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Lonely nights in the junkyard are common, and Delta often sits awake through them. Staring out into the night givens plenty of thoughts the chance to invade her weary mind.

A quick story set in the universe of Delta Vee's Junkyard. This particular story is based on recent updates (and their comments) on Derpibooru. As the tags advertise, this story deals with triggering subjects in non-explicit ways.

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Comments ( 13 )

Well.... That was an unneeded feels trip...

I'm unsure what to say really, other than very well done on the perspective writing style, you really capitalize on it.

It was so well done it depressed me.

Thank you for reading! This was a story I wasn't expecting to get any comments on once I noticed the reception it was getting, but it feels really great to get one now. I haven't done this kind of perspective breakdown in a while (and normally I do them with poetry, tbh), so it's hopefully not too rusty.

It was a very good read overall, it especially packed a lot of emotional depth (and punch) for how short it was. I'd say any concerns of rust you have are unfounded. :rainbowlaugh:

I do believe the reason for the lack of attention is due to the tag mixer. Tragedy is avoided like the plague by most, (For usually good reason, if they want to avoid crying) but paired with Non-con and Dark, it just puts up even more warning signs. I wouldn't take the reception too hard, considering the above.

That's always true, though space ponyos do tend to garner reads and all, so it was still a little odd. It's good to see I haven't lost my touch, though.

That was a lot of feels for a short story, awesome work and writing :heart:

thank you so much! it means a lot to me knowing you enjoyed it C:

That was quite an emotional trip for 1000 words. Nicely done!

I really should not have read this. It's phenomenal writing on every level but god i should not have read this.

either way, it's important for stories like this to exist. thank you for writing it

I’m sorry if it stirred up anything it shouldn’t have; I try to label stuff like that as well as possible. But thank you so much for the praise! My darker pieces tend to be among my favorites and seeing comments on them always makes my day because it shows I’m doing something right.

no need to apologize. Honestly it's kinda hilarious for me to get all worked up about this anyway, knowing ive written about the same things. Irony and hypocrisy go hand in hand, I guess

And for real, this is an excellent story. Its a staggering reminder that big emotions don't come from big words, and I hope you're super proud of it cuz you really should be

Thank you so much!! I was pretty reluctant on how to go about this little piece, since it wasn't as, ah, abstractly terrifying as some of the other things I wrote. Autophobia and its companion thingies. It's the first experience I've had tackling the subject in my own fics, and it's something I had no intention to treat lightly.

knowing ive written about the same things.

always waiting for you to rip my guts out with an update on a sadflower story/update :,)

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