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Hexan Tronic

Just a seeminly simple pony, with very not simple abilities. Hope you enjoy the joys Chaos can bring!


After landing himself a probation, Hexan ends up being moved to Tokyo, and is enrolled at a school there, that begins his journey to escape ruin.

Keep in mind, while this story focuses on Hexan, and may feature a character or two from the main stories, this is a separate story. I will be keeping this story similar to the start of Persona 5, but will slowly deviate from how the story goes, because Hexan isn't the same as the original protagonist.

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I think this song/video will go great for this story:

It's a song from Persona 5 called Rivers in the Desert.

Hey Hexan I got an idea... center the videos/photos. I do with my stories that has videos/photos in them.

That's not a bad idea, I'll see if I can do that.

Wow, I didn't even know it was possible to make an E-rated Persona series story. I mean, unless the rating's going to change. Will it change as the story progresses?

It's possible. It all depends on what I end up doing in the end. It might get darker, or it might go some other way. I'm half making it up as I go.

Sorry for the wait. Been without internet for a while, and have been a bit distracted by P5 Royal. Will probably finish the next part soon though.

No worries, I’m just excited. I would’ve expected you’d be sucked in Animal Crossing considering that’s half of all twitter posts right now.

Out of curiosity, what have you enjoyed so far about this story?

I’ll try my best to put it into words. First off it’s great that you understand basic grammar and sentence structure. Second and more seriously, I like how you captured the fun and charm of the moments where the characters interact with each other and I still find myself laughing when I hear the dialogue. Sure the game developers may have written the characters in the game but the job you’re doing of translating that into words on a screen that I can still get the feel of them is awesome. I just really hope Atlus ports the game to the switch soon so I can actually play it. What do you think of the game and correct me if I’m wrong, why haven’t you included any mlp into this story? Any specific reason?

Glad I'm doing a good job with the characters, I was a bit worried about that. And I do try to make sure I don't make any mistakes grammer wise.As for the MLP part, I just haven't gotten to it yet. Some familer characters may be lurking around Tokyo somewhere, just have to find them. And I enjoy the game enough to write a fanfic based mostly on it.

Do any of the female characters in this story throw any punches?

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