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After sending its troops to the Nordanver front, the Canterlot Royal Palace finds itself understaffed and many new recruits have their training rushed to compensate. One guard, however, will turn out to be more trouble than they bargained for.

It was Belltoll's first night in the royal guard, and on the night of the Grand Galloping Gala no less. Stubborn determination had gotten him this far. It was unfortunate that same determination would also lead to mass chaos, catastrophe, and an early midlife crises.

PLEASE NOTE: This story takes place within the Quill & Blade alternate universe written by Anzel and Crystal Wishes.

2nd place winner of the Quill & Blade Super Summer Jam Writing Contest (2018).

Chapter One edited by Crystal Wishes. Chapter Two edited by Pearple Prose. Thank you to both of you.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

I enjoyed your story, would read the following chapters if you would expand this universe.

This was an absolutely exanimate story!

This was a wonderful read. I hope you write more!

9481940, 9481760 Thank you for your kind words. I do have more Quill & Blade related fanfics in the works, so please look forward to them!"

9481930 :raritywink: Thank you for taking the time to enjoy it!

This was a fun little story. Have a favorite.

BTW, the picture at the top of the chapter doesn't seem to be available anymore.

9489182 Thank you! Yes, I am aware of the image issue and it has been fixed. Apparently there was a hiccup with the website.

For some reason, it still looks like that blue and white '?' image.

The picture for chapter one is just fine, though.

9490178 Odd, I'll try to figure it out.

how this story only be having 243 views. It deserves far more I say!

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