• Published 1st Mar 2019
  • 1,256 Views, 470 Comments

Haycartes' Pluperfect Method - Kris Overstreet

Twilight Sparkle has trapped herself in a shelf full of books. Will she survive- or will she lose herself to the story?

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Interlude: the Bookshelf

A small shelf of books hung over an empty plush bed.

One of the books- the leftmost one on the shelf- glowed softly with a violet light. All of the books had a slight glow, but that first book stood out compared to the others.

The light slid off the book and onto the next book on the shelf…

… but before the light had completely left the first book, a spark, like a static discharge, leaped from the spine of the first book to the spine of the second.

A moment’s flash, and the spark was gone.

The books remained.

Author's Note:

... now I get to go to the library and check back out a certain book.

Tomorrow we get introduced to Harriet Daresden.

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