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She's a maniac, maniac on the floor! And she's dancing like she's never danced before!


Jedi Master Sandalwood has been captured and is held hostage in a Storm outpost on Devaron! And so, Jedi Master Derpy Hooves must set out with a new band of clones to save him!

A Star Wars crossover.

Original clone artwork done by FBOMB

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"Wonderful to meet you too, ma'am. My name is Commander Bubbles. And we're the Baker's Batch."

...I see what you did there.

Interesting story. I never knew you like Star Wars. Keep up the good work as Always, my friend. :pinkiehappy:

You said you'd make a Star Wars: The Clone Wars style story, and you succeded :D

Well, I'm hyped. You're frickin awesome! This really does feel like a Clone Wars episode, and I love it!

Love it. Derpy was the perfect choice to make a Jedi Knight. And the clone's conversations are so well written.

Thanks for the credit, friend, I was happy to be of assistance!

And I definitely look forward to seeing where this story will go next XD


Hydia...are the other two there too?


If you're referring to other Sith Lords or characters, I can't say anything on the matter, all will be revealed much later on as you read. :raritywink:

He's talking about Hydia's daughters, Reeka and Draggle. Is Devaron a real planet from Star Wars?


Devaron is from Star Wars, yes.

Oh those embarrassing moments, eh Derpy? Pretty interesting batch of clones here. Can't wait to see what awaits them in this outpost.

Nice work! Good to see some action in this chapter. ^_^

Also, Derpy fumbling her lightsaber was hella cute. :pinkiehappy:

Holy crap, it's a sith lord!

Also, Derpy lightsaber action was the best part of the whole thing. Genius!

Also also, the 2003 clone wars was as awesome as the 2008 one. Combine the storytelling and character work of the 2008 series with the action and artwork of the 2003 series, and you get perfection.

Oh boy. Derpy not making the best first combat impression and it seems the squad has gone through their fair share of commanders. No telling who it is that's loose in this place. Don't think it's Sandalwood or the base would have been going crazy once he got loose.

...I don't like the sound of test subjects...

Another great fight scene, great portrayal of the clones, nice building of trust among the teammates regarding their commander, and hey! At least Derpy didn't fumble her lightsaber this time!...Which was actually really adorable when it happened. You were a genius for including that.

Good work with this chapter, we got some nice action with the scrap between Derpy and the squad versus some droids. And plus there was good humor with R4 near the end, what IS it with astromechs I wonder? XD

Okay. A good bit of action here and Derpy is really going to need to keep this team in one piece. And a tactical droid. That's a nice treat for inclusion. Wonder what exactly they have in store for Sandal and what kind of test subjects those are.

But just then, without a lick of warning, the floor from beneath them dropped, sending them all falling down and screaming. The two Jedi managed to cling to the ledge just in time, but the two clones were falling. Captain Planet however knew what to do! He shot a cable to the top, saving himself just before he fell. And he shot another cable down to the falling trooper, giving him something to grab just before he could fall deep into the pit of flames below.

I remember this! This was in Lair of Grievous! And also, I liked the not-so-subtle Captain Planet reference.


Yis it was, except the other trooper didn't die this time :rainbowwild:

Also, I can't say Commander Bubbles without exploding into helpless laughter. You did a good job naming him!

Also also, the problem Sketch will have sounds like either a Geonosian Brain Worm infestation or an Order 66 malfunction.

"Hey, welcome back to the land of the living," Fuse joked.

The troopers stood back up, walking down the dark and damp corridor again, nothing else to say or do. But Stretch watched as they went on down, and he slowly followed behind after muttering something quietly.

"Thank you, sir..." He said in a low voice.

I got that reference. It was from the Brain Invaders episode. Nice touch :3

This was good stuff! I really enjoyed it, got some nice references in here. And also, good cliffhanger for the next installment XD


Captain Planet! He's our hero! Takes pollution down to zero!

This was a great ending to a very enjoyable story. Congrats on the finish! :pinkiehappy:

General, are you sure we should do that? I mean, we're just clones... we're made to be expendable," Tap said, frowning inside his helmet.

Derpy's face didn't change. "Not to me, you are. You're living breathing things, and we don't leave soldiers behind."

Plo Koon reference! Plo Koon was an underrated Jedi in Star Wars. I'm so grateful to the Clone Wars for fleshing these guys out.

He stared at the group down below. Almost... menacingly.

Hey, I've seen this one! Spongebob reference!

Also, this was fricckin awesome. Thank you. Close Wars forever.

I liked the ending. Was not expecting it to be Adagio stalking the group. During the read of the last chapter I wasn't sure what was going on with Stretch. I knew something was up but wasn't sure what angle you were taking so it took me by surprise. And she's no longer a Sith this time around? Not sure if you plan on writing another one but that plot point alone is worthy of a short story at least, IMHO. Also liked that Derpy was able to air her concerns about not wanting to mess up or die and that Bubbles was able to help her out of it.

Fours, I need a Storyline Title for the Bookshelf.

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