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Hey I'm a crossover and displaced writer but I may write other stories for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy what I write!


Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria was a human displaced. He was gifted with the power of a costume he bought at a comic con...


Just kidding, who has time for that kind of thing anyways?

Our story zooms in on Seiji, a once normal, Neighponese stallion. He wished to one day become a a regular member of society, but after time he eventually grew to wish to become a super hero.

Next, he trained! He trained day after day, hundreds of exercises that would make you sweat an entire ocean in this modern world. Soon, he became too strong.

But hey, he's just a hero.

A hero for fun.

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I saw this and was like......,YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god that this isn't a displaced story.

Did the first few words in the description almost get you?

You, my good, sir/mam have earned my upvote and follow.

It has finally happened, I'm so happy!

Im guessing your one of the people that hate displaced fics,although I agree a one punch man displaced fic would probably be boring

Personally, I don't hate the concept of "Displaced." I just hate it for making a genre a lot more cliched and take less effort. Which in turn lowers the overall quality of a genre that I used to love.

Plus, it pretty much requires the basic premise to be a lot more boring. The vendor with power type character was present from the beginning of this site (and maybe even other fanfiction), but in most human-turned-x stories, it wasn't forced to be there.

Plus, it used to be that crossovers between two fanfictions were either rare and deserved, or part of the charm of the story (Like the Sweetie Chronicles). It took a lot of cooperation and effort, and even if the crossover didn't really fit within the given story, they still gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

But mostly I'm annoyed that a lot of people think the whole concept is an original idea. Or even further, that it was an original idea, and that it is a bad one, ruining the reputation of a genre that admittedly attracted amateur writing. Making things even more formulaic does not help that, though.

What would make it totally different is if there was a single fiction (pony or not) that developed the core "story" of things. That had an actual plot. And then participating fics went alongside that main story. Kinda like the Time Loops. Maybe this "vendor" person could actually get a real character and motivation. Maybe there would be an actual reason for all the pointless gimmicks that exist as "rules" of Displaced.

As a fan of One Punch Man, I wholly approve. 👍

Forgive me if I’m being stupid, but is he a pony or a human? Since this is a displaced fic, I was expecting the whole same recycled storyline. I’m glad this took a different approach. But yeah about being a pony thing, the protagonist stated he was neighponese, and he lived in equestria with his parents. I thought he was a Japanese piny, until you brought the part where he uses his arms. That’s when I was confused.

1. This isnt a displaced fic
2. This story is anthro pony

This is my life, and I beat the game. I cant retry or restart, I'm just stuck in a infinite cycle of meaningless victory. No enemy can possibly beat me now, so I started to lose interest in the things I once loved.


I agree,displaced are usually pretty lazy,with the exception of those who actually have interesting ideas,and I too don't understand why the merchant inst explored more

I really want to see a bald pony now :rainbowlaugh:

Good story. I loved the originality.

HOwever, since you're writing it from First Person, remember that unless you do a perspective shift, you should not talk from other ponies perspectives.

The foal's short lived life was flashing before her eyes, and her whole mind was sent into a life questioning frenzy. Why did it have to come to this? What did she ever do wrong to deserve such cruelty? She clenched her eyes shut the quick, inevitable demise.

It's a good description, don't get me wrong, but since you didn't do a tone shift, it makes it seem like Seiji is just an asshole who is watching a foal suffer. It's not your intent, I know, but that's what it seems like.

Sorry. Hope this helps.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

I had an idea to do one with the displaced character almost never the main focus, instead go on the long reaching effects of their actions. Like a vampiric character that ended up being equestria’s source for vampirism, and mainly focusing on a family of hunters. Though at that point you gotta ask, ‘why bother labeling it displaced?’

"Wouldn't it be One Kick Stallion?"
> anthro
"Time to write One Kick Mare."

