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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".

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Oooh... Looks creepy.

It's a bit silly, though.

I like silly stories...

I didn’t expect to upvote this, but I ended up doing that anyway.

Interesting: Bunny said something similar when prereading it.

At this rate the black market is going to go to Twilight (and Starlight) castle

Why? Why? Why did I read that on my phone sat down at a restaurant trying to eat nachos?

I’m 👍entirely because this was brilliant:

“No, I landed in a puddle of amniotic fluid or something,” Starlight muttered. “I’ll have to get tested for STDs again.”

Starlight knows that in Twilight's castle one has to watch out for anything.


This kind of story is funnier if you imagine it was an episode and you’re watching it with your six-year-old. When Starlight said that line, I imagined myself reaching for the Netflix remote yelling “that’s enough episodes for tonight bedtime!” and I lost it.

That may be the best attempt at capturing the Scooby Doo door gag in text that I've ever seen. The foreshadowing worked into it is icing on the cake.

In any case, this was disgusting, but hilariously so. Thank you for it. But seriously, the princessipals need to step up their game. That or Twilight should charge admission... though that gets interdimensional currency exchange rates, and that way lies madness.

“So, how do I do the yeetus that fetus trick?”

I have read this and now I cannot unread it. Thank you. Oh so very very much, I thank you for this horror.

But how were they doing it? And how many of those are Sunset's? :rainbowhuh:

I honestly didn't feel any real level of disgust besides the normal amount you'd expect from stepping in a puddle of baby goop. And I'm not sure that says great things about me.

Still, this was unexpectedly pretty great. It felt somehow grounded and full of clarity and logic, and also simultaneously incredibly surreal. Thumbs up!

Well, this wasn't as disgusting (by that I mean graphic) as I thought it would be. Still pretty fucked up though. XD

Well, if she starts charging in gold, a wire hanger may be a cheaper option...

I guess Sunset was pretty surprised when she heard it doesn't work like this in the human world. Also, I actually did some research on horse abortion and apparenty it can be caused by a lot of factors, like having twins (usually one twin gets greedy and steals the other one's nutrients. When the weaker one dies, they both get aborted) or some common viral infection – the website I found advised that if you have a lot of pregnant mares, it's better to quickly isolate the sick ones or else you may deal with, as they called it, "spontaneous mass abortion" which gives a rather bad mental image...

Flu season in equestria must be really traumatizing for everyone involved :twilightoops:

This is the most lovable-hatable thing I’ve ever read. Like my blood boils at the concept but I can’t help but laugh at “Yeetus the fetus.”

Wait. What if they do hatch the eggs? Place a tattoo on the griffins that mark them as “Otherworldly Griffins” or “Starlight’s Army”?

Starlight, protected by her top Griffins waddled over to Twilight, who hasn’t aged a day. “I don’t care if this was your castle! You can have it back when I die!”

Twilight closes a black book and Starlight has a heart attack, “You were saying?”

I was thinking something more horrifying like the Castle actually trying to create Magical Cloning Tanks and failing to replace the Mane-Six in case they die. But this while less horrifying it is actually both sad and darkly comedic. And sociopath Starlight strikes again I see. (Teenagers going to Equestria to get rid of pregnancy and avoid conflicts with their parents is pretty fucked up but highly possible.)

But really though. This wasn't what I was expecting. But I am not disappointed.

Yeah. And now we know why Marble is so quiet. She's Pinkie's twin, after all and ended up being mute.

Maybe Starlight is hiding hundreds of griffon eggs in one of Applejack's barns. Just in case of an army emergency.

That'd be an interesting concept. After all, the Tree of Harmony is somewhere close to to the Mirror Pool (and we've seen what it does to the clones that aren't worthy of the Elements... Maybe it keeps experimenting?)

And sociopath Starlight strikes again I see.

Sociopath Starlight is best Starlight.

God, this was fucked up in the best possible way. :D

Cherry Crash smirked. “To think about it, a football is not the biggest thing I’ve ever had in my cunt. Aren’t your bits pure gold, or something?”

Next week on Well, This is Awkward VI: Serious Sports Strains and Sprains...


"spontaneous mass abortion"

Well, guess I found my band name

Well, it does sound like a grindcore band...

I am sorry Samey, but I can't like your story.


Edit: Aaand the moment passed. If you are wondering what was this about: 69

Now we should get it to 420... xD

The twist was absolutely brilliant!

“Wait.” Starlight raised her hoof. “Just how bad is sex-ed in your world?”

“It kinda sucks.” Cherry Crash smiled sheepishly.

That's putting it VERY lightly. :rainbowlaugh:

I didn't expect to go into this laughing, but I did. That twist at the end was priceless, great job!

Thoroughly gross , and completely hilarious. Thank you.

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