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We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off... - Desperate Dawn

Continuation of a certain story that is never completed, and it has been a long time. Thus, this happened.

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Chapter 3

Author's Note:

Okay, Desperate Dawn here and I am back after...months of fuddling my thumbs on the keyboard and dealing with BS in school. Anyway I hope my writings didn't downgrade after weeks of not writing anything because I was on my hometown without my laptop.

Don't worry, I may looked offline but I am still working on the story. The reason was simple, I have no continuous internet connection and I had to resort using someone else Wifi (Thanks to my School for providing that) or renting a Computer in an Internet Cafe. And since I lost my phone about a month ago, I can't really go online whatsoever.

Displaced Blade might be updated tomorrow Sunday since I've finished the semester and about to move up to the next Grade, but I have no promises it would.

If the quality is downgraded, then I may try to find an editor to edit the chapters, I need to know that I still got it on making an enjoyable chapter. If anyone is interested editing these, feel free to PM me, I just don't know how I'm going to know if one really interested. If none were, I'm going to find one next month or so as I have still a couple of other BS I need to solve (Which includes my Big Brother wedding ceremony coming up next week, things are hectic here in the house xd).

Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy the latest chapter of We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

Desperate out.

I opened my eyes to stare at the wooden ceiling of the tree library with a searing headache. I grunted as I sat up, feeling my mouth dry and my eyes struggling to stay up. Overall, I feel like shit... I don’t remember much of the celebration except when Princess Celestia decided that the two of us can stay in Ponyville and continue on our study with Spike as our message carrier. And after that, all I remember is having lots of fruit punch.

I yawned loudly, scooting out of the bed and head to the door. And, strangely enough, no scent of food or something that Spike usually make. A quick glance to the clock revealed that it was five o’clock in the morning. Well, yesterday is definitely hectic and if I remember correctly, it was somewhere in the afternoon after the return of Princess Luna. Speaking of Luna, she coped up quite well with the Ponyville populace, and in fact she was happy to be accepted again.

I head out to the bathroom downstairs, and one thing that I forgot about the tree library was it wasn’t small as I expected. Probably due to the fact that I haven’t went inside yet since I got yanked by Twilight before I got a chance to.

After doing the morning routine, and walking around on the library in the first floor, checking out the books contained in the shelves. Some of them I already read alongside Twilight or I just plainly uninterested at it. So here I am, awake at four o’clock in the morning with nothing to do. Oh and also with this headache. What a start of a very lovely day indeed.

I walked back to my room, the headache still pounding my head but at least its dulled somewhat. I scrunched my muzzle in attempt to remember what happened yesterday after the group teleported back to Ponyville – thanks to the Princess – and I know for certain that Pinkie manage to pull a party afterwards. The only problem is that I don’t remember anything after that, the memory was blurry and any attempt to try to pry out the memory only increases my headache.

With nothing to do, I head out back to the library, onto Section D, first column, third row of the shelves and grabbed a Daring Do book to pass the time. Of course I did read it a bunch of time myself or with Twilight, but hey, one’s need to pass time right?

Once I’ve opened the first page of the chapter, I was soon lost on my own world.


Twilight woke up with a yawn, stretching all of her limb like a cat would. The events that happened yesterday are enough to make Twilight exhausted enough. Briefly looking towards the clock, Twilight had to wonder why Twivine hadn’t woke her up yet as it was already past nine o’clock and her LSBFF didn’t even bother to wake her up. But Twilight isn’t complaining. Maybe Twivine is still asleep therefore doesn’t have time to wake her up, Twivine may have a different personality than Twilight, but she almost in every way similar in terms of habits.

Hopping off the bed, Twilight made her way out of the door when she smelt something burning. Twilight eyes widened as she quickly opened the door and rushed downstairs into the kitchen. Upon arriving there, she blinked and unsure of herself on what’s happening there in the kitchen. There was smoke coming out of the stove with a disheveled Twivine in front of it. Twivine’s coat was a little bit charred, and there are a few ashes on the floor but nothing major, a plate filled with ash and smokes were held by Twivine’s magic.

“Twivine…what are you doing?” Twilight finally asked after a few moments.

“Making breakfast?” Twivine answered with a nervous grin.

Twilight sighed, facehooving, “Okay, what exactly are you doing specifically?”

“I’m making pancakes, but I was so cope up with reading that I didn’t realize it was half past nine already, and with Spike’s still asleep, I decide to try to make one.” Twivine then levitates a cook book. “Followed the recipe and everything, but I think I may have overcompensate.”

“And that is?”

“I set the heat at 220 degrees Celsius, but then compensate it by setting it to 400 degrees so I can serve it before any of you woke up. But I suppose that was not the case.”

“Let me see the recipe,” Twilight approached, picking the cook book out of Twivine’s grasp and proceed to read it. Twilight frowned before looking up from the book, “Twivine, you should’ve multiply it by two and then adjust the temperature accordingly to have an optimal servings condition!”

