

Next chapter will more than likely be a filler during which Silverstream returns to the school and bumps into a few classmates. We'll see how that goes.

Any criticism, suggestions etc. always welcomed.

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