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Been writing fan fiction for most of my life. Brony since March 2011.


If reconciliation is absolutely, truly, the farthest thing from possible, then maybe, just maybe, living well is the best revenge.

This story is based on Shinodage's AU and ask blog, Delta Vee's Junkyard. All credit for characters and settings goes to him.

Cover Art: "Delta Vee's Junkyard" by shinodage@derpibooru.org.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 26 )

Gut-wrenching but accurate look at what often happens to the kids.

That's what I find so captivating about the comic. It feels so real, it tackles a real topic.

this is a good start for Delta but this is going to be the hardest job she has even tryed.

Keep ‘em coming!

My inner gamer and writer have been jockeying for position ever since Division 2 came out.


Division 2?


Ah! Makes sense. I’m old enough I played Rainbow Six in CDROM in undergrad, but I’m way out of the loop now.

"What I mean is, we studied a poet at school today, who said living well is the best revenge. Both dad and I think you need help. If you hate him so much, if you really believe he's the reason you're here... Show him how good you can be without him."

While personally I would love to see the whole family back together again, I really like the advise and suggestion that Apogee gave her mother and would love to see what becomes of it.

this story is looking super good do keep up the good righting.

Yeah. I know Apogee wants the white picket fence and the whole nine yards, but Jet and Delta getting back together is just not a possibility that I see, if Shino sticks to how real this comic feels.

This is so sweet so far and once again realistic, I'm looking forward the next chapter. keep up the good work :heart:

:twilightblush: I'm flattered!

It's been years since a fan AU has captivated me like this. Can't wait to see where you take the comic!

a super good story that is shaping up rather well.

I love the symbolism that Delta's glasses had in the original comic and in this chapter of the story. After throwing her glasses during her argument with Jet, one in which she had every right to be angry, she lost some clarity in her life both literally and figuratively. Now, here, after getting the glasses (presumably from Apogee) and putting them on, it was returning to her life and she was taking steps to better her life.

I am REALLY loving how this story is going, and how it draws from the comics.

Oh whoops, that is a detail I overlooked

She bought them herself, that was the 50% sale sign she saw on her way home.

Very well done.

I salute your skill!

Inside, was a pair of brand new eyeglasses, very similar to the ones she had in college. She used to have two pairs; one pair she lost after throwing them at Jet as they argued the night she took off, and the backup pair was lost during one of her one night stands at the seedy dives that dotted the greater Las Pegasus area. Ever since, she found herself squinting at manuals, screwdrivers, and warning labels.

I feel her!

I lost my glasses between Aachen Hauptbahnhof and my hotel one time.

It was also the best week of eating of my life.

Does that mean food in Germany is that much better than in the US?

Or does it mean that I’m better at ordering food when I can’t read the explitive-deleted menu?

Either way: I now carry spare glasses.

"Oh wow! A flatscreen?! Are you for real?!?" She exclaimed. Delta let out a chuckle. She got it at a yard sale down the block yesterday. 20 inches; certainly beat the 15-inch cathode she had kept on the table for the past decade.

Of course the new flat screen TV is the first thing Apogee notices! :rainbowlaugh:

"A..." She had to pause as her voice wavered as Apogee turned to face her. "A hug...?"

My heart! :fluttercry:

Delta Vee felt something akin to pride when she saw her daughter take the nozzle gun and look at it like she looked at a box of matches.

I love the fact that both Delta Vee and Apogee are pyromaniacs and it's funny that they're getting the same feeling for the pressure washer. I can just imagine them going to town having fun using that washer on different things. Maybe spraying Jet with the jet spray?

I seriously had to do a bit of a double take at the end there (it was a bit abrupt, honestly). However, I like that it ended there and that Delta's feelings about Jet haven't suddenly changed while she's become more open to being Apogee's mom. Great story, overall!

Depending on the PSI, you really don't fuck around with most pressure washers. Those things can break several layers of skin, and if water enters under your skin at those speeds, you're talking surgery or worse.

So my point is... Yeah, Delta would most likely chase Jet around the lot with it.

Wow! Thanks for this. The scene in the comic woth “Mom... why do you hate me?” broke my heart. Thanks for doing right be Delta and Apogee.

Aaaa my heart
Reading these almost-daily updates feels like watching delta heal in real time, like checking up on her every day

this is a totally amazing short story i love it.

and a word of warning i am vary sure i will not be the only pony bugging you about a sequel.

When you dug yourself so down a hole. The only direction left to go is up. Nicely done story. Love the advice the kid makes to Delta. Great words to live by.

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed.

If you haven't yet, you should check out the comic.

Yeah I did. Had a laugh at the one you put in your blogpost

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