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You may remember Moonlight from last time, but now it is time for another to show up...

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(3:21) you today.

It was another bright morning in Manteo, North Carolina-

“Ooh! Ooh! Can I tell this one?”

Oh no.

“We should all tell it, Sweetie Belle, seeing as it happened to us.”

“It all started when we received strange objects somewhat connected to various MLP characters, and this turned us into them. It was-”

“Sensational! OW!”

Ouch, who did that:twilightoops:?!

Sapphire, that text is unreadable. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to read yellow text on a white background?

“Sensational! OW!”

That’s better.

Anyway, as I was trying to say, it was another bright morning in Manteo North Carolina-

“Hey! You haven’t let me speak yet. That was not the agreement!”

I can’t recall-

“I don’t care! I will speak, and I will speak now! Anyway, sometimes it was a little obscure, and dare I say, a little shoehorned, such as that pepper incident that afflicted me and left me as I am, which I have to say was a little shocking at first but then proved to be somewhat useful.”

Indeed it did:ajsmug:.

“I think mine was the TV. Some sort of purple glow had a strange effect on my body, leaving me as I as before ending up somewhere else for some reason.”

“And me! Mine was caused by a pin!”

“What? Who are you?”

“I’m Cheerilee!”

“No, I’m Cheerilee! There can’t be two Cheerilee’s!”

Ladies, can you please stop fighting?


“Of course. Anyway, I found a pin which had some adverse effects, as you can probably see from my appearance at this point in time. That drink was good though, those Crusaders can be so frustrating at times.”

“She’s talking to you, Sweetie Belle!”

“Oh, come on!”

Fine. Seeing as you are all content to rip my narrative to pieces by all talking on top of each other, anybody else care to speak now?

“(dialogue untranslatable; please consult your local language officer for advice)”.

Somnambula, it would help if you stopped speaking in Hieroglyphs. Most people cannot understand them.

“I was caught in a bizarre plane crash, a lightning strike linked to the curse. It left me in this state, and seemingly at the mercy of the Army, until a giant sphynx attacked us, raising the dead, and then forcing us to work together.”

I think that’s everyone. Now then, where was I-

“You forgot me, you understand.”

“Well, bust my buff-I mean buttons! Fancy seeing you here, Moonlight!”


“Oh. Sorry.”

Oh Faust, I'm already getting a headache:rainbowderp:!!!

Raven, please continue.

“I got pecked by a Raven, and ended up like this. My voice renders me unable to express emotions in a practical way.”

Erm, yes. Anyway, it is time to return to Manteo, as we have a new adventure for a certain fellow.

Indeed they do:ajsmug:.

Jimmy Hook had safely returned from another adventure, and was at his PC watching an old episode of MLP from all the way back in Season 5, shortly before the rot had begun to set in. He had just reached the end of Carousel Boutique, and as most viewers did, laughed at the contrast between Moonlight Raven and Sunshine Smiles.

“Whoa,” said Raven, in her trademark flat manner. “This dress makes me feel like a princess.”

“And this dress makes me feel like a princess!” Sunshine Smiles followed, with crazy levels of enthusiasm, sounding like an irritating millennial.

I bet they do:twilightsmile:.

And the sun did shine, displacing glorious beams around the town and lighting the place up with wonder and fun. Families were out enjoying the sun, whilst two of the townsfolk were out walking.

“I say, it is a wonderful day, isn’t it?” the first one said.

“Indeed,” replied the other. “A wonderful sunny Monday!”

“Did you say Monday?” asked the first.

“Yes, I did,” said the other.

“Oh no. Here comes that Mr Hook.”

Just then, Jimmy flew past at great speed. “Sorry! Gotta go! I’ve got so much that needs doing and it needs doing fast! Bye!” And he sped off into the distance.

“Oh no,” the first repeated. “What weird thing will happen this time?”

“Did he seem a bit energetic to you?”

“He’s Jimmy. This happens all the time with him.”

Indeed it does:derpytongue2:!

It was indeed true that Jimmy, whilst by no means lethargic, seemed to have gained a burst of energy today. He flew between stores finding what he needed with great speed.

One of the shop owners spotted this, and looked concerned. “Sir, are you quite alright?” he asked, noticing Jimmy being a bit jittery.

“Oh no,” he replied. “Nothing’s wrong! I’ve just got loads to do, and plenty of energy to do it with. Oh Em Jay, it is such a day!” He then stopped. “What did I just say?”

The owner shook his head. “If you say so. And why have you dyed your hair?”

“Sorry?” Jimmy asked. He then spotted something in the corner of his eye. His hair was now yellow, rather than its normal brown. “Oh, not again,” he said.

Here we go again:rainbowlaugh:!!!

He then received the items he had purchased, and headed out, straight into the sun.

THE SUN:twilightoops:?!?!?!

Families looked over at the odd effects happening to Jimmy, firstly his skin shifting in tone to pink. Then his eyes turned to a green shade, from their normal blue.

First the coat, then the eyes:ajsmug:.

And this was a bad thing to do. When those sunbeams had hit his body, it had set off another transformation. And the more sunlight hit him, the faster it went. And the sun was at noon, the highest point in the entire sky, and as a result began to have maximum effect.

Families looked over at the odd effects happening to Jimmy, firstly his skin shifting in tone to pink. Then his eyes turned to a green shade, from their normal blue.

“Look mom!” called a boy. “He’s seriously sunburnt!”

Yeah about that...:twilightblush:.

Just then, Jimmy’s shoes and socks came flying off, causing him to fall to the floor in surprise. He looked back, just in time to see what had happened. His feet had shrunk, and continued to shrink into small, knobbly things. Things he knew very, very well.


“Does practically anything set it off?” he asked, worried. “Because this has serious ramifications for the rest of my life.”

Then the hooves and the voice:raritywink:.

His legs then shrank in length and bent backwards, and then shifted under his body. And you, dear reader, think you know which bit is coming next, don’t you?


Actually, I do:rainbowdetermined2:!

A pain built up in his rear, when suddenly a brush exploded out of his backside punched a hole in his pants, curing up around his back. He now had a tail. A yellow tail.

Now comes the nasty bit. His male bits vanished into nothingness, followed by a set of female bits replacing them. Her torso shifted in shape, shredding her pants (or what was left of them), as her body shrank further in size, which was followed by her arms shifting around to move under her body as well.

Then the tail, the...milk twins...then th new body, and the forelegs:pinkiesmile:.

They shrank in length, and the joints inverted, producing a horrifying cracking sound. Just then, her hands morphed into another set of hooves. Finally, her neck grew longer, and her face pushed outward into a muzzle, wrecking her glasses.

Then the hooves, neck, and muzzle:scootangel:!!!

And now for the finishing touches. A horn grew out of her forehead, her ears became Pony Ears and shifted to the top of her head, and a cutie mark of the sun with some blobs floating around it appeared.

Then the horns, ears, and Cutie Mark:yay:!!!

Sunshine Smiles, now complete, shook the shirt off of her. “This shirt is so last season!” she exclaimed. “I wonder if Rarity’s got anything new in stock?”

“Probably,” said Moonlight Raven.

“Well, let’s go!” Sunshine Smiles, and the two siblings sped off into the distance.

Have fun Sunny, RM:heart:!!!

1. Shout out goes to SuperSonicGoldenKirinGod for guessing Sunshine Smiles in Last Monday's Story! :yay:

2. This is my 10th Story overall on my account! So that means one thing.......

CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!! :yay: :yay:


Lol this was cute like always.

Sapphire, that text is unreadable. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to read yellow text on a white background?

So change it to Night Mode. :ajbemused:

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