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"You don't forgive someone because they need it, you forgive someone because you need it," -Asura Kraken


This story is a sequel to Orthros

Asura Fenrir


The Devil.


Metal Man.

All names gained by one thing. Blood at the end of a battle. Winning was never pretty, sometimes it was fun, but now? There is no one left to fight. No cocky asshat remaining to spring up and give a lackluster performance. No distractions.

He sees change occurring all around him. Orthros, Vanir, even Achiles to a lesser extent. So much things changed since he was gone.

Asura has time on his hands. Far too much time he would ever need to himself and god only knows.

He doesn't like it.


This is a separate series that occurs in the same world as Orthros, except this one happens a few months after the events of Orthros. Both are a work-in-progress, but the storyboard and story-line have been planned so I hope to finish Orthros before this one.

Also, for clarification, Wolf-cubs is a completely different world. In Orthros and Asura the boys are around 21-23 and meet Sunset under much different circumstances.

In Wolf-cubs they are aged 12-14

Anyhoo, HAVE FUN!

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