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Stardust was just like any other thestral, he woke up, he went about his day to day life, and he went to sleep, never breaking from the norm until that fateful day… the day he was ripped from his own reality and thrust into an alien world, made a pawn in a centuries old feud between an ancient king and powers that threaten to destroy the very universe. Saddled with a role he never asked for, Stardust embarks on an Odyssey, a journey whose outcome will determine the very fate of the world itself.

This is a bit of an experimental story for me, the first time I'm really working with a first person perspective in an entirely new universe. There's no set release schedule for this one, It's just a fun little project to work on when I need to get some creative energy out.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 8 )

put this in my Read later list looks interesting. :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I probably could have made that a tiny bit clearer, but the idea is that he's a bat pony that was ripped from some alternate universe. That's a major point in Chapter 2 and will be brought up more in Chapter 5 (and any of the "Labyrinth" chapters for that matter.)

What the heck was that? Do you have two stories going???

Not necessarily, two characters working towards similar goals across different realities. It'll make more sense down the line. This chapter was purposely written to seem really out of place but there's details and lore that haven't been "discovered" yet by Stardust or Orion that will fill this information in over the course of the story.

Glad to see you enjoy it. It’s a bit of an experimental project for me so feedback is always welcome and appreciated :twilightsmile:

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