• Published 8th Aug 2012
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The Eyes Have It - Luke Shywalker

When Fluttershy enters the Everfree Forest at night, she is followed home by a tall, thin stallion..

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The mysterious zebra focused intensely as she poured ingredients into the bubbling bowl. Roots, herbs and potions were carefully stirred into a deep blue liquid. Fluttershy stood in the corner of the room and watched from a safe distance. She looked out the window occasionally, worried about creatures that come out at night. Eager to get back home, Fluttershy questioned the zebra.

“Will this work, Zecora? River is very, very sick…”

Zecora took the wooden bowl and poured its contents carefully into a large bottle as she comforted her timid pony friend.

“The brew required to cure your pet,
is a mixture I shan’t soon forget.
Feed this to her twice a day,
and your squirrel’s pain shall go away.”

Zecora walked over to Fluttershy and placed the concoction in her knapsack. Fluttershy rubbed one hoof against the other and thanked the generous zebra.

“Oh, thank you, thank you so much. I was so worried when River started coughing up blood, I didn’t know what to do. In fact I… I’d better get going…”

Fluttershy began to sweat as she looked back out the window at the pitch black forest. It was dangerous enough to venture so far into the Everfree Forest at night, and she was petrified of the trip home. Not petrified enough to keep her from returning to her sick pet, though.

‘I’ve just got to get back! River is counting on me. No stupid forest is going to keep me from returning to her, no matter how… scary it may be…’

Zecora stood by her and peered out the window. As if she had read Fluttershy’s mind, Zecora gave a comforting speech.

“I’ve lived here for a long time, in the forest of Everfree.
Things at night are not as bad as you might think they be.
Dangerous creatures roam around all during the day,
but now they have gone to sleep, as it is their way!”

Fluttershy smiled at the consoling words, but it was short lived. Zecora turned to Fluttershy and continued more seriously.

“Don’t be fooled by what I say, it was not completely right.
There are a few that sleep at day, and roam around at night.
Most won’t bring you any harm, but heed my words, Fluttershy!
Never look behind you! This warning is no lie!”

Fluttershy’s eyes were wide with fear. She stuttered at the thought of such dangers being present just outside the hut.

“D-d-don’t look behind you? Why?!”

Zecora said nothing, but only peered into the darkness of the woods. She stared at something, and then quickly turned away. She walked over to the counter where she made Fluttershy’s potion to put away her supplies.

“It always watches, but will never go.
Why it exists, I do not know.
He has no purpose to his deed,
but dear Fluttershy, take my heed…”

Fluttershy was crouched beneath the window, peeking out into the night for what Zecora saw. There was naught but trees as far as she could tell. That didn’t make it any less frightening, though.

“Don’t hesitate to flee on sight,
for he plays off of your fright.”

“O-oh my…” Fluttershy stammered.

Zecora turned back to the pegasus, who was shaking with fear. Realizing that she may have frightened Fluttershy out of leaving her home, she tried her best to motivate her.

“If you don’t wish to brave the danger, you may stay.”

Fluttershy nodded her head rapidly. Zecora grinned cleverly.

“That is, if ‘River’ will be ok…”

Hanging her head in realization, Fluttershy knew she had no choice.

‘I just have to get back to River! What if she got worse? What if she dies?’

Marching towards the door, Fluttershy gulped and looked back at Zecora.

“I won’t let whatever’s out there keep me from River.” She whispered. “But, will I really be safe? I didn’t see anything on the way here.”

Zecora tried to make light of the situation, knowing Fluttershy was only in danger under unlikely circumstances.

“It’s far more dangerous during the day, like I said.
By now most of the creatures have gone to bed!”

“But, do you maybe know what the creature is?” Fluttershy queried.

“So many questions there need not be,
You’ll know the creature when you see.”

Fluttershy didn’t want to interrogate Zecora, who had done so much for her already. Putting on a brave face, she stared at the door.

“I’ll do it for River…”

With a gulp, she slowly opened it. The night was still and dark, with not a single sound to be heard. Looking back at the helpful zebra, Fluttershy said her goodbye.

“Um… Thank you, again… I’m sorry to bother you so late at night…”

Zecora said nothing; she only stood staring at the forest, focused on a point far off in the distance. Fluttershy slowly walked outside and looked around. There was still nothing to be found. Zecora turned her focus back on Fluttershy and gave her one last warning.

“Go with haste, my little mare.
Never look behind you. Beware!”

Fluttershy waved goodbye, and galloped into the blackness. Zecora watched her depart. Looking around, she closed the door and the curtains.

Sweat immediately dripped down Fluttershy’s face as she galloped. The gloom of the Everfree Forest seemed to consume her and her surroundings.

‘I’m coming, River! Hang on!’

The dirt path ahead of her was barely visible. Fluttershy’s eyes hadn’t readjusted to the darkness yet, but she continued in the general direction of her cottage. Eventually, she began to breathe heavily, and her legs fatigued.

