• Published 26th Feb 2019
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We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off... - Desperate Dawn

Continuation of a certain story that is never completed, and it has been a long time. Thus, this happened.

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Chapter 4

After explaining how much of a trouble the Golden Ticket to Twilight, I continued on barricading the wooden plank Spike gave me, and by the time I glance back at her she was still frowning.

“I still don’t get it why is it such a bad thing. I mean, wouldn’t that be great to attend one of the BIGGEST party of the year?” Twilight exclaimed, I once again facehooved.

“Twilight, I told you. The party is not what you expected them to be,” I reaffirm my argument. I’m certain that there is a better way to say it, but eh whatever. “Besides, you have to meet the stuck up nobles in there, and trust me on this one Twilight. You don’t want to meet them.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want to spend my night with the nobles but with the Princess! There can be so much we can talk about!” Twilight is giddy of having the thought spending the time with our Mentor, Princess Celestia.

Spike passes by with more wooden plank and a box of nails, most likely finishing where I left at, ignoring Spike a bit, I continued. “I’m telling you Twilight, but that most likely isn’t going to happen.”

“Why not?” Twilight tilted her head, a confused frown adored her face and my heart, for whatever reason, decides to skip a beat.

I sighed, my hoof covering my face, unprepared on the unexpected adorkable face she sometimes makes. I’ll admit I have a fair share of my adorkable moments –or terrifying one if you decide to look at the slitted eyes and other things– but I am determined to convince my sister not to go to the Gala, not because of the stuck up nobles –even though it was one of the reasons– but for some reason that I think it’ll be…uhh...chaotic. Yes, that’s one way to put it.

“Twilight, please keep in mind that the Princess have duty like, greeting guests and a bunch of other stuff that I rather not talk about.”

Then Twilight’s eyes started to water, her lips quivered as she looked at me pleadingly, “A-are you saying that I can’t go?”

Hrk. The sight is too much! I can’t handle it!

“Fiiineeee…” I finally conceded. “Just, stop doing that please!” I plead with her desperately.

Twilight eyes lost all of its sadness and replaced with starry and hopeful eyes, “Okay! Thanks Twivy!” She then hugged me. I reluctantly hugged back. I know how much strong that move is and fighting it proved futile. We do it all the time to both Mom and Dad, sometimes Shining and Cadence too, and rarely Celestia.

Now though, now I know what they are feeling. I can’t imagine facing two of that faces at the same time. Now I feel bad for anypony that got caught on our adorkableness.

Oh well, it's worth it.

Just as Twilight made her way upstairs, there was a loud murmurs coming from the outside. Edging close to the nearby window confirms my suspicion, everypony, no EVERYPONY gathered around the Library, presumably for a chance on getting the Golden Ticket.

“Everypony please, we should know that Twivine and Twilight wouldn’t appreciate a large crowd surrounding them.” Mayor Mare stepped up to a nearby rock, gaining the attention from everypony present.

At least Mayor Mare is kind enough to handle this situation. I should give her something for-

“Therefore, I volunteered as the representative of Ponyville to go to the Grand Galloping Gala.”


I sighed as I turn back towards the kitchen, I saw Spike humming a tune as he worked on sealing the window, crude but doable. I summoned the Golden Ticket from my pocket dimension, and I pondered what should I do with it. It’s obvious that Twilight going to take one, me and Spike probably aren’t going to the Gala thus that left Twilight with three tickets to give.
I turned and head upstairs, carrying the ticket on my magic. I opened the door to Twilight’s room; she’s in the middle of reshelving her books.

I called out to her, “Twilight.” She then turned her head towards me.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking,” I begin. “Since Spike and I probably aren’t going to the Gala. I’ll be giving the rest of the ticket to you, so you can choose two more ponies to come with you.”

“Wait, you really aren’t going?” Twilight asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yeaah, I’m not really looking forward to it. So, I’ll be giving it to you,” I answered simply. “I’m sure whoever you pick would appreciate it,” I finish with a smile, a smile of relief knowing that the burden would be off my shoulders.

“You really are serious, aren't you? Well alright then, but you’ll be missing out the best night ever!”

I giggled in response, “I may be missing out, but you can tell me about what’s happening in the Gala afterwards.” My ears flicked up as I remembered something, “Oh yeah, I’m heading back to Canterlot.”

Twilight frowned, her ears flattened. She isn’t happy that I’m leaving her is she? “Oh, why is that? Isn’t Princess Celestia said that we should continue our study in Ponyville?”

I rolled my eyes; out of all the things I remembered about the party yesterday was Princess Celestia speech. Of course I’m not exactly happy with that since I just left Moondancer and others like that, I’m not too certain if Twilight is happy or not though. Knowing Twilight however, I’m pretty sure she’ll follow what the Princess says anyway, she probably would go up to the Frozen North to prove herself to our mentor.

I mentally laugh at that, surely she wouldn’t. She may be loyal, but not suicidal.

“I know that, it’ll be a quick visit to the tower, grabbed things I forgot, then say goodbye to our friend, afterwards I’ll go visit Mom and Dad. At best, I’ll be back before the last train.”

