• Published 10th Jul 2019
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Two Worlds, One Planet - tyrannosaurianrex9

The Mane Six explore the Everfree Forest, where they find themselves into a mysterious world filled with extraordinary animals they have never seen... including dinosaurs.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

Hey, dino fans, and readers. Yep, it's me, tyrannosaurianrex9. So after I deleted Dino Saurian Rex because of bad writing, and I deleted Jack Patrick: The Secret World of Mesozoica because my former editor said it's too cliched for an MLP fanfic, I decided to make another remake with the same storyline (mostly), but this time without focusing on the human characters, only just ponies and dinosaurs, but this one is a reboot (or a fixfic) of the MLP series that took place after season 1, and some future characters didn't exist, including Discord, but it had new characters I made up.

If you haven't read Dino Saurian Rex and/or Jack Patrick: The Secret World of Mesozoica even when it was deleted, that's okay.

While in this story, I had to avoid as many cliches as I can, and make the dinosaurs scientifically accurate (speaking of animal sounds and color designs) because making them horribly inaccurate for the sake of entertainment is too stupid and too cheap for a dinosaur story (well the dinosaur inaccuracies in Jurassic World made a lot of sense because all InGen dinosaurs were designed to look "cool" for the public, as explained in the movie). But this story isn't some 'generic dinosaur story' where the characters survive against predatory animals, it's more important when you follow along.

So, if you're enjoying it, please leave a like, make positive comments about the story, and add it to your favorites and tracking.


And don't worry. Chapter 2 would be published soon.

Twilight Sparkle sat on a chair inside the first floor of the Golden Oak Library, reading a history book about Equestria. She had been up all night, searching through every history book and magic manual she could find. It was seven in the morning, and she had gotten up three hours early as she was having a rough time sleeping, due to her curiosity about the Elements.

A question had been haunting her since then: where did the Elements come from? Who made them? On that day, she felt she had to find the truth about the Elements of Harmony by looking through any history book, as per her usual habit, but there was no clue as to the Elements' origin.

Twilight muttered. "I know Princess Celestia used them to defeat Nightmare Moon a thousand years ago, but they didn't show where did the Elements of Harmony come from? Why didn't they showed their true origin?"

Spike appeared from the doorway behind Twilight after having followed her.

"Mornin' Twilight," Spike waved, startling Twilight, and making her drop the book.

Twlight's eyes narrowed and her ears went back on her head, "Spike, you’re supposed to lower your voice when greeting somepony who’s minding their own business.”

Spike giggled then noticed Twilight's red-rimmed eyes. "Hey, Twilight? How long were you up that night?" He glanced at the dozen of books around her. "And what's with all the reading? Were you just too busy studying Friendship problems early in the morning, again?" Spike picked one of them up, and opened it. "History Books? Why reading History? Were you looking through the history of friendship?"

Twilight explained. "I-It's just... I-I was trying to figure out where the Elements of Harmony came from."

"I thought Princess Celestia and Luna made them." Spike rubbed his chin curiously. “Or was it Starswirl the Bearded...”

"I thought so too. I've asked Princess Celestia where they came from before my arrival to Ponyville, but she doesn't want to talk about it. That's why I have to find the truth about the Elements of Harmony."

"Oh, come on, Twilight." Spike chuckled. "We're in Equestria. There's magic everywhere."

“I know, Spike,” Twilight responded. “Unicorns are magical, which makes sense, but what about the elements?”

“You don’t have to worry about the elements when you need to focus on your friendship problems. The Elements of Harmony are part of friendship.”

Twilight hesitated to say something, and then she gave up with a sigh. “Maybe you’re right. These elements really do come from friendship in all of Equestria.”

"Great.” Spike paused as he walked towards the kitchen. “I'll go make breakfast."

“Make me pancakes, Spike,” Twilight called.

“Okay.” Spike disappeared into the kitchen.

Twilight turned her head towards a brown book with a golden unicorn icon, standing on a bookshelf. Using her magic, she levitated the book to face level, and then opened it to reveal six artifacts that hid inside: the first one looked like a golden necklace with an orange apple-shaped gem, the second one was another golden necklace, this time with a pink butterfly-shaped gem; three other golden necklaces could be found, each with her other three friends’ cutie mark represented. The sixth and final one was a golden tiara, studded with sapphires and a six-pointed star-shaped gem reminiscent of her own cutie mark. These artifacts in the book were the Elements of Harmony, the artifacts that Twilight and five of her friends used to defeat Nightmare Moon.

Twilight had at first been wondering where the elements came from and who had made them, but as Spike had reminded her, she knew they were made from the power of friendship.

So the power of friendship created the Elements of Harmony, huh? Twilight wondered, So, since the Princesses “created” harmony for all the land, could this mean they… created the elements? No, wait, the events of Hearth’s Warming restored harmony before the Royal Sisters were born. Maybe Starswirl the Bearded created the Elements of Harmony, that might be the answer... But why would Celestia say she doesn’t want to talk about it after I asked her who made them? If I had my theory about Starswirl making the elements, why wouldn’t she want to talk about his disappearance? I mean, she didn’t have a huge relationship with him… or did she? And why did he make the Elements of Harmony then? I know they were used because of Nightmare Moon, but what were these elements for originally? I wonder...