“I did just that! I may have probably overcompensated somewhere.”

“Alright, let’s go back to the beginning and work our way towards-“

The sound of Spike clearing his throat broke them out of their debate, the two turned to see the little green dragon staring at them with his arms crossed, unamused. “This is why I’m cooking in the first place.”


With breakfast done, Twilight and I decides to rearrange the library while Spike cleans up the kitchen. Whoever organized the library before doesn’t know systematical arrangement by alphabets, so the two of us reorganized almost everything in the library. Of course they were no match against the Twin book-nerds, and soon the books are all organized back to where they supposed too.

Twilight levitate the list she was making and ticked the very first box, I looked around to see if there is any books I may have missed. I nodded to myself, satisfied. We’ve done our chores quite earlier than I thought, of course this library wasn’t exactly as big as we had back in Canterlot, but it is a nice set of pace for a new environment.

“Okay that’s everything,” Twilight said as she’d ticked the second and the third box on the scroll. “What else should we do, hmm..?” She placed a hoof on her chin, pondering.

“Twilight, I’m heading out!” I shouted, heading to the door.

Twilight whirled her head towards me with a confused frown, “Huh, where are you going?”

“I’m going to check out what’s in the town; you can come if you want to. Besides, there isn’t exactly anything to do other than that magical research you’ve been going on about.”

“Hey Twivine, can I come with you?” Spike called out. Moments later, he walked out of the kitchen. He has this hopeful and pleading look of his as he stare up to me, and I just can’t say no when he’s like that. I suppose I’ll have Spike to mark out the landmarks the town had to offer.

“Okay yeah, sure Spike, you can come with me,” I replied with a smile.

“But I need Spike to-“

Whatever Twilight were about to say, it was abruptly cut off by me loudly slamming the door with Spike on my magic. “Thanks Twivine,” Spike said, smiling.

“You helped us a lot,” I said with a smile. “Don’t you think it’s the time for you to have a little break?”

Spike shrugs, “To be honest, I’m just curious with the town that’s all.”

“And so do I,” I replied.

The two of us trot/walk towards the town center because it’ll be easier for us to pinpoint places from there and other landmarks, basically getting to know the road first before heading anywhere else. We passed through Sugarcube Corner and I still haven’t got used of how literal the place is. It probably because of their unique way of telling out ‘Hey, we bake pastries and cakes here’, and of course that if the cupcake sign isn’t of any indication whatsoever.

“Hey, what’s that? It looked delicious,” Spike said, drooling at the sight of the ginger-house.

“I believe that’s Sugarcube Corner, I think they made pastries and stuff,” I explained, refraining myself to state that it where one particular hyper active pink party pony.

“Do you think they sell with gem sprinkles on?” Spike asked with a hopeful look.

I chuckled, patting his head, “No Spike, I don’t think so, but we can grab a bite or two on our way back to the library.”

Spike looked a little saddened for a moment, but quickly cheered after the mention of food, “Really? Okay then.”

The two of us continue our way towards the town center, exchanging greeting and wave from the local ponies. I already seen them from the earlier welcome party and the celebration, but I didn’t catch their names unfortunately. Approaching the town center, I saw a lot of activity; it seems like the town center acted as a market area too. I saw Applejack’s stand selling apples, as to be expected though. I think I saw Fluttershy flying out with a bag of some sort, probably food bags for her pets.

“Well howdy do there, Twivine!” Applejack called out, waving towards us. Spike waved back as the two of us approach her stand.

“Hey there Applejack, how are you,” I greeted casually.

“Mite fine mahself, and hello ta ya too, Spike.”

“Hey there Applejack, what are you selling?” Spike said as he leaned forward to see what Applejack stand has in store.

While Applejack is left explaining to Spike what type of Apple she had, I looked around the market, just observing on what other ponies has in their stalls. I heard a gust of wind above me, looking up I saw a rainbow trail and of course I know the only Pegasus with a rainbow trail around here.

“Heya Twivy!” Pinkie suddenly popped in front of me, which of course had me jumped out of fright.

“Pinkiee!” I scolded after I manage to compose myself, which thankfully my vines aren’t coming out or that will cause a lot of problem.

Pinkie playfully sticks out her tongue, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof while apologizing. “Sorry Twivy, I’m just excited that you actually go out to town instead of staying in the library for the whole day!”

I’m just going to disregard what Pinkie had just said because she had no reason why of how she knows all that. Applejack trots over me and pat me on the back, “Dun worry sugarcube, its just Pinkie bein’ Pinkie.”

“And if that doesn’t make enough sense already,” I snarked, rolling my eyes.

Then Rainbow Dash decides to fly in and chimes in, “Hey, its Pinkie Pie, what do you expect. Everything around her is completely random.”

“Its best not ta question what Pinkie does sugarcube, and ya’ll spare yerself a headache,” Applejack added.

