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This story is a sequel to A Leaky Sun

Celestia and Luna are now fully incontinent and have lost control of their bladder. They decide to go to Discord to see if he knows anyhing about what's going on. Of course he doesn't but he sets up a appointment with a Chaos Doctor in another dimension. Now the three will go on a emberassing road trip as the princesses must act as babies to protect their identies from the Dangerous monsters that lurk in Discord's dimension.

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I was hope for only celestia in diaper Luna need to be big sister for once.

You're off on a good start, keep it up.

*Breezing merrily though the recent updates*
*Sees this story*
*Looks at cover art*
"What the shit?! XD"

Ok, I had a good chuckle at that cover art.

Just a note, you may wanna up this to an M-rating because of what it is. Wouldn't want the mods coming down on you...

As long as it doesnt have sexual content i can label it teen

Ok, if that's the rule, then go right ahead. I was just worried you might get in trouble.

Yeah its no problem. Im sorry for the lack of updates my life has been so freaking busy

I'm not really the one you should be apologizing to, seeing as I don't read anything you write...

wait but what happened if that chaos meteor is being fueled by a baby alicorns power it might end up lasting even longer.

What did doctor chaos mean by refurbish their world?

Probably make it easier for everyone having to wear diapers, make all stores sell them, set up changing areas, probably stuff like that.

Im going to explain that in the next chapter. lol

The concept I like a lot, a world having to adjust to the concept of permanent diapers, but I feel the end of the story glossed over some pretty important bits. The main thing that I think that stuck out to me was the citizens honestly being way too okay with the idea of being stuck in diapers and such. Even with the incidents and such, I can see a lot more ponies not being happy with diapers and such. Another bit is that with how Celestia and Luna acted, honestly, a lot of ponies would probably figure that Discord was behind the incident and be calling for his punishment or such. Or even think he's trying to take over, with Celestia and Luna clearly out of it.

It's not a bad story, I do think it should have had another chapter or such, since the last one glossed over some pretty important bits and had ponies accepting it a little too fast.

thanks well this is apart of a series and honestly i'm trying to get back into the swing of things as I took a small hiatus from writing. So i'll provide more details on how the inhabitants feel about everything in the next story i'll post in a few days. thank you for the helpful insight. I'll do better with the next story

In fact, if you want to add anything please let me know. This is something very special and i'm happy to get this kind of input thank you

9548988 You could probably just add it as another chapter, unless there's going to be more to the next story than that.

You “fixed” the grammar? I would hate to see what it was like before you did that. You’d better run it through Grammarly or something.

The rest of the ponies snickered seeing the baby Discord sotting their woth his arms crossed and pouting.

And run it through a spellchecker. Seriously. This is very hard to read with all the spelling/grammar mistakes.

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