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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork



Ponykind has been peddled a lot of myths. Sometimes they were old mares tales, but sometimes it was because the truth was too awful to consider.

Twilight finds herself accidentally drawn in to the darkest secret in all Equestria.

Will she survive?

* Submitted into RockstarRaccoon's Nightmare Night in April horror write-off contest - go check it out! *

There is a small amount of mild gore in this story, and the gore tag has only been applied to ensure that those who may be offended have been warned.

This can be read as a stand-alone story or continued to its sequel Escape from Hell

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“You … you wouldn’t eat my heart out, would you?” “Goodbye Twilight Sparkle” said Celestia as she walked slowly through the big double doors and did not look back.

you should do a sequel with this happening!

Hmm, Celestia I think has made some major mistakes and assumptions and I look forward to that backfiring if there is ever a sequel.

Twilight's in a spot of bother and no mistake!

Thanks for the idea. I think there is scope to take this further - Twilight is too clever and resourceful to take this punishment without some act of rebellion. After all, she does have quite a long time to think about it ...

I would honestly like a 7 chapter sequel that counts down the days until Celestia next arrives where Twilight tries to escape before or by then.

Chapter 1 - Day 1
Chapter 2 - Day 2

Thank you!
There does seem to be some interest in a sequel, and you're right; not locking Twilight in a cage could yet be Celestia's undoing.


If it's chill with you, I would like to make a fanfiction reading of this :3

It would be a pleasure!
Thank you for choosing one of my stories - I am so looking forward to it!


“But, my friends – my family, they’ll all miss me and come asking questions.”
“Nopony asked any questions when my previous prized student, Sunset Shimmer went missing; even you hadn’t heard of her until she reappeared through the crystal mirror. I will choose another personal student and life will go on.”

Ummm... these two situations are incomparable to a ludicrously vast extent.

At the time Sunset left through the Mirror Portal, she was still being privately taught by Celestia, was a social outcast, and as far as I can remember, had no family, at least none that have appeared on the show as of now. Heck, her being an orphan is almost a universal headcanon, last I checked.

Twilight, on the other hoof, has essentially "graduated" from being Celestia's pupil, is the headmare of a large school, has a massive circle of friends and family, has saved the world on multiple occasions, and is literally a GOD. I think Twilight disappearing would turn a few more heads, to say the least.

This isn't an Idiot Ball moment for Celestia; it's an Idiot Boulder.

And it's just the cherry on top of what, for the most part, is a generic, note-for-note Tyrantlestia story (complete with a flippant disregard for Twilight and Celesita's canon relationship). I hate to come off as a bit of an arse, but this just... wasn't good. At the very least, it needs a second installment to retroactively patch it up. I'll look forward to seeing a sequel if it does come, but for now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this one.

And again, I apologize if this comes off as a bit rude or accusatory.

Thank you for your support - there does seem to be an appetite for a sequel, so I'll get to work on it.
Thanks again!

I liked it! But poor Twilight...
Just a thought, but if I were in here place

I'd see about striking a new deal with this Guardian "I, Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, can serve you better! Allow me to prove myself to be her better, I beseech you , Guardian. Allow me my magic, teach me that which only one other was ever deemed worthy and I promise you that I shall overcome that one to prove my loyalty to you and you alone! She was my friend, she was my master, she was as a second mother to me. I shall cage her before You, Guardian and demonstrate my loyalty to You with this act. etc...

Hey, it's everypony for themselves after all, isn't it? Or perhaps it's because my wrath is twisted whenever I feel I've been betrayed.

Nice story, Twiley would be horrified. :twilightoops:
"Aw, come now, Twilight, it was just a story!" :trollestia:
"Just a story..." :facehoof:
"JUST A STORY!" :twilightangry2:
"Uh oh..." :trollestia:
"Eeyup!" :eeyup:

"Just a story..." :facehoof:
"JUST A STORY!" :twilightangry2:

Wait for the sequel <<Twilight explodes>>

Thank you - great comment: a story in itself!

Thank you for your support - I am working on it!

This definitely needs a sequel, I quite enjoyed it

If this is the way Celestia stays immortal what about Luna?

Ooooo, this was chilling! I'm intrigued by the idea of a darker Celestia. In my fanfic "When Darkness Falls", I too decided to show that the Princess of the Day isn't as squeaky-clean as everyone thinks she is. This needs a sequel!

Thank you for your support. There is a sequel underway, but it may just get a little bit darker ...


DANG ... That is very cold Celestia ... can't wait for the sequel :twilightsmile:

When I get my hands on Celestia, I'm gonna feed her to Jaws!

I bet she's wishing she had never decided to peek in that diary ...

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