• Published 8th Aug 2012
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The Eyes Have It - Luke Shywalker

When Fluttershy enters the Everfree Forest at night, she is followed home by a tall, thin stallion..

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“It took you long to approach me,
Maybe, now friends we can be!”

“What are you doing? Is this a trick?
Suddenly my head feels like a brick!”

“A lesson in spells you must learn,
Leave my home and never return!”

‘The time…’

“M-my head th-throbs… eyes can’t… see…
Princess C-celestia… Protect me!”

‘…has come…’

The moon was shining brightly, but offered no clarity inside the Everfree Forest. Tall trees blocked all sources of natural light, leaving the forest in a dark, cold state. The woods were silent, except for the galloping of an exhausted young mare, and the dangling of the lantern in her mouth.

‘I have to get to Zecora’s… I don’t know where else to look… Can’t give up… Must… find… Rarity…’

The knowledge that Rarity was in danger countered all other thoughts, though this did not make up for the fact that Fluttershy wasn’t the bravest of ponies. Her heart conflicted with her mind, forcing the pegasus to press on. Fluttershy felt as if she had been running for days through the dark, winding path. All the while, she felt like she was being watched.

‘Don’t look behind you. You can’t look behind you! I know he’s there, but I have to find Rarity!’

Eventually, a clearing in the forest appeared, with a hut sitting at its center. With haste, Fluttershy practically crashed through the door and took immediate observation of her surroundings. The room was brightly lit by torches along the walls. Zecora stood at the far end of the room, looking at Fluttershy. Rarity and Sweetie Belle were laying against the wall unconscious.

“Rarity! Sweetie Belle!” Fluttershy cried out. “Thank goodness!”

Fluttershy ran to Rarity’s side and held a hoof up to her head. It was warm still, with a slow pulse.

“Oh, Zecora! How did you find them?” Fluttershy questioned.

She received no reply. Looking up at the zebra, Fluttershy asked again.

“Zecora? How did you find Rarity, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Zecora stood, still staring at the door, not moving a muscle. Fluttershy felt sweat begin to drip down her face as she approached her friend.

“Are… you ok?”

Zecora was almost like a statue. Her fur was dirty, and her eyes were completely black, with red pupils. Fluttershy backed away, her lips quivering and her eyes wide as she realized what was happening. Zecora moved her mouth, and spoke two words. Her voice sounded deep and distorted.

“Get out.”

Fluttershy thought she could hear static. She hung her head in thought. ‘He took my friends…’

“THUD!” Fluttershy heard from directly behind her. She jumped slightly at the sound, but stood her ground.

‘He hurt my friends…’ Fluttershy continued, lowering her eyebrows.

Fluttershy felt the presence of the stallion. He was behind her, and she was sure of it. Her body trembled in fear as she spoke.


Fluttershy’s vision blurred and she heard static sounds growing louder from all around. Darkness once again filled her senses.


Like a butterfly erupting from its cocoon, Fluttershy raised her head, spread her wings and shouted fiercely.


Fluttershy turned around, her eyes wide open in a piercing gaze. The Stallion stood directly in front of her, his blank face beaming down on Fluttershy. The wind suddenly began blowing violently, rattling the shack. A great battle of supernatural powers began.

Fluttershy’s vision zoomed in and out, darkened and lightened, blurred and sharpened again. Her fierce glare seemed to be at war with the stallion’s mysterious powers. The stallion didn’t even flinch at the terrifying pegasus. He only stood. Maintaining the stare, Fluttershy began to yell.

“I don’t know what you are, or where you came from, but you need to leave!”

A voice, commanding and deep, appeared in Fluttershy’s head.

‘Death is nigh…’

Fluttershy’s brain stung with pain from the horrifying staring contest she was having. The stallion formed lashing tentacles from his back, and the shack seemed to disappear. Everything was black. Through the horror, she persisted.

“You are hurting others, and you have no right to! Bring back my friends! Then go back to where you came from!”

‘The prophesy…’

Fluttershy’s entire body was in agonizing pain, as if the sight of the stallion was harming her. Her eyes watered, not daring to close until her job was complete. Raging winds howled as both combatants stood motionlessly. A mortifying scream shattered the silence, growing louder and louder, then stopped. Princess Celestia herself shuddered. Finally, the voice reappeared in Fluttershy's head, but much gentler.

