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As a young dragon who has many strange and wonderful things happen to him, Spike surely has numerous thoughts on the events of his life. And where better to put those thoughts than his very own diary?

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when things are less doomy.

I need to find an excuse to incorporate "doomy" into my everyday vocabulary.

9482328 9482388
Maybe. Depends on how comedic the current situation is.

Looks like a good start. Oh Spike, if you only knew what would this would all lead to...

Hehe. Oh Spike. So this diary will be a look into his thoughts about every episode or something like that? That'll make some entries really interesting, I'm sure. XD

Oh good Lord, I'd forgotten about Spike and the "baked bads". :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, this seems to fit exactly how Spike would have thought about that episode. Lots of chaos and trouble, but hey, he got a mustache out of it! :moustache:

Good story so far. I'm finding Spike's thoughts about the situations his friends get into pretty enjoyable, and you've portrayed him well enough that I could realistically see this being his actual diary. There's a handful of episodes that I'm really looking forward to seeing Spike's thoughts about...

If I had any complaints, I'd say maybe the story needs some more stuff set between episodes (snippets of everyday life in Ponyville, Spike writing down his random thoughts, etc.) to up the variety, but that's less of a complaint and more of an ignorable suggestion on my part. Either way, I'm loving this so far.

Have a Like. I look forward to seeing this story continue.

P.S. Welcome back!

9482597 Not a bad idea. Might try it :moustache:

Fun beginning and Spike POV give a nice perspective to the show. Nice to see you writing again.

Nut sure why

"Not sure why".

But still, this was good. I did wonder about Spike's thoughts on the episode, since of course he was having a lot of fun with the afflictions that the Mane Six were under.

9483948 Thanks for pointing out my mistake :twilightsmile:

Twilight is flammable, apparently

Okay, that's of the greatest chapter titles ever.

...And on another note, thank you for reminding me of Rapidash-Twilight. Shame that it hasn't come back at some point.

I just want to say that I'm really enjoying this so far. Please keep it up!

So Spike has an interested in the CMC? Called it.

(singing)He likes them.

Didn't Spike call Hoity Toity to the fashion show in the first place?

Twilight is indeed enough crazy for one person to handle

The pilot has The Summer Sun Celebration (IMO, June 21, the Summer solstice & longest day of the year)
Fall Weather Friends (E13) flat out HAS to be before Winter Wrap Up (E11)
There are other episodes out of order, but this is the most egregious example

Yes, IIRC. God knows, Rarity wouldn't have done so. :coolphoto:

:rainbowlaugh: In your dreams, maybe, Spike. XD

I was wondering what the entry would be like for that episode.

Nicely done, Jay. :twilightsmile:

Ah yes, the Gala episode. I like that Spike conveniently left out how many donuts he had, and how he was basically kinda drunk on them when Twi and the others showed up XD

I was going to have a huge paragraph about how I liked this little moment between Twilight and Spike, but I couldn't get my ducks in order, so to speak. So instead, I'll just say this:


...I was not properly prepared for those feels.

But, there was kind of a teensy-weensy little....okay major disaster. A couple of local colts, Snips and Snails, they tried to get in Trixie's good books by bringing in an Ursa Major into town. I don't need to tell you how ponies reacted to this.

He apparently also doesn't need to mention that he (unintentionally) gave them the idea in the first place....:trollestia:

Don't worry, Spike. Later on you'll play O&O with him.

Her words changed me back and...um...I think she might possibly know she has a crush on me

This should probably be 'I have a crush on her' although Rarity having a crush on Spike would make things easier.

9487111 Thanks for letting me know :twilightoops:

Hehe, I'd looked forward to seeing Spike's thoughts on THAT incident. :yay:

Aww... that last bit is rather bittersweet, considering...

Great ending to this chapter! Oh, Spike, yeah that costume... :rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes a pretty average day is a very good thing, Spike.

I love Spike having trouble spelling pterodactyl.

Just thought you should know: Cadance is spelled with an A, not an E. A lot of people tend to make that mistake.

Spike admits it!!!! He likes Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo!

Interesting take on the Babs Seed episode, I must say. Spike offers a perspective about it that I really didn't think about. But good work, tying that story in with his experience with Garble's gang.

This made me chuckle. Oh Spike, if you only knew... XD

Are you including the first 2 Equestria girls since Spike was present for both?

Nice to see Spike's thoughts on this episode. I think you did a good job with his response to this big change. XD

Hehe, nice work recording Spike's thoughts on the first EG movie. Yeah, it was a really weird experience, but then again, at least he knew what he'd turned into when he became a dog. XD

Anyways, that's enough for now, and remind me to tell Twilight not to mix fruit and magic again, because that just never works out for her.


She looked at me weirdly, and I basically explained that dragons can usually fly and, well, I can't. So I sorta knew what she felt like.

Give it a while Spike, you'll get there.

Yeah, that was a tragic waste of nachos.

A nice way of looking at how Spike would have viewed the Manehattan episode.

Hehe, nice start to how Spike and Big Mac got into Ogres and Oubliettes... :pinkiesmile:

Hah! I just we could have seen Spike mention that bit where Rarity was all, "oh you can't possibly know what it's like to be in love with someone who loves someone else" XD

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