Twilight sighed dejectedly but then she smiled, “Alright then Twivine, tell Mom and Dad I said hello.”

I smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll send them your regard.” I turned back to the door, but before I left I turned back to Twilight, “I’ll be back somewhere before dinner, don’t let Spike go eat up all the leftovers.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him, but be quick though. I don’t know how much I can hold Spike off.”

I chuckled, after a final wave I head downstairs. Hopefully Spike is still at the kitchen, I had to tell the Princess ahead of time. Grabbing an empty scroll on my way down, I head back to the kitchen and thankfully Spike is still working on barricading the place.

“Spike,” I called out. “Can you stop for a minute?”

Spike turned his head at me and replied, “Sure, just give me a sec.” Spike hammered the last nail on the plank before putting it down on the floor. I unrolled the scroll and write the Princess a quick letter about my arrival to Canterlot. After I’m done, I gave Spike the letter for him to send.

“What was that all about?” Spike asked after sending the scroll.

“I was just telling Princess Celestia that I’ll be coming over to the castle to pick up something. I’ll be back though,” I finish with a pat on Spike’s head.

“Alright then, be back before dinner you hear?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “Yeah yeah, just don't go ahead of yourself and eat up all the leftovers.”

“Hey, no promises!” He simply grinned.

I shook my head at him before heading over to the door where the crowd still murmuring to themselves. I took the barricade off and opened the door, and before long I was assaulted with question of whom do I pick to go to the Gala.

“Please, everypony settle down,” After I said that, the crowd goes quiet. They really anticipating this aren’t they? “Okay so, I have decided that-“ Dramatic pause, aaaannnnd reveal. “-Twilight will be the one picking the one that goes with her, as I myself aren’t going to the Gala, and therefore she is the one you should be asking about it. Good day!”

And with that, I teleported to the train station, I still could hear the crowd disappointed ‘aww’ from here.

I stretch out my limbs like a cat as the train whistled to a stop at Canterlot station. I hopped off from my seat and head out of the car and immediately went for the street. Once I’m on the street of Canterlot, I quickly make my way towards the Palace, passing by various shops along the way. I took a scenic route towards my old High School, which is located not far from Princess Celestia School for Gifted Unicorns, about two blocks away.

It may be strange since I did as a matter of fact, under tutelage from Princess Celestia, however I never were accepted by the school since I didn’t exactly attend their entrance exam. So, after some paperwork’s done by my parents, I manage to enroll at the local school while at the same time gaining lessons from the Princess, and it just goes on until I graduated on Canterlot High School when I’m 16 which then I enrolled at School for Gifted Unicorn for real.

I chuckled to myself, remembering all the stuff that happened at CHS before enrolling to SfGU. I made friends here and there, and I still kept contact on a few of them. Unlike SfGU however, that place is filled with rivalry.

“Twivine?” I heard somepony called my name, so I turned my head to see one of my old friends back at CHS.

“Blaze!” I exclaimed, smiling as I approached the light red Pegasus mare. She too returned the smile. We both embraced each other before finally departing from the hug.

“It’s so good to see you, Twivine! Still studying under the Princess I suppose?” Blaze asked, chuckling.

“You know it, hey where’s Lightning? Thought the two of you are together by now,” I say with curiosity.

“Ah, Lightning went with his family to Los Pegasus to celebrate his brother’s wedding, he’ll be back before Hearts and Hooves day though.” Blaze explained, she then looked away hiding her blush.

I grinned mischievously, “He promised you something isn’t he?”

“Umm, maybe…?” She nervously laughs.

I bumped her shoulder with my hoof, “Ahaha, don’t be embarrassed, he proposed to you isn’t he?”

Blaze looked down, still trying to hide her embarrassment but she answered nonetheless, “Y-yeah, he promised me when he gets back.”

I giddily hugged her, barely holding the scream of excitement that threatened to burst, “Ahh I’m so happy for you, congrats!”
“Thanks Twivine, I’m really looking forward to it.” She simply smiles, I let go of the hug.

“Well, now I gotta go, good luck with Lightning!”

“It’s good to see you again, Twivine, oh and thank you.” Blaze waved at me, which I replied with a wave of my own as I turn back.

Trotting back towards the direction of the Palace, I chuckled to myself.

‘If only Celestia’s School have something like that.’

After running into a few more old friends and exchanging greetings, I finally arrived at the Palace gate. They expected me so when they spotted me, they opened the gate. I simply wave at the Guards up at the Gatehouse as a token of thanks before heading straight to the tower where Twilight, Spike and I live before all that Nightmare Moon stuff.

Passing through the courtyard, I spotted my brother distinguishable purple armor and the only pink Alicorn that I know off. Without hesitation I just gallop towards them, calling out their name.

“Heeey, Shiny! Cadence!”

The two of them looked at me with a wide eyed expression, and without Shining’s consent I lunge at him, tackling him on the ground.

“Heey, Twivy, good to see you!” Shining said, ruffling my hair. I got up to him and onto the smiling pink Alicorn.