‘Strange… how did I tire so quickly?’

Knowing the severity of the situation, Fluttershy maintained a steady trot to give her legs rest. She tried to block out the thoughts entering her head as she pressed on.

‘It’s so dark… What was Zecora talking about? It sounds like… No, no! There is nothing to be afraid of! Nothing! Look, Fluttershy!’

Fluttershy forced herself to look behind her. Nothing but trees and the path she had been taking.

“Eep!” Fluttershy chirped as she turned her head forward again. It was dark, and hard to tell, but way off in the distance, she could swear she saw something.


Fluttershy stopped and tried to make out what it was. It was small, white, and floated motionlessly in mid air among the trees. Slowly walking forward, Fluttershy continued along the path, keeping a close eye on whatever was in the distance.

‘It might be a rock… Or maybe a fruit…’

As Fluttershy walked, a tree came between the mare and the thing. Fluttershy jumped back when she had moved beyond the tree.

‘It’s just gone! Oh my… Where did it go?!?’

Fluttershy galloped, knowing she was not alone. She forced herself to run. The forest felt like a prison, no matter how far she ran, there seemed to be no end to the trees.She galloped until her legs could carry her no farther. Stumbling in the darkness, her weak legs hit a thick root, and the pegasus collapsed onto the ground.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no…”

Fluttershy, completely mortified, froze up. She didn’t do so much as breath, but listened.

“thud….. thud……”

A distant sound came from behind her, like a giant stomping through a field. Fluttershy tried urgently to gather her nerves.

‘What did Zecora say?! It… always watches…’

Fluttershy made a fearful glance behind her, seeing nothing but the pitch black trees.

‘But… but never goes! What else… Most animals have gone to bed…’

She stood up weakly, her body trembling with fear. Her mind rattled out thoughts as she desperately checked her surroundings. She could feel the presence of another nearby.

‘It plays off of your fright? Oh, I wish Twilight were here. She’d know what to do…’

With a deep breath, Fluttershy slowly walked forward. She listened carefully, but could hear nothing except the sound of her own hoofsteps.



Fluttershy stopped walking.


Fluttershy spun around as quickly as she could. Her eyes went wide with terror.

There it was. A tall, thin stallion. He stood motionlessly at most 20 feet from Fluttershy. He wore a black suit, with a white undershirt and a black tie. His face was blank: no eyes, no mouth, only colorless fur.

Fluttershy’s head throbbed, and her vision blurred. There was only silence for one mortifying moment. Fluttershy stood in shock, trembling with raw fear. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. She could swear tentacles were forming from the stallion’s back. Tears swelled up in her eyes. A loud, muffled scream shattered the silence of the forest. The world seemed to come to an end as darkness and static enveloped Fluttershy’s vision.

An imaginary, ghostly voice whispered in Fluttershy’s head: ‘Leave me alone…’

Turning her head from the creature, her legs found new strength. She galloped along the path as fast as her legs could carry her, her wings frozen at her side. Seeing dim light coming from behind the trees far out on the path, Fluttershy focused her head forward and scolded herself as she fled.

‘Don’t look behind you! Don’t look behind you! Fluttershy, you idiot! Zecora said not to look behind you! What was that?! How did it- It doesn’t matter! I can hear it chasing me!’

It felt as though she had been running for days before breaking into the open grasslands. Fluttershy emerged from the Everfree Forest with her potion still secure in her bag. Gasping for breath, Fluttershy looked around. She saw her cottage less than a mile away and made a run for it.

She knew it was still there. The noises became loud enough to hear, even while panting heavily.



Not taking her eyes off her home, Fluttershy galloped as fast as possible. Reaching for the door, she flung it open, rushed inside and crashed it shut. Noises came from everywhere, and Fluttershy looked up with a gasp… to see that she had awoken her pets.

Angel rubbed his eyes and hopped over to Fluttershy. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot expectantly, but Fluttershy paid him no heed. She locked the door, and flew rapidly up to her room, returning with a few additional locks, which she scrambled to put in place.

The animals gathered around to watch as Fluttershy collapsed on the floor, crying. Angel hopped next to the frightened mare and tried to brush her hair in comfort. A pool of tears formed under Fluttershy’s head as she cried herself to sleep on the middle of the floor. The animals gathered Fluttershy’s blanket and placed it over their owner. Some of them decided to sleep next to her, hoping to make her feel better. The others returned to their homes to sleep the rest of the night away.

Not Angel, however.

Hopping to the window, he looked out at the grassy fields in front of the cottage. There wasn’t a soul.

Not satisfied with the window view, Angel pushed open the window and hopped outside. He looked towards Ponyville, and the path was deserted.

Then he turned to the Everfree Forest. Leaping back in fright, Angel saw a tall white pony standing among the border of the woods. It did not move, it did not breath.

Slowly backing up to the window, Angel blinked once, and found the pony was gone. He figured it must have been his imagination, as he shrugged and went back inside the cottage to rest.