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"You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."- John Lennon (Dashie | she/her)



((Loosely based off the Twenty Øne Piløts concept album Trench.))

On the moon, hundreds of years into the future, there is a city called Lema. Once ruled by Luna as the first city to be established on the moon. She had other pressing matters, and the leadership was passed on to nine bishops, they rule the city with an iron hoof.

The bishops are trying to make everyone live a life dictated by several rules and regulations. They will put every rebel in their place.

However, a lunar pony named Prancey, is having none of it. He tries to rebel and is promptly put in place.

But that won’t stop him from trying.

((Written in the first person))

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A fellow TØP fan? Hell yeah

Actually, while the album’s great, it’s really the only Twenty Øne Piløts album I’ve heard, I’d like to listen to Blurryface at some point as well. I do like the songs they released to the radio though (with the exception of My Blood.)

Yeah, Blurryface is great! I would start with that one and go to their earlier albums (in my opinion, Vessel is the best)

How the hell do you pronounce Twenty Øne Piløts?

Twenty One Pilots, the crossed o’s are simply stylized.

(same oo or eu sound as in "bleu") "oene"

So the Hëavy Mëtal Ümlät is in effect here. I always though it was just pronounced
Twenty One Pilots, but I guess not.

Like how Motörhead isn’t pronounced Motor-Head, but rather Motuhr-Head

Or Blue Öyster Cult being pronounced Blue Uhster Cult

Or how Mötley Crüe is pronounced Muht-ley Cruh

And how Spiñal Täp is pronounced Spinnal Top

Oh I was just foolin'.

I'm not a huge fan of My Blood either, but the music video that goes with it is such an emotional gut punch

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