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I'm twenty-one year old asshole with grammar skill of a brain dead monkey....Lets be friends.


A being of power that losses his purpose and wanders the realms of existence. He finds new purpose in a filly named scootaloo who he finds homeless. He adopts her...Unfortunately his philosophy on life conflicts with the local ponies of Ponyville sense of decency and not to mention he not really from Equeastria.

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i like how its written, no need for paddlin´ :twilightsmile:

Gosh darnit!!

Sorry everyone I got stupid with a shinny button.

This story has been gratfully edited by Peyotr...Thank him and thank him well.....or at least give him a bigger grammar stick.

Please continue.

O-yha I forgot.

Since I'm too lazy to actualy put out a legal thing saying I don't own the Na'vi from avatar....I going to say......

Fuck you Avatar! Your just a prettier version of Dances with wolves!:flutterrage:

........:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Please don't sue me:fluttershbad:

Stop right there criminal scum!

Oh-ya, I forgot.

Since I'm too lazy to actualy put out a legal thing saying I don't own the Na'vi from avatar, I'm going to say...

Fuck you Avatar! You're just a prettier version of Dances with wolves! :flutterrage:

...:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: Please don't sue me.

All is well! :trollestia:

Well done sir. It's an interesting angle your approaching this from, I wish to see where your story goes.:pinkiehappy:

Please continue this, I really enjoyed reading it.

well this is a interesting idea, tracking :twilightsmile:

I lold at na'vi! Please don't let this die:pinkiehappy:

Well. I'm of the opinion you've got a good premise here and should totally continue the story. I for one would love to find out where things go from here.

Good story, please continue. Grammar isn't an issue :twilightsmile:



Yup! Solid Gold! 99,99% pure!

Keep it up!

That brony will obviously continue this story, seeing how good it is.

I want this to continue.

Desire tempered with Wisdom, brings to fruition, creation.

I'l bother him about continuing. Mostly because the story is awesome, and it gives me something to do... Not much to look forward too, besides editing, writing, and finals =_=. My life is so dull. :raritydespair:

You got an awsome talent
Too bad your wasting it on such short chapters :pinkiesad2:

For the love of whatever god you pray to, CONTINUE:flutterrage:

I was about to correct your spelling of Equestria, then I read the end. You also misspelled Does...

I shall track this.

Just wait till Scootaloo's parents pop up in the show, then Emo will use the, "It's an alternate universe!" excuse. Works every time.

Actually I'd have the main character kill them for abandoning Scoot:pinkiecrazy:

I will have the next chapter ready by december 17th

Well now, I suppose this one matches your avatar to a T. (It is power, I care not whence it comes) Ambition can be a good thing, Desire can be a good thing. But Purity and goodness are not the same now are they? I do so look forward to seeing how you run with this Emo. What diguise will Want take to fulfill the want of Scootaloo? And will Celestia and Luna remember the tale of the divine that fought mother nature and lost? :trollestia:

I do so look forward to that next chapter.

Note to self clear an hour and a half to draw fan art for this on dec 17 :3

I just love your writing style. Your character is going to love the cutie mark crusaders: "We want our cutie marks right NOW!"
Also looking forward to him meeting princess Celestia :trollestia:

Awesome, Just plain Awesome:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

"Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Scootaloo," She ended with a sad sniffle. After that she burst into tears.:applecry:
To me this was the sadest part

Damn...that's when I'll be with out Internet!:rainbowlaugh:Darn traveling!



Did someone post a sports wear ad on this site!!!

Someone gonna get love and toleration tonight!!:pinkiecrazy:

wow, amazing first chapter. you really know how to start a story! cant wait for the next one!

This i great! Loving it!


in all seriousness though Moar :yay:

Ah shit!!!! Sorry guys!!!

My muse kicked in for the Moons Necromancer and pushed out The patron of want over the edge so you might have a little bit of a delay for this story.

:( i will read the Moons Necromancer for now but i was really looking forward to the patron of want :fluttershysad:

it's been 9 days since the chapter was expected....:ajbemused:

omg read Moons Necromancer nvm what i said before moons necromancer kicks ass it's the best fan fic that iv read so far.... but patron of want has so much potential:pinkiecrazy: can't.... decied..... which on i i want more:facehoof:

wow this was incredibly good, the god of want without anyone hears the want of Scootaloo and offers her that want in physical and mental form. The physical part was very interesting for me seeing as he just drives people to what they want but here, here he has become the want/need. I wonder if he'll get attached like he did with the humans. I would love for you to continue this, it appeals to me in a great way.

2012 total views...

Nice story by the way...do continue! :moustache:

And then the author Re-wrote his OTHER masterpiece, leaving this story in an eternal cliffhanger :scootangel: the end.:trollestia:

when will u update? :pinkiesad2:

YOU TOOK DOWN “MOONS NECROMANCER“ !!!!!?????? :pinkiegasp:, WHY :flutterrage: :derpytongue2: ??? I know you didn't feel like it was up to your standards, but that doesn't mean you have to take it away from us, the readers, the fans. By the way, the story was going great in my opinion, I was waiting soo badly for more :raritycry:, specially after your comment on “Human “ . You can at least re-upload the story and leave it at hiatus, and maybe continue it if you feel inspiration :scootangel:. On a final note your stories are all unique and awesome, please don't just give up on them later on finish at least one of them :twilightsheepish:.


I concur... moar.......

Continue, darnit. I'm not dead yet!

I like it, i love the aspect of adopting a scootaloo because i lvoe scootaloo! I wanna see how this plays out so please keep writing!

Is this thing dead or something? I really do like it, after all

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Oct 9th, 2013
Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Oct 9th, 2013

when will this update o.o?

Now there's a God I could pray to.
I want you to write more of this.
I want to see the God spread the need for more, to never stop wanting, to always reach further.


I'm going to find you. And you are going to continue writing this.

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