• Published 9th Aug 2012
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We're in this Together - FlutterDash979797

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy discover balance, old-feelings, and the comfort of each other.

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Goals are more than mere objectives for a pony to accomplish and move on. Goals can define an individual's self-worth, confidence, and even lifestyle. Rainbow Dash's goals were a perfect reflection of her life; every step the athlete took was filled with the confidence of star. Her flight patterns were perfectly adjusted to induce cheers from anypony.

The winds of Equestria trailed behind the pegasus. Rainbow Dash’s wings propelled her forward in the precision that only several years of training could produce. Storms of feathers ruffled the air as several bursts of speed twirled in the mare's various displays of skill.

Only one possible solution existed in Rainbow's talents and the pegasus knew them all too well. Her filly hood was littered with posters, books, magazines, and signature clothing. The transition to adulthood didn't replace the previous worship, rather it complimented them with fangirl cries, contests, and perfection of flight routines.

"Wonderbolt." Rainbow Dash whispered to herself in flight. "Rainbow Dash; the Wonderbolt."

Fragmented distortions of colors clouded the daredevil's vision as her eyes failed to keep up with her tricks. Flip after flip, barrel roll after barrel roll. The number of tricks was surpassed only by the speed in which they were performed. A normal pony would find it an impossible task in attempting to decipher Dash's routine move by move.

2 weeks, she thought defiantly. 2 weeks until all of Equestria sees the greatness that is Rainbow Dash.

Clustered bunches of clouds failed to make contact with the precision of Rainbow's flight as various tricks escalated. Flashes of brilliant cyan stood apart from the sky's dull blue.

Up here, she thought. Up here is my home. My domain. I own the sky.

Hooves dented the Equestrian soil violently, sending fragments in various directions.

"Now that's how you fly!" she boasted.

"Wow Rainbow Dash! You rock! Woo hoo." A pair of yellow wings fluttered in the distance.

"Hey Fluttershy! You liked it?" Rainbow replied to her approaching friend.

"Yes Rainbow! It was awesome! I loved all of your tricks! I can't wait to see you perform them during the Wonderbolt trials! You are going to be so amazing!"

"It felt so awesome! I have everything perfect... Well, on that routine anyway. Wanna see another one?"

"Of course Rainbow." Rainbow's gust flickered the grass next to the nervous spectator.

"Ready Fluttershy?" Dash asked as her wings hovered. "Here it goes!"

The air broke in a sharp pulse as Rainbow Dash soared towards the ground.

"Double-backflip," she told herself. "followed by an upward barrel roll."

"Woo hoo!"

"Still working on those cheers, huh Fluttershy?" Dash laughed as she hovered over her.

"Well, if I practiced half as much as you do, I would be a world-class cheerer!"

"Anyways, what are you doing around here 'Shy? It's nice to see you."

"I was just walking home after a visit to the forest. Animal stuff, you know?"

"So you think I'm ready Fluttershy? Are you going to be there, cheering me on? Hopefully Rarity won't find another pair of wings this time!"

"Oh, don’t worry about Rarity, she learned her lesson. Of course I will! Everypony will! And if anypony should be a Wonderbolt, it's you!"

"Hey thanks Shy!"

"I'm just speaking the truth Rainbow.”

"So... are you guys going to come and visit me? When I'm traveling and performing all over Equestria?"

"Of course Rainbow Dash! We all can't wait! I'll be there whenever I can! I wouldn't pass up a chance to see my best friend perform in front of thousands! You’re going to be so great! The best Wonderbolt ever!"

"Aww... you're making me feel all sappy. But thanks, it's true, I know!" Dash laughed.

"Maybe I can show you a trick or two sometime? I mean... I know flying isn't your favourite thing, but it would be a great way for us to catch up when I'm touring."

"Yes... I would love that. But I'll never be as good as you, that's for sure."

"Don't worry Shy! I'll turn a champion flier out of you yet! Anyways, I gotta get back to my routine... So I'll see you around sometime?"

"Sure Rainbow Dash. If you ever need anything, I'll be here. I mean... You know I'm not good with tricks and flying, but if you ever need a friend, I'll be close."

"I'll take you up on that! See you 'Shy!" Rainbow took into the spring skies;

It's been awhile since we've talked. Well, alone anyways, Rainbow pondered as the wind massaged her face.

All this Wonderbolt stuff... I hope I can never abandon my friends... I hope it doesn't get in the was. She halted mid-flight. Doubts? You're doubting the Wonderbolts? The moment you have been training for your entire life? Nah... I'll make it work. Friends and Wonderbolts, not a problem, just like saving Equestria.

A mix-and-match of the first two routines followed. She had created several different styles for each routine. Some wrote, some drew; Rainbow Dash crafted a harmonious arrangement of style and skill.

Speed? Oh, they're gonna be so impressed when I show em' a sonic rainboom again! I can't wait to see the look on their faces! She dashed through several clouds effortlessly as her agility routine came into play. There just isn't anything I can't do! Her routine finished without a scratch on the clouds. Yeah... I'm ready!

Rainbow made her way to a larger cloud and rested in its unique comfort. "Who says Wonderbolts can't take naps?" Thoughts of Fluttershy's encouragement soon followed, catalyzing memories of all her companions. "Or have friends." Her head rested on the whites of the cloud as she pondered.

This is everything, she thought as her breaths ruffled the cloud.

My life... Everything is going to change. My life... I'll never stay in the same spot again... The thought forced her to retract her head from the comfort. No... I just... I want everything to go right. I can have my friends. I'll pass the trials. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. She followed with a massive gulp of air. But is that enough?