‘…Help me…’

Fluttershy was baffled, and blinked in astonishment. The instant she opened her eyes, the stallion was gone, and she fell to the ground. Her body ached all over, and the slightest movement caused a jolt of searing pain. Fluttershy looked up, and saw Zecora. She was helping Rarity and Sweetie Belle, who had miraculously awoken, stand up. In an instant, the three ponies were standing over the injured pegasus, talking. Fluttershy couldn’t hear what they were saying; only a loud ringing rattled in her ears.

Fluttershy closed her eyes, letting an a well needed rest overtake her.

“I have fed her the potion, and if I’m right,
She’ll awake with no pain and a new sense of might!”

“I should hope so! Poor Fluttershy…”

“That was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Darling, you were unconscious…”

“Well it sure sounded brave!”

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes, looking up at her friends. “Zecora?” Fluttershy whispered weakly. Zecora laughed light heartedly.

“She awakes, a kind a happy fate!
Quite the feat you have done this date!”

Fluttershy sat up, feeling refreshed and well rested. Her mouth felt moist, and she wiped it with her hoof. The taint of a blue liquid was present. Rarity and Sweetie Belle stood off to the side, smiling thankfully at the timid mare. Fluttershy returned their warm smiles, tears of happiness forming under her eyes. Questions raced into her mind, and Fluttershy looked up at Zecora. She asked the biggest question first.

“B-but how?!”

Zecora helped Fluttershy up onto her hooves and began to explain with delight.

“I saw the whole thing, it was quite a sight!
You countered the creature’s spell in a mental fight!
Using the stare you are famous for,
you fought the beast in a magical war.
One moment there, the next he was gone,
and the floor of my house you collapsed upon!”

Fluttershy blushed and shuddered at the same time, embarrassed and scared of her impressive feat. All she could reply with was “oh my…” before asking another question.

“What happened to you? Your eyes were… b-black…”

Zecora looked towards the window, then back at Fluttershy.

“The creature intruded my home, and stared at me.
I did not resist, nor did I flee.
His gaze consumed me, and placed me in a trance of lies,
if I scared you, I apologize.”

Fluttershy turned to Rarity and hugged her in happiness. “Oh, Rarity! What did it do to you? I was so worried!” Fluttershy cried.

“Well, I went upstairs after we arrived and saw a massive stallion in Sweetie Belle’s room, and the brute looked as if it were about to attack my sister. Naturally, I ran at him. The next thing I know, I’m being woken up by Zecora, who was demanding us to go fetch her some special herbs for the potion we used on you.” Rarity ranted. “I’m just glad you’re safe! Tell me… What was it like? Looking at that... thing. It must have been dreadful!”

Fluttershy released Rarity and lowered her head. Her voice trembled at the thought.

“I… I don’t want to talk about it…” Fluttershy whispered.

“Oh course not, dearest. You don’t have to tell me. You’ve been through so much already this night!” Rarity said as she placed a hoof on Fluttershy’s shoulders. Sweetie Belle butted in.

“Just wait ‘till I tell Scootaloo! I bet Rainbow Dash hasn’t done anything as cool as what Fluttershy did!”

Zecora and Rarity laughed, but Fluttershy remained silent. She had one more question, and wasn’t so lighthearted as the rest of the group.

“Um… Zecora… I have just one more question, if you don’t mind… Is the creature still out there?”

Zecora looked out the window and shrugged.

“Such a creature is as rare as silver,
To see it again would be…”

There was an unnatural pause. Zecora began to sweat, stuttering some final word.

“…quite Fr…il…”

Zecora’s eyes went bloodshot. Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle rushed to the zebra’s side, but Rarity knew better.

“unlikely!” Rarity exclaimed.

Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle stopped as Zecora seemed to return to normal.

“Yes indeed. A lesson learned.
Nothing rhymes with the ‘silver’ word!”

The strange antics of Zecora made Fluttershy smile, and the group began to laugh. Rarity brought the conversation to a close.

“Well, there is one thing we found out. As long as we stay together, the stallion won’t come after us. Zecora, would it be a burden to allow us to spend the night here?” Rarity asked politely.

“I see no reason to decline,
go ahead, relax and recline!”

Rarity lied down on the floor. Sweetie Belle curled up next to her sister and yawned. Zecora went to her desk and began brewing another potion. Rarity looked up at the mysterious zebra.

“Zecora, aren’t you going to sleep? It is the middle of the night, after all.” Rarity queried.

“When living in Everfree Forest, you will quickly find out
that sleep isn’t essential with dangers walking about.”

Rarity gave a slow nod and yawned, falling quickly into a deep sleep. Fluttershy watched her friends and smiled.

‘It’s over… It’s finally over…’

Fluttershy curled on the floor and fell asleep with a comforted smile on her face, knowing she was safe among friends.