Twilight trotted towards the bathroom with the elements in tow. Once inside, she stopped in front of the mirror. She placed the book on top of the drawer next to the sink, and put on her crown. She looked back at her reflection.

I hope I'll get some answers soon. Twilight thought.

“Twilight, breakfast is ready!” Spike called from the kitchen.

“Coming.” She called back.

Twilight took off the crown, carefully placed it in the book with the elements before closing it, and carrying it in the kitchen to have breakfast.

Outside a Cottage, a yellow female pegasus pony, Fluttershy, was watering the carrot field at a backyard near the Everfree Forest, a thick, dark, foggy forest full of dangers.

This pony was . She lived in a small cottage near the Everfree, even though the Forest was a dangerous place for ponies to explore; there, she took care of animals, the most prominent of her charges being Angel the bunny. The mare was shy and quiet, but she was kind and sweet.

After she’d finished watering the carrots, she put down the watering can, and headed out to check her small animals, including the chickens inside their enclosure, enjoying their natural habitats.

"Are you guys having fun?" Fluttershy held her ears to listen to the sounds of the animals. She could understand any language from non-sapient animals thanks to her talents. "Okay, good. Is anyone of you still here--"

A white rabbit tapped her shoulder to interrupt her, and she turned to attention towards him, Angel, who was pointing towards the Everfree Forest in panic. "What is it, Angel?"

The bunny made growling noises while acting like a monster, and then pointed back towards the forest.

"There's a monster in the Everfree?"

Angel shook his head in acknowledgment.

Fluttershy started trotting towards the forest. "Let me go and take a look."

When Fluttershy trotted right past Angel, he grabbed her left hind leg as if he were warning her not to investigate. But Fluttershy didn’t think it necessary to stay put, since she had been able, during Nightmare Moon’s awakening, to help a Manticore of all things. "Angel, it's okay. I can handle this." Fluttershy shook her hind leg until Angel let go. "Now stay here while I'll go investigate, okay?"

Fluttershy continued to trot towards the edge of the forest, leaving Angel to watch her in horror.

Yards away from the cottage, Fluttershy stopped in front of the forest, searching for signs of movement. Its darkness made Fluttershy a little nervous, but ever since she’d threatened that Cockatrice after it turned her friend, Twilight, into stone, and helped that Manticore remove a thorn from its paw during, she tried to become braver.

Fluttershy glanced at the mud right next to her: imprinted on it were large three-toed footprints, each almost a foot long. Fluttershy had seen large birds in her life, but these footprints belonged to something bigger than an ostrich, and whatever it was, it lead from the forest to the wide open area. What Angel encountered had gone out of the forest, just like how he’d described.

Fluttershy looked back toward her cottage to see Angel still watching. She knew what he said was a 'monster', but what kind? Was it a Cockatrice? Or something else? The Everfree Forest was presented as a mysterious place that was home to a variety of creatures and animals, and it possessed a quality that allowed plants and animals to thrive without pony intervention, which many considered 'unnatural'.

But before Fluttershy could turn back, a chirping noise followed by a rustling in the shrubs startled her causing, her to crouch and cover her eyes, shivering in fear.

What was that? Fluttershy shuddered in thought, I hope it's some kind of bird. Please let it be a bird!
After a short pause, the same chirping noise startled Fluttershy again, but this time, it was closer to her face; as she jolted, she landed on her back, but kept her eyes closed.

"Please don't hurt me! I'm too cute to be eaten!" She cried.

Fluttershy slowly opened one eye, but soon opened her second when she saw something very unexpected... and very much brand new to Equestria.

It looked like a small flightless bird, about the size of a house cat, covered in brown (and darker horizontally striped-down) feathers, except that it had a long lizard-like snout and mouth instead of a beak, a long thick tail that balanced its body, covered in tail feathers, a single claw on each hand facing inwards, and each very tiny toe attached to its ankles. The animal cocked its head as it stared at her with its yellow bird-like eyes.

Fluttershy had no idea what that creature was. She had found some time ago an asexual ball-shaped insect species called the Parasprite, which her friend, Pinkie Pie, had known about, but this bird-like creature was nothing like any animal she knew... this might be a brand new species.

Fluttershy stood on both hooves and tried to talk to it. "Um... hello there?"
The animal jolted at first, but then answered in a meek, acute voice. Fluttershy assumed she was a female "Huh? W-wait... I can understand you?”

I can understand her! Fluttershy thought in excitement. She then went on to communicate with the creature. "Hello there, my name is Fluttershy."

“How is that possible? H-How do you know my language?"

"It's my talent. I can understand any other language from other animals." She explained.

The animal cocked her head in confusion.

“Anyway,” Fluttershy cleared her throat, "Can you tell me what you are, and where you come from?"

"I don't know where I'm from; just... the wild." The creature explained, "I was just minding my own business in the plains, but I saw a light above me, and then I woke up in this... dark forest filled with dangerous predators, and then I escaped to where I met you. I have no idea what you are or where I am."

