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I really like the memory stone lore, the idea that not all the memories went back when it broke and that they're still trapped in the shards. I also really like how you wrote Sunset and Wallflower, both on their own but really the way they interact. Sunset's the perfect foil for Wallflower since she's been there... that's something I love about MLP's truly redeemed villains. And your prose, as always, is terrific.

But dear god, I'm afraid of what's to come.

This is really hard to read.

I don't know what's going to come next, but I find myself just wishing I could hug Wallflower and tell her things are going to be okay.

Good start, definitely wanna see more.

Wow, this story got messed up FAST. Here’s hoping though that now that the memories have been restored, she can stand trial against him

After hearing you talk about this for, wow, it's been months, I'm so glad to finally get to read it. And knowing what's coming next... :unsuresweetie:

“Th-thanks! You’re the best, Sunset,”

That's it, folks. Fanfic's over. All that needs to be said has now been said.

Oh stars above—

There's no real good or perfect way to respond or to help. But I think Sunset's clearly doing her best, handling the situation surprisingly well; granted, she seems the type with wisdom around these things beyond her years. And Wallflower... her reaction's understandable. Stellar character writing as always.

With a sigh, Sunset continued. “This is going to be really, really hard. And it’s going to be hard for a long time. There are going to be a lot of moments where you don’t want to keep going, and...”

Wallflower sat up again, and Sunset realized she had her attention. She took a deep breath. “Just, if you ever feel like that, like you want to... To hurt yourself, or to g-give up...” Sunset let out a shuddering exhale. “Promise that you’ll talk to me first, okay?”

I know it's obvious to us, but this is coming from experience. I have a feeling we're going to get more scenes like this, and Wallflower is going to learn a lot from it. And if this chapter is any way to judge those future scenes, I can't wait!

I just can't wrap my head around how amazingly good this is. The plot, the dialogue, the emotion; I just love it. I like how Sunset can relate to Wallflowers unforgivable thoughts, it makes sense. Now that they're living together, Wallflower will hopefully be able to trust Sunset some more.

Keep writing! <3


Totally agree with you, I hope you're right.

Oh man...all Sunset can really do is be there for Wallflower to talk to her and listen. Whether it's going to be enough or not....It will be a long road regardless and I eagerly await seeing where that road goes!

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Comment posted by Orrm deleted Jun 4th, 2019

You know, there's a content warning tag for this.

You're doing a great job of conveying just how much there is, how all of this is just so much for Wallflower to deal with. I thought the conversation about what it really was, why she felt that way, and how the fact that she felt that way at the time made her blame herself even more was handled with great care. And, even though there's so much... Sunset's doing a really good job of navigating the situation and thinking of what she needs to. (I wonder if that'll last?)


"Beautiful! This is simply marvelous my dear author! The pain, loathing, hell, you even nailed both the objectification of the body as evidence as well as tackle the ever-popular, preferred human act of trivialising occurances to make them more bearable. Reality always begs to differ.

I adore how life-like you make her pain appear. It seems both genuine and possible and Sunny doesn't sound too unnatural either. So plus-plus.

This is so, pretty.

It's almost art.

I like it! The portrayal is done so well, so very well. I commend you. And truely. This will be one hell of a fun ride."

Wallflower might be pregnant... whoever that guy is that forced himself on her better be rotting in a ditch of guilt right now.


This is some sad and tragic stuff and I’m guessing it’s only going to get worse. Great start.

Let's be honest here, he probably doesn't even realise he raped her.

Heh... you're probably right. xD

Poor wallflower, let’s hope she isn’t pregnant and it’s just a scare.. but at the same time, i get the feeling the writer wouldn’t mention it if it weren’t going to be relevant at some point, here’s hoping my hunch is wrong

All right. I said I would read through this and here I am. Good start... but I know what's coming. Deep breaths... deep breaths...

There are very few stories that make me stare off to no place in particular, struggling to come up with something decent enough to say to adequately convey my feelings. I want to say something poignant here, but it was all just sucked out of me. Don't take this the wrong way. I'm just floored. To sum it up sufficiently:

Holy shit, poor Wallflower.

For the first time in ages, Sunset Shimmer had no idea how to help a friend.

Now that's how you start a chapter.

Man. I just have no other words.

