• Published 12th Jun 2019
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Apple Panzer - Undead Equestrian Writer

Applejack unearths a long buried and forgotten British tank, known simply as the Churchill

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Applejack's week

Applejack was still sore as she stared at the two tanks, being named so by Twilight, ready to start fixing the two behemoths and see what they hide. She approached the Churchill, ready to enter it again, happy that Twilight helped her finally give the skeleton a final resting place. She smiled as she effortlessly opened the hatch, staring into the tank. She quickly got to work, attempting to remove the final pieces, those that were screwed in or bolted to the body. Starting with seats, she pulled them out and set them against the wall of the barn, each seat different in its own right.

She bit her lip as she slowly removed the panel of dials and buttons, seeing many wires running down under the actual tank, but they all appeared to be in fine condition. While Equestrian electricity and wiring were still in the early stages of development, ponies that worked with newer equipment in their fields knew how to fix simple wiring. She slowly cut the wires and removed the panel from the tank, setting it on a workbench. She quickly cleaned the panel, removing buttons and dials and laying them in a row, some were broken and shattered. AJ grabbed some rust remover and climbed back inside the tank, scrubbing at the inside of the tank where rust sat, and when she finished that she climbed out and poured rust remover down into where the telescopes sat, hoping she could get them loose. While she let that sit, she went back inside and started washing the interior. Water collected in the interior as she washed the walls, removing dirt and grime. The tank's interior sat clean and sparkly, but still, the metal material shined through the peeling dark green paint.

She shaved a flake off the exterior and sent Applebloom on a mission to gather paint, before turning her attention to the other tank, and it's two major problems. The first, the lack of an interior, and two, the lack of a name. The name was easy, she decided to call it June, the sister of Jarla. The interior was a much, much harder problem to work with, as with the other tank, a slot sat where a plate sat with many wires, the wires being absent from the inside. She found a hatch at the back, with what she was looking for. The engine, but much more complicated than the simple motors the generators her family used, but thankfully it looked to be in good condition, missing a few screws and a cap, it was in nearly perfect condition, or at least to AJ's knowledge. The Churchill's engine was in much worse condition, but the parts where all there, nothing appeared missing, just broken. Applejack silently prayed to a prayer of thanks to the princesses, excited that her toys were in nearly perfect order.

She returned to June, fishing the cut wires through the holes of the body, and closed the hatch. By the time she closed the hatch, the moon was nearly set in the distance. Applejack fell asleep in the barn, being awoken by midday sun poking through a hole in the roof, sending AJ right back to work. She fished the many parts off the engine of the Churchill's engine that were cracked, burnt, or bent, and set them next to the panel. Starlight popped into the barn, mainly just to see the huge tanks, but stayed when AJ asked her to fix the parts on the table. She quickly fixed them, almost instantly in fact as she blasted them with her horn. The parts, while not new, were fixed and repaired, allowing AJ to set them back into the engine. AJ heard a rattle of a cart, seeing a mare walking down to her barn with several cans of paint, as she closed the Churchill's engine bay.

She grabbed the paint and slowly began painting the exterior of the tank, first removing the already applied paint and then coating the exterior in a primer, as she ran a hose into the interior and sucked out the dirty water inside. She removed the interior paint and added a primer, before returning to the exterior and painting it a beautiful dark green color. Hours later, both the interior and exterior were painted the same dark green color. Moonglow enveloped AJ as she started designing the seats for June. She collapsed into the same bale of hay she fell asleep in last night, designs of seats on a piece of paper.

The next morning was quick, with AJ telling Applebloom to deliver the designs to a seat maker, followed with a quick breakfast and a quick shower. She returned to her tanks and installed the plate back into the Churchill, connecting the wiring to the inputs of the fixed and shiny buttons. The rest of the day was stuffing the Churchill's seats and sewing them up, before screwing them into the body at nightfall and making sure the telescopes worked well, which they slid down and up with almost no effort.

When she woke up the next morning, she found her seats sitting in front of the barn, allowing her to quickly install them, and marking the end of AJ fixing the tanks.

"That was my week, and now, I think I deserve a lazy Sunday," Applejack yawned softly as she recalled her week to her friends as they all sat down to eat in Twilight's castle. Her body showed the past few days effort on her body, as her eyes were sunken and baggy, her mane was disheveled, and her Stetson was nearly in pieces.

"Um, yeah, please do," Twilight told her friend as she bit into the sandwich in front of her. "AJ, you do know that no pony asked you to do this, right?"

"Yes, I know, but I have nothing else to do, so I figured why not," Applejack slurred her speech as she fought to keep herself awake. "Ya' know, I'ma go home and get some rest, in an actual bed."

Applejack stood slowly and made her way home, where her bed was calling her.

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Comments ( 16 )

We've got some tanks! Excellent. Now all we need is a ludicrous quantity of fuel.

Yes... the part I've been dreading to write... because I don't know how I'll be able to pull this one thin air... actually maybe I do...


Can you run a tank off of moonshine?

I know it can fuel cars, but I think you would need an extremely illegal and dangerous amount of White Lightning to be able to get a tank to move


Good thing Applejack's best friends with royalty then. Friendship is bootlegging!

Hmm, lacking gasoline, do they have anything like propane? I know a gasoline engine will run on that, I've been fueling my mower from a little 5-lb cylinder hung on the push bar ever since the gas tank on it rusted out. And I've actually seen people (both in magazines and online) with cars and trucks running off of firewood using a "gasifier" thing.

Of course, whoever ends up finding an old T-34 will have the fuel situation a lot easer, most diesels will quite happily run on straight-up vegetable oil, and it turns out that some older ones actually run better on it even... Though you'd still want to cut it with kerosene in the winter, of course.

I have the fuel situation more or less solved, albeit a temporary solution

Oh, well there’s something I didn’t know would work, good job of thinking that

Yeah, I let the AI control Germany, while I took control of the US, using console commands ousted FDR, and turned America fascist via referendum, and joined the Axis, navally invaded Vladivistock and helped Germany take down the Soviet Union by 1943, then the rest of the allies by 1944

Heh, the allies are kinda screwed this time round aren’t they?

Another great chapter! I'm excited to see where this gœs next!

Aaahhh, spelling errors! It burns, it burns!

*Shrug* Don't know.

Your story just featured on the r/unexpectedsabaton subreddit.

Oh shit, cool, I don't think I've ever heard of that Subreddit before, even though it appears to be more towards Beau than myself, but still, I'll take it

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