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|Spilight is the best ship to ever exist.)

Agreed! :twilightsmile:

I haven't read a Spilight ship in ages. It has always been my favourite straight ship. I'm eager to read more!

Twilight head dipped slightly. I took that for a nod. Her head then dipped fully forward, her muzzle landing inside the cup of coffee. The sound of her drinking sounded like a dog's tongue lapping at water.

That's flippin adorable.

“I get where you're going with this.” I opened my eyes to see hers staring at me. “If the world loses Twilight Sparkle for a bit, everything will get thrown into chaos.” I lifted my claw, staring at the tiny paper still in my palm. “But if the world loses Spike the Dragon... no one will notice.”

...and that is much less adorable. Poor Spike. </3


Let see where this goes!

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