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“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne


Applejack's tour of duty didn't work out like she expected; maybe if she'd been able to keep her dang mouth shut... oh, well. She hadn't decided if she really wanted to make a career out of the military, but her superiors made it pretty doggone clear they didn't care for the idea, so that was that. But everytime Harmony closes a door, it opens a window. And maybe she's been sent exactly where she's always needed to be.

However cat-infested it was at the moment.

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The coyotes don't bring up honest Mexicans anymore! They's all foreign Mexicans, so Mexican they don't even come from Mexico no more!

Oh dear, I've gone cross-eyed...

In any case, I'm definitely going to have to read Twilight in Plain Sight now. Heck of a setup, though the blend of pony names and familiar places gets a little disorienting. Still, very nice slice-of-life introduction to this setting. Thank you for it.

This would make an interesting expanded story. Applejack is where she needs to be and hopefully she can help her families homestead.

Amazing little story about the misadventures of life and finding home again, even if I isn't what we expected.

What an interesting idea. Well played. Maybe we'll see more from the idea later, eh? Hint hint.

Applejack's heart was in her throat as she turned the keys in the ignition of her Jeep Cherokee, deathly afraid that this would be the time that the car finally gave up the ghost and refuse to start. That after weeks if not months of neglect, something vital had failed, and the old relic had finally slumped into nonfunctionality.

Come on, come on…

Not this time, the engine turned over with an offended squeal of aging belts. She let it idle for a minute to give the sweet old girl some time to find her voice.

oh AJ, you should know by now that those XJs and those 4.0L PowerTech Sixes are damn near bombproof! (I can't really say the same about the current KLs though)

I liked this. Golden Delicious is a character that I’ve long felt doesn’t get enough attention, from the show, from the fandom, and apparently from her family. She’s a living repository of family history, but half the time it seems she’s more like a lost archivist than a family member.
In a way she reminds me of my own grandmother who, if not watched, buys milk, entenmanns and butter, and she doesn’t use the butter she just stockpiles it. So we watch after her. But I digress.
It’s good to see AJ stepping in for her family, and I’ve always enjoyed stories about rebuilding things from near the ground up. This was like the very beginning of one, and that makes me hopeful for more, but it’s enough to know that, together, AJ and Goldie will do alright.

Plain sight intensifies. All we're missing now is Rarity.

Delightful. Granny reminds me a lot of the "racist but only a little bit and she'd probably still feed you anyway" vibe the older bits of my family give off sometimes.

First I'm hearing about this "Plain Sight" deal, but I'll be sure to check out the mainline series now.
Edit: ha, JK. It's been in my tracking list all along.

Fort Red Shirt

Not a name that inspires confidence or hope in the grunts ...

Why did it feel like a defeat?

The reports of one newly-minted sergeant against, from the sound of it, a large number of the senior and career non-coms on the base? I'd say AJ hasn't a hope in hell, but a faint, optimistic spark pretends otherwise.

So, that's four of the Mane 6 accounted for, maybe we'll see Rarity and Pinkie in a future story, unless something bad happened to them (like poor Cadance and Shining) :applecry:

And seeing the CMC would be fun (although, why all three of 'em would up and move to Dashville from California would take a mite of explainin').

9502767 Wait, we've seen the Pink One?

Bubble Berry is in Twilight in Plain Sight, yes. She runs the daycare in Dashville. Or the kindergarten, I don’t remember which.

As far as I recall though, that’s all. Applejack is here, and Elusive remains as such.

9503303 <Looks back> Well butter my biscuits, I completely forgot about that.

And Applejack is in Dashville, just not connected to the rest ... yet. :pinkiecrazy:

Too many unknowns for me to enjoy but I guess it's... well written? I dunno. I don't think the other continuity stories strike my fancy.

This look like a good start. Nice to see somebody taking care of family.

Twilight in Plain sight was an amazing story. I actually liked it more than this one but I'm just more of a fan of spooklight than armyjack. Still liked this story though. It's hard to put into words but I guess this story is a 4/5 for me, it ended a little too soon while the other one is a 6/5 for me.

It's a great look into the character of adult Applejack, and the fortunes of the EQG Apple Family.

Still, I can't forgive AJ for rattling out Steve Martin!

Author Interviewer

Coulda done without Granny's racist diatribe (that's such a worn trope), but this was extremely good. I'll have to check out that other story now, too. :)

It stands really well, too. Really enjoyable :)

Very nice and believable. So was Poppy Seed a bait and switch or does AJ end up becoming a Marshal?
I mean. I used to work with a man who'd skated across the border all the way from Honduras, about five times.
The way it's handled here feels more like Refuge In Audacity. Also have to keep in mind that this is not only Human Granny Smith but Tennessee hillbilly Granny who has firsthand knowledge of the TVA. People that old are actually usually a little racist on the sly. Hell, my gran didn't make it to 70 and she was a lotta bit racist.

Author Interviewer

I'm more tired of equating racism with the Apples, human or otherwise. :B

Fair and same. But I live in a part of the South that is Just Fine Thank You and Will Not ""Rise Again"" and even still what used to be the slave market in my city is now the "Cotton Exchange", all upscale kitschy white people boutique stores, and the time of year where the slave and pirating ships historically came up the river is a city festival. Southerners being racist is a known quantity.

Given the cover art, I'm picturing AJ become a high tech farmer now.

Also would very interested in a story on how someone becomes a cultist if you ever do another side story to this verse.

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