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Out of any day to get sent to Equestria it just had to be my birthday... Welp I've read enough fanfiction to know where this is going.

I'm Tierique and this is my story

スターストーム :世界のために立ち上がる、ティエリク!

This story is inspired by Stand For Equestria

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 25 )

is there gonna be any jojos in dis story?

I just got back so I'll start working on the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I've got about 350 words in chapter 2 :twilightoops:

Uragirimono No Requiem will be in the next Chapter BTW

However, there may or may not be Jojo equivalents :trollestia:

Wheres my boy Pesci at?

This is fun so far...

To be continued...

Aww come on!

Sorry I should have put spoiler warning for part 5. You know, Pesci's the guy without a chin.

Okay, the face is what drew me in, not gonna lie:rainbowlaugh:. I'm definitely putting this to my read list.

Maybe you're a Stand User, after all Stand Users attract Stand Users:twilightsmile:

9517127 How did you know? This must be the work of an enemy stand!



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