Fluttershy empathized, "Oh, I'm sorry, little one. I don’t think I can help you get back home."

"It's okay." The creature looked around. "This place is great. I guess I could migrate, and find a better habitat for me."

"Oh, and my bunny, Angel? He claimed that he saw something scary, but you didn't seem scary after all."

"Well, I didn't see this 'angel' guy, and I don't know what the ‘bunny' is, but I see giant rabbits in my place. It's probably those strange creatures that I didn't recognize."


"Anyway, nice talking to you. I better go find a better place to live... away from the dark forest."

"We called it the 'Everfree Forest'." Fluttershy corrected.

"Right. Well, see ya'." The creature ran off with her bird-like legs.

Fluttershy waved the new animal 'goodbye'. I gotta tell Twilight about this, she thought, and trotted back towards her cottage.

Without her realizing, a large figure was watching her from inside the leaves of a tree above. When she was far enough from the treeline, the figure disappeared behind them.

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Comments ( 19 )

Okay, right off the bat this is much better than the last story. Your writing has improved dramatically, tyrannosaurian; well done! I'm actually kind of curious to see where this goes!

By the way, is that first dinosaur a Compsognathus? Or perhaps something more obscure, like Sinornithosaurus?

raven618 #2 · July 10th · · 1 ·

the participants accidentally knocked Fluttershy off the ground, leading to her fall towards the ground,

You may want to change that first ground to cloud or clouds.

NobodieZ #3 · July 10th · · 1 ·

Interesting start on this.

All dinosaurs are from the Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Age. Second, it's actually a small alvarezsauroid, and you'll see what genus in the following chapters. The smaller ones in this story were portrayed as the 'Compies' from the Jurassic Park series, except they don't hunt in groups, they prey on insects and other tiny animals, they're scavengers, and lack of venom, since the fact no dinosaur (or bird) on Earth is either venomous.

Check out on google when you see alvarezsauroids from the Maastrichtian Age.

Thanks for the clarification. Really cool how you're using a lesser known genus.

Although, some people think that the aforementioned Sinornithosaurus might have been venomous.

shows promise, but if that creature is a dinosaur, please NO FEATHERS! Science or not, feathers ruin them!!!!

Why is it in the AS group ?

Flufux #9 · July 10th · · 1 ·

No they don't! :ajbemused:


She might have been asocial, thanks to her Asperger’s Syndrome, but she was among the most intelligent of ponies, and loved studying and reading books.

Don't worry. Not all theropod dinosaurs had feathers.

I cant imagine any of them had feathers. It just doesnt make sense. Forgive me, but almost every school child before this decade grew up with the description of reptilian skin dinos.

Okay, guys that's enough. I don't want any arguments in my story.

Here's the thing. No matter what movies, books and documentaries you've seen growing up, dinosaurs were real animals that actually lived on this planet long before any apes could form opinions on what they should look like. It isn't about what looked cool or how you or I want them to look like, it is about what the real animals actually looked like millions of years ago, and through meticulous research of countless paleaontologists for many years we now know that many (but not all) dinosaurs definitively had feathers.

Are you saying we should ignore all that effort and research just because you feel offended by the idea? Because if we do, we might as well ignore all the science that's been going on for the last hundred years and depict dinosaurs as big sluggish cold-blooded lizards that lived in swamps.

Sorry, but I just had to respond with something. I'll try not to drag out any arguments beyond this though.

I'm personally fine with feathers on dinosaurs. But I must confess, seeing them as having a "shaggy" look doesn't strike me as aesthetically pleasing. I know it's probably how they looked in real life, given recent evidence, but still.

I like to depict them in a sort of "hybrid" style, combining scaly and feathered looks; I only put feathers where they're most likely to have them (the arms, back of the neck, and the tail), but everything else is either light on or completely lacking in feathers. Female dinosaurs generally have shorter or fewer feathers, and they're more for display than anything else.

Sort of like this:
(link to art here)

Personally, I just want them to look as real as possible...because, well, they actually lived on our planet and were at the end of the day were just wild animals...not movie monsters. And as cool as that image is, I just have a hard time accepting something that I know is inaccurate. It's also, among many many reasons why I can't stand the movie 'Jaws' for instance, since it portrays a real life animal as some kind of grotesque murderous abomination.

While I do see your point, we now know that some dinosaurs, especially raptors (who were really closely related to birds) were just as feathered as their modern descendants.

For example, my spirit animal, the Velociraptor, would most likely look something like this.

However, when it comes to our dear friend the T-Rex, your suggestion is actually more supported. I mean, this is a fairly recent depiction of the big Rexymedia.pri.org/s3fs-public/styles/story_main/public/story/images/TRex_Cropped.jpg?itok=3D6jxqBv


It's also, among many many reasons why I can't stand the movie 'Jaws' for instance, since it portrays a real life animal as some kind of grotesque murderous abomination.

I understand that real sharks rarely attack humans and don't eat them, even though dozens of people die in shark attacks. But in my personal theory, Bruce, as what the Jaws fans call them, is attacking or killing humans because they're invading his territory since Great White Sharks are territorial. He's not evil, he just wanted to live in his natural habitat.

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