Sunshine sunshine, ladybugs awake
Clap your hooves and do a little shake!

We chanted our usual greetings and laughed afterwards, and then the two of us exchanged hugs.

“It’s great to see you again, Twivine!” Cadence said after departing from the hugs.

“It’s good to see you too, Cadence,” I replied.

“So, Twivy, what brings you here all of a sudden?” Shining asked, standing up on all four again.

“Yeah, it is unusual of you to go back so soon without your sister,” Cadence added. “Speaking of Twilight, is she okay? She didn’t do any of those late nights studying again is she?”

“Twilight’s okay, she still studying late at night but I always had the means to wake her up,” I replied with a grin before turning to Shining. “What, you don’t like me being around?” I frowned.

“Don’t get me wrong here sis, I like having you around just as much with Cadence here. It’s just unusual to see the two of you separated that’s all,” Shining explained.

Cadence nods at his statement, “Yeah, is everything alright?”

I dismiss their worries with a wave of my hoof, “Everything’s great, don’t worry about it. Besides, Ponyville is kinda crowded for a moment after I showed them that I have spare tickets for the Gala.”

The couple would look at each other worryingly before turning back at me, “Then what happened?” Shining asked.

I shrugged, “Long story short, I gave the rest of the ticket to Twilight so I don’t have to deal with the crowd.” I finished lamely. “Besides, it’s about time Twilight actually had to make some kind of decision on her own.”

Both Shining and Cadence rolled their respective eyes, “You and me both sis.” Shining simply says.

“Hey, isn’t it a little bit mean for you to leave her like that?” Cadence asked with raised brows. “I admit Twilight isn’t the best for solving social problems, but to leave her?”

“Relax Cadence, I’m certain Twily are capable of solving them, why would Twivy left her for?” Shining nudged his fillyfriend, reassuring her.

“Actually, I’m here just to grab something I left back at the tower. But knowing Twilight, she probably ask Princess Celestia for advice or straight up refuse the ticket,” I simply said.

Shining and Cadence looks at me as if I’ve grown additional head for a moment, then Cadence decided to ask, “Why do you think she refused the ticket for? Everypony will do anything to get their hooves on the ticket.”

“Well, she had five close friends and she had four tickets, thus she can only choose three out of five. I believe she would send the ticket back to Princess Celestia knowing that all of her friends couldn’t be in the Gala with her.

Besides, I don’t think she would just give out the ticket to a random pony, therefore the possibility of her rejecting the ticket is three to one, although I won’t dismiss the fact that she may give the ticket to another group of pony completely.” I finally finish explaining.

“Wow, Twivine that is… umm.” Cadence had a hard time processing what I just said.

“That’s…uhh, very thorough of you, Twivy.” Shining said lamely.

“Thank you,” I smiled, tilting my head while I’m at it. “Anyway, I should head to the tower now. It’s great to see the two of you, bye!” I waved and turned over to the tower, leaving the dumbfounded couple on the courtyard.

After trotting for a while, I finally spotted my tower not far, but the door was opened, strangely enough. Approaching the door, I barely hear a faint hoofsteps inside; somepony is definitely inside snooping around.

Slowly opening the door, I entered the tower. I noticed that nothing really changed from where we left off. I followed where the faint hoofsteps are coming from. I stopped in front of my bedroom door, I could something being moved. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decide to barge in shouting.

“Hey, what are you doing in…my…room…” My voice trailed off as the culprit in the armor turned his head at me. I immediately recognize the face of Silver Sky, and he was holding a small Twilight plushie on his hoof.

The two of us looked at each other in awkward silence. After a while, he finally broke the awkward silence.
“Uhh…I can explain?”

Author's Note:

Hello Desperate here,

New chapter is up and running. As usual if you spot any sort of misspelled word or other things, let me know in the comments by pointing them out on that very paragraph so I actually know where to look. :pinkiesmile:

So, NOW we really get to see Twivine (+ OC) focused chapters. :yay: At first I intend for Twivine to just join in the episodes and gave the Main Six her insights on the trouble they faced, but I YEET that idea out of the window and have Twivine having her own arc with few OC's as her companion. :derpytongue2: So, there would be minor episodes that I would completely disregard or have minor involvement with Twivine.

However, there still going to be major episodes where Twivine is thrown in the array with the Main Six (Sisters has to stick together of course!), so the original idea is still somewhat remained with the exception of Twivine's having her own set of company. :pinkiehappy:

If you want your OC or someone else to be included in this story (Frequently appeared or simple Cameo), feel free to PM me. :rainbowdetermined2: Just be patient though, I still have to connect through an Internet Cafe to check on the PM and other stuff on a certain days or time. :applejackunsure:
(Timezone: UTC+07:00)(Around 7-8 AM in School day, 10-14 PM in Weekends)

Other than that, hope you all enjoy this latest chapter and I'll see you guys later.

-Desperate out

If you want to be a Proof-reader and/or Editor (or hell, want to continue a few of my stories that is cancelled/On Hiatus), just go ahead and PM me. We can work something out there. I don't actively seek one as I don't really connect the internet quite as often as I could. :ajsleepy:

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