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Comments like these are how I know this story is having the impact it needs to. Thanks for sharing your reactions - it really does make this worth it for me.

You, sir, are a master at expressing pain and i hope i can be as good as you one day. Well done.

If I may be frank, I'm glad this is the most recent chapter. If it wasn't, then I'd have to take it in bits and pieces, just like I did with Last Light. This is a really, really rough read.

Please don't take the following sentence the wrong way, but after all I've read I feel like I need to be in my comfort zone at the moment. A mental breather, if you will. That being said:

How in the blazing fuck don't you have more followers than me?!

I like how thoroughly Sunset is responding to the situation and adore the aura of 'pressure' that permiates around these two characters.

Additionally the way in which the former deals with the problem is indeed reminscent of real life. All too often friends of rape victims want to castrate the rapist and, while they eventually understand, they initially do not comrpehend why the victim does not want to do the same.

The way you addressed this is, as i have said prior, thorough. It helps to understand the intenity of the situation and Sunset's expense rambling adds to that touch of reality.

Well done.

Ah, here we are. Sunset's appearance of Knowing What She's Doing clearly wasn't all it appeared to be... and yet having this little look inside her head makes me even more confident that she does, despite all the pain that she's holding and all these things she'll need to do, know what she's doing. At least as much as she needs to right now, and in situations like these, that's got to be enough.

Also, I'm curious what sort of a role any of the other Mane 7 will have in this story, if any. Not sure if foreshadowing or just colouring in the world :P

This chapter just cements it.

“Th-thanks! You’re the best, Sunset,”

a hundred bits says he's going to say something along the lines of 'she didn't say no,' and double or nothing if the following statement is 'you're right she didn't say anything',"

Can Sunset use her powers to channel memories into other people?
If so, she could make the guy feel what Wallflower felt that night.

And now we get Sunset’s thoughts on the situation. This chapter really ties everything together so we can get a better understanding of how Sunset feels later on. To me, it wasn’t boring. Some people might think that though. Just, wow, how do you do it? I can’t write a whole chapter with hardly no dialogue. That’s a compliment by the way!

That’s clever! Although, the fact that Sunset swore to not go near the guy complicates it.

Holy shit. Okay, wow. Did not see this coming, and I felt my stomach sinking further and further as it happened. A stark reminder that the intensity of this story wasn't left behind with the second chapter's reveal. The contrast of Sunset's panic with Wallflower's eerie, resigned demeanor is... quite something. I feel really uncomfortable, which is to say I think the writing's doing its job quite well.

And huh, I didn't know that pregnancy tests could also work with blood.

The feelings of this story is really strong. IT almost made me cry when Sunset started to cry and apologizes to Wallflower

Oh my bucking god. I think, I just may have bit my fingers to death. The distress, the panic, the emotion, ah everything! Send me to the moon!

"This is beautiful. The pain, the impact, the emotional turmoil and turncoat nature of the mind, it's done so well! Even better, with a story written this well you simply cannot get bored. Not to mention the way that this author uses both language and action to portray the effects of rape on the human psyche. Truely a masterpiece."

Holy shit. This is one of the most visceral, emotionally charged stories I've read in ages. Wallflower's pain and helplessness really hits home.

Oh thank the stars, that's one huge weight off Wallflower's back.

Sunset, however, seems to be burdening herself with responsibility to an excessive degree. To a calm, third party, the short-term solution is obvious. I'm sure if she brought it up, Princess Twilight would let Wallflower stay in the castle, no questions asked. She'd be safe, literally a world away from her rapist, not to mention guarded by two master wizards and a dragon. Plus, Luna could help with the nightmares. Obviously Wallflower wouldn't recover overnight, but it would be a good start.

Uh... So I was fixing some grammar errors and thought I hit the Edit button to finalize them, but actually pressed the Unpublish button instead? Which raises the question of why those two buttons are right next to each other when unpublishing something seems very uncommon.

Anyway, I just republished it. If y'all got an extra notification, apologies.

This one was a breather in comparison to other chapters, but I get the feeling it's just the calm before the storm...

Uh oh. Oh? Oh. Oh! Oh.

Have I mentioned that I like the way that you write? From the start, it's never too little, and never too much. This will be a good read, even if it's so heart-wrenchingly hard to do it.

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