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For MLP long before the first season, for other settings depending on what happens in the text.

not bad, though you seem to be missing quite a few words, here and there.

Unfortunately, english in not my native tongue.

an editor might help, but it's honestly not as bad as some other fanfics on this site. if you keep writing this will most likely stop being an issue at some point anyway

Another brilliant chapter, I'm really enjoying this entire story. It's going to be interesting seeing how Sunset and Seth shake up and change Worm. They've already made a major change in killing Nilbog.

So Cauldron appears to not realize Sunset's true origins, which probably might be a good thing everything considered. Though it's possible that Rebecca was just lying to Legend in regards to Sunset's believed origins.

They aren't omniscent. They can't knew everything.

so what is all this based on? I know what the cat was and all that, but this world they fell in to i don't understand

Worm webnovel by John C. McCrae. The dystopian dark story about superheroes

It really dark and brutal, so be warned

:yay: for some more Worm in Fimfiction!

Read later! ASAP!

Well, there is unmatched stupidity. "She could destroy the earth, so lets not warn the trainer who is - as a matter of routine - going to demand she push for maximum power".

Still, the Endbringers should no longer be a problem.

She triggered a solar flare, the plasma and particles from which which transversed normal space (otherwise it would not be trackable or its path through space describable) to reach earth in 15 seconds.

It normally takes 499 seconds for light from the sun to reach the earth.

This requires reaching back in time and violating causality (it takes minutes to tens of minutes for the energy stored in the suns magnetic field to be released as a solar flare) to trigger the flare, pulling mass-energy through normal space at 33.27 times the speed of light (requiring something beyond infinite energy), shielding the rest of the universe from the side effects (requiring infinite shielding effects), negating several conservation laws (Momentum just to start, but since they're all linked anyway, violating one negates them all), and a lot more. She then reacted in microseconds to steer and cancel out that infinite energy with equally infinite precision (any error in manipulating infinity would produce an infinite or zero result) and then drained off the heat from an event that should have left a sea of molten rock instead of some ashes and a surface that people could walk on.

All while either falling unconscious or unconscious.

The Endbringers power is pretty ill-defined, but the original author has stated that it is NOT infinite.

Alternatively, of course, she could just be capable of redefining the structure and history of the universe over volumes much larger than the earth at ranges of at least 93 million miles - with the fine control to avoid wrecking the universe - while unconscious. That's still effectively unlimited with respect to the solar system, but at least it's finite and will not destroy the rest of the universe.

Ah well. Poking at the math of superhero stories almost always reaches absurd results one way or another. No one ever thinks about what the characters are actually doing or what side effects it would have.

First, magic did it. Secondly, an accurate explanation of what happened is a spoiler to the plot of this work. :scootangel:

...well this is a very scary and disconcerting view of Celestia. I'll be honest I'm not a fan of the idea the statues in the garden were once people other then Discord. The opening chapter of A Tale of Two Suns, though only a nightmare, does a very good job of demonstrating what a nightmare this is.

Still, I'm curious, so I'll keep on reading... besides, what has curiosity ever done to a cat? I'm sure it's nothing bad.

A biopsy has shown that he is actually a cat" [...] "And how long will it be? And where is Midnight?"

"We could not find him [...]

I'm not a medical expert, but I think a biopsy involves cutting open a deceased body, so either they did not do a biopsy or they did find midnight. if they did find midnight and do a biopsy that means that he cannot be a projection, so that argument is superfluous.

"Biopsy - an examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease."
"a bone marrow biopsy"

I was also not sure, but the encyclopedia says that it is taken from the living.

fair enough, but then how do they think he is still a projection if they were able to remove some tissue?

As i already said on another website:

Projections is a very general concept. Some powers allow you to create corporeal projections that have not only density, but also other biological and physical parameters.

Endbringers created by Eidolon's power as an example.
And according to the author of the Worm, Danny could summon rats from nowhere.

Brilliant chapter.:pinkiehappy: I think Coil will get a nasty surprise if he tries to recruit Lisa by gunpoint in this story. Of course that's if Calvert still became Coil, since there's already been major changes/ripples for the canon timeline.


Which is the point.

"Rubber Science" is what you get when a settings physics is presumed to be similar to realities except when it suits the action or plot. If the secondary effects, and their impact on history, are accounted for, then you have an alternate reality.

For example, in a relativistic universe, it does not matter how something moves from one point to another; if it completes the trip faster than light would make the trip, it moves backwards in time. If that does not happen in a setting - regardless of what reason is offered - then it is a non-relativistic setting. There is nothing inherently wrong with such a setting, but if the author then mentions things that rely on relativistic effects, then he or she is using rubber science.

Can mass-energy respond to an additional force, whether or not we call it "magic"? Then subatomic particles have an additional set of properties to allow that interaction, giving them additional decay modes, additional types, and much more. Subatomic physics becomes wildly different.

All conservation laws are linked. If you can violate one, you can violate them all - which makes worrying about the heat death of the universe quite meaningless since energy is no longer conserved.

You can still tell a good story with rubber science - most of the major "science fiction" franchises have told some good stories (along with a few clunkers), and so have superhero stories - but the best way to avoid subtle self-contradictions in so doing (presuming that you do not greatly enjoy coming up with hypothetical physics and examining its implications) is to avoid giving too many details.

I'm all for anything that warps, folds spindles and mutilates the canon Worm timeline.

Dear Luna, the original web comic was only really useful if you needed to self-induce chronic depression. It's basically Evangelion with supers.

This is clearly Contessa's OP Path to Victory power at work.

It must have told her that defeating Scion would be easier if they moved the statue.

