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Watergush Ebb is a writer, playwright, poet. Why do the publishers keep rejecting his work? Perhaps his childhood idol, a formidable ectoplasmic entity, can help. But will it help in the way the young creative expects? Who can tell?

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How'd you come up with Watergush Ebb's name?

I was looking for something that would reflect his character. He is quick to become passionate (about a writing career, about his plan to exploit the Spectre) but the emotion is short-lived (he has tired of writing long ago, though he cannot admit it to himself).

Therefore, my mind went to water first violently gushing (think of figures of speech like "gushing with enthusiasm") and then ebbing off.

Also, something about monosyllabic surnames with rough consonants at the edges rings appropriately unsympathetic (viz. Ebeneezer Scrooge, Salacious Crumb).

(Took me a while to come up with, so I'm glad someone took interest. Have a colourful day!)

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