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I am a brony and a long time writer. This site will be for my MLP fanfiction, and you can read my other works on Deviantart.com under the name potsticker13.


Following the events of the short Ail-Alicorn, Twilight has been turned into a foal as a side effect to Zecora's potion. Instead of helping Spike with the situation, Twilight's friends just run out on him. It is left to Spike and Starlight to look after a foal Twilight and find a cure.

Art by Beavanator.

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Comments ( 6 )

Revenge is sweet

Where can I read Ail-Alicorn?

It's a video short, dumbass:ajbemused:.

There is a story called Ail-icon part 2 by Littlewing. I recommend reading it, it's pretty good.:rainbowwild:


Yeah it really bothered me that Fluttershy of all ponies left baby Twilight with Spike when she was weak and helpless. You would think out of all the characters in MLP the element of kindness, somepony who is extremely good with kids and animals alike, would jump at the opportunity to baby her friend...

I really liked this story. Good job! /)

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