Of course Contessa's power doesn't give explanations.

9524619 Yeah, do not read if you're at risk of depression.

Hm. Actually WoG confirmed that Cadance really belong to Mi Amore royal family and that she a "distant relative" to Princess Amore. Which pretty much solidify that she a natural one hundred percent pony by birth :).
But oh well, it AU anyway.

This story needs more attention honestly. Seth is a good character in general and it's so realistic in his development. A 5000 year old egotistical power hungry alien turned friend because of humiliating circumstances is just fun to have as a character.

Okay, the story jumped from Stargate crossover to something I am not familiar with.

Fine, I am giving the benefit of the doubt but it's ridiculous that the cat didn't overheard anything about space exploration in the 20th century.

The joke is on the ancients because Apophis did ascend.

Waiting for the story to be updated. :p

can't wait to see the story continue do love that cat I hope he can meet up with a another smart cat maybe a female he needs a special someone

For a first attempt at writing in a second language this is really good.

Celestia always thought that her and the Luna's ascension happened by chance, but now, now there is an opportunity to finally break this damned circle of loneliness. If Cadence also has immortality, like Celestia and the Luna, then she will no longer be alone in the world of mortals, whose lives were short and fleeting, like a candle flame. The only problem is that there was a lingering danger of her Special Talent.

Why does it keep saying the luna. Lunas a name not an object

"Here, take it, cover yourself with this for now, until someone sees you." Lily held out a rainbow banner to her.

Until? *someone sees her* BEHOLD THINE TITS

As somepone else stated, this is a very good story for someone who doesn't have English as a first language. There are a few spelling or grammar mistakes, but looking past them it's quite an excellent story.

I quite want to see where this ends up going. I've always been a fan of stories where Powers are somehow house-trained and made to see humans (or apparently ponies or Goa'uld) as "friends, not food." Considering that ONE shard is enough to spawn a new Entity given time, I can see that being a major roadblock if they ever get a chance to return: They would either have to either destroy all the shards or convince them to reform (which might be possible via judicious application of Orbital Friendship Beams, admittedly) before it's safe to go back, or Equestria is in danger (perhaps not quite in the same way as if humans got there, but danger all the same). Worse, if they are able to return via tinkertech instead of Ancient tech, then the Entities have already whitelisted Equestria as an iteration of Earth in the Cycle, so it would get kaboom'd if they can't stop all the shards.

What strikes me as more important, though, is that in this AU you seem to be implying that Special Talents are actually something akin to Powers (and thus likely to actually be Powers), so it may already be an issue there (implying that Equestria might be the core world to the shard infection, not Bet, since the Power density is even higher) but at least implies that tinkertech will be able to get them back. Small favors, I guess? But the main relevance to Equestria having Powers is that they've been active in the cycle for a lot longer than Earth has, which may imply that theirs are from a different source or that Scion may be more stable for him to not have blown them all up yet.

The whole reveal about the Ascended apparently going R.O.B. on Sunset and Cadance is something I'm not so sure on the implications of. My first impression was that Oma was a bit of a hypocritical donkey-rear (actually, that's probably racist, considering the setting). She basically went and broke all their rules, but even if this was for a good reason they don't seem to have done anything else to help their descendants. Admittedly, their descendants barely count under that name anymore, if my understanding about magic being watered down is true, but it still seems cruel.

She was also condescending to Seth, which seems a bit odd. I'm not too familiar with Stargate, but it seems to me that he should be just as far along to ascending as Sunset apparently was (and does that also mean that Celestia and Luna are in the same boat? Alicorns are only *partially* ascended, since they still have a mortal form? Assuming that it's the same process being referred to, anyway). How literal is this "weight of his sins"? I'm not sure if that's an excuse for them to be dismissive, a subconscious block, or something that actually counts in whatever weird realm the ascended inhabit. The Ancients seemed to me to have control over who can ascend or must descend (Daniel--the SG one, not Hebert), so it feels to me more like they'll just try to stop Seth or Sunset from ascending instead of them not being able to. The part where Oma basically went, "Oh, he has a case of the Shards, so he'll never ascend. Sorry about that." just really stuck in my craw. I'm honestly hoping that he manages to figure out a way to get around that (whether it's ascending anyway or being the first to survive having their power removed) to ascend anyway, especially now that she said he can't.

As for the whole part where Cauldron can't seem to figure out if Seth is actually a cat (he really should be named Schrodinger at this point :trollestia:), I'm guessing that this means that Contessa doesn't get any feedback from her power as to what the steps are actually doing? Otherwise I assume she'd know (or be able to run a path, but I think you said she can't see him, so that may also be it) if the cat actually came through the portal with her.
...Do Cauldron even know that Sunset's an alien, or do they think the statue is somehow unrelated?

I too hope that this story resumes, but did you have to just dump the 'character is in the story, there must be a love interest' thing in? I openly admit I'm a terrible, terrible shipper too, but this doesn't seem like a story that would require (or necessarily be one that it would even allow, since the setting is more focused on larger and more important things, like not dying or in getting home) for everyone to jump into a relationship. Aside from the part where Seth even comments that humans have a weird fixation on procreation, implying that his race could probably not care less if they stay solitary, I doubt there'd be any true equals to him to form a relationship with. How likely is it that TWO beings somehow turned themselves into giant cats via magic accident and also have millennia worth of experiences? Anything else would probably be their version of pedophilia, or take rather specific circumstances to happen.
Lastly, he has stayed on his own for several thousand years, at least 5000. Statistically, we are not likely to see him find anyone in the comparatively short time that this story will cover.

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