“Yepperonie!” Pinkie clarified. She then perked up as if something had her attention, “Oooh~ somepony’s forgot to water their plants.”

“Wha-“ There was a scream, all of us turned towards a trio of earth pony mares their coat colors in order are pale magenta, pale yellow and pale raspberry. The second one are looking down on a group of flowers that seems to be withered, the other two wonders what’s going on.

“Noooo, rosy!” She wailed.

“What is it?” The first one asked, trotting over the second one. She took a quick look to the withered flowers and cracked up tears of her own.

“No! The horror!” The third one chimes in, wailing with the two before they all faints simultaneously.

“Wuh?” I manage to speak out.

Spike frowned as he looked back and forth between the trio and Applejack, “What just happened to them?” Spike asks, clearly confused.

Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash rolled their respective eyes, “Nah, dun worry ‘bout them, they’re jus’ bein’ dramatic,” Applejack said with a wave of her hoof.

“Over little things too,” Rainbow Dash added.

“Ooookay then…” I spoke out, didn’t really have anything to say about these three.

“Ah Twivine, darling, it’s good to see you again,” I heard a posh accent behind me, turning around to see Rarity trotting over us.

“Hey Rares!” The three ponies called out at the same time.

“Oh darlings, what’s going on, anything I miss out on?” She asked, but was answered with the three shaking their heads.

“Ya dun have anythin’ missed out ‘cept that the trio’s being dramatic again.”

“Oh really, is it over a stallion they’re fawning on?” Rarity said with a playful smile.

Rainbow Dash burst out chuckling, “Heheh, yeah, there they are.” She gestured over to the withered flowers in front of the unconscious trio.

“Oh har har, Rainbow Dash, very funny,” Rarity said, unamused but then joined in with the three giggling.

Spike suddenly belch out a scroll, I quickly grabbed it with my magic and unfurled it. It was the last thing I want to do because four golden tickets dropped down to the ground as soon as I open the scroll. The four ponies present gasped as I blinked, staring at the golden tickets and then shifting towards what was written on the scroll, and no doubt it was Celestia. Well I expect them to be written by her, but instead, it was written in the following:

Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria, is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, on the 21st Day of May 1001 ANM.

You are amongst one of the luckiest selected individual the Royal Highness has chosen to participate in the Grand Galloping Gala. Her Royal Highness herself cordially extends two invitations to Twilight and Twivine Sparkle plus one guest, to be given the ‘Golden Ticket’ for the Grand Galloping Gala.

We are honored to have you and your guest to be present on the Gala.

-Chancellor White Dawn

Please do not lose the Ticket as it is imperative to be shown upon attending the Gala.

I blinked again, and then levitate the four tickets with my magic. It was a mistake however, as every SINGLE pony in the area looked towards us with a wide eyed expression. There was a few gasp here and there too but who cares, I JUST SHOWED TO EVERYPONY THAT I HAVE FOUR TICKETS FOR THE GALA.

And we all know what happened when someone had the ticket to the Gala, especially in a lovely little town like these.

“Aw, great…” I manage to spoke out before every single pony in the market decides to swarm us, asking me if that what they think it is. I turned towards the four ponies I knew in town, and they have the same hopeful and dreamy expression the crowd had. I just know that I had to get out of there.

“Spike, come here for a second,” I called out and said baby dragon comes waddling over.

“Y-yes Twivine?” He asked, slightly disoriented by the amount of ponies swarming all over us.

“Let’s get the hell out of here shall we?” I said smiling while grabbing him with my magic and immediately teleported out of there. I can faintly heard somepony -probably Pinkie- shouting “She’s getting away!”

Good thing I was out of there.


Twilight is not a happy pony. Why? Because all of her schedules are late by fifteen minutes each, without Spike, she did not have the optimal time to complete said task. If her little sister doesn’t just yank off Spike like that, this wouldn’t happen. Still grumbling, Twilight was startled by somepony suddenly teleporting right in front of her. Twilight shrieked from the abrupt teleport from none other but Twivine and Spike.

“Twivine!” Twilight shouted, a bit annoyed.

“Oh hey sis! Look, no time to explain. Grab a plank and form a three times three size barrier over at the balcony on top, hurry!” Twivine insisted, worried expression written on her face.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Twilight’s frustration from earlier disappeared as she asked with a concerned look.

“No time! I make a mistake and now they’re coming for this!” Twivine levitates four golden tickets on her magic, showing it to Twilight. “Spike, are the second floor all boarded up?” Twivine called out.

“Yes ma’am,” Come the answer from the baby dragon.

Twivine put the golden ticket to a nearby table and grabbing a plank out of nowhere and started to barricade the doors and windows. Spike comes down from the second floor, also with a few planks on his embrace as he make his way to Twivine in order to help her.

Twilight however simply asks with the most innocent face Twivine ever seen.

“What’s wrong with it?”

Twilight question were answered with a respective facehoof/claw.

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