It still has displaced as the main character, also I had a similar idea myself but I probably won't make it

This story isn’t a displaced story. The author put that as a bit of a joke and clarified in notes. And the thing is, most displaced either are power trip self inserts, or so true to the character they turn into the fact they are displaced means nothing. In my idea, the displaced character is barely there, so why bother specifying displaced?

Eh fair enough, I like Displaced but only if they're done right, like "and then there were ten err sixty-seven" and every time I see a Vegito displaced I cringe because of Its fics like are why displaced are largely despite

Thank God and all that is good this isn't another displaced story.

Those type of stories are a dime a dozen at this point and they have gotten quite dull and boring nowadays.

Each one having the same cliche trope as the last one. Quite frankly I wouldn't be surprise if someone put up a petition to Fimfiction to ban these types of stories.

Because they have pretty much overstay their welcome.

eyyyy you got featured bro

I know! I really appreciate the support guys!

Just wanna point out that Rainbow Dash is a bonified superhero. Like, no one else can get even close to doing what she does. I think a Genos or Speed o Sound Sonic interaction might not be a poor one to imitate between her and MC.

First off, that description. Its perfect.

Second, One Punch Man is my favorite anime.

I think you know where this is going.

Allow me.


Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria was a human displaced. He was gifted with the power of a costume he bought at a comic con...


Just kidding, who has time for that kind of thing anyways?

Niiiiiiiiiiice. :trollestia:

9502220 One Buck Mare...

Which reminds me of my old LoTR idea: The Lord of the Horseshoe. One shoe to buck them all.


"Greetingssss! I am the Emperor SSSSnake, servant of the Nightmare Moon Cult! We will be the ones to usher a new age under our ladyshipssss rule!" He shouted with absolute bravado.

That one weird pony showed up suddenly and asked in a horrifyingly eager, sweaty and breathy voice, "OMG, do you do vore?!"

The snake dude was like, "Oh god, not YOU again! Get away from me! I've got a lawyer!"


fun fact: anthro ponies is canon. no, seriously, Twilight and her friends are all anthropomorphosized. they have forward facing eyes, their legs move in ways equine legs aren't meant to (i'm not just talking about Pinkie), and their faces make human expressions. this is literally anthro. the word you are looking for is humanized or humanoid. anthro is essentially making something (usually an animal (don't ask about others)) more human like. humanized/humanoid is giving them an actual humanoid body which is what this type of fic is doing.

How often you gonna be updating this?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

9503394 Fair enough. Patience is a virtue.

Great story :rainbowlaugh:, it surely beats the ones where a human gets a persona from some comic-con outfit and somehow wakes up in Equestria, that's for sure.

I can't believe I almost passed up on this story.

Keep it up! :eeyup:

The last opm/mlp crossover was just a retelling of opm with pony terms. Like it had the whole vaccine man fight almost verbatim. They actually used the same dialog from the show. Now I want to make it clear I'm not talking about your story sure it's similar to ep1 of opm, but yours is different enough to be it's own thing.I stopped reading the other story after that, but I'm excitedabout this one. What makes opm great is sitama and his mental hangups not the story of opm. The villains and heros are about as deap as a puddle and campy as all get out. That's why its satisfying to see Sitama crush them all mid monologue. The main conflict of opm is Sitama against himself and you can find out more about that by reading about the creator of it and check out mob psycho too. Put that conflict in your story not the campy world that it takes place in.

This has potential.........

please tell me your going to put


win he meets/fights Nightmare Moon

What's with the format? Pick a method of writing things out and stick with it. If you want to write his internal thoughts, pick italics and stick with it. You used bold, underline, and different color fonts for the same purpose. Next time, make sure it's neater. Other than that, you pulled the tone and mood of opm off really well.

There wont be a specific rate, but I’ll try to update whenever I can.

政治 (seiji) = Politics in Japanese
誠司 (seiji) = Adult Ceremony in Japanese

Gureto Daze Omnicsarebest18

*Fisting (hoofing?) Intensifies*

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