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A bullied runaway foal, faced with a decision that could change his life forever, runs into a pair of helpful salesponies.

Together, they'll teach him that, like life, a name is only what you make of it.

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A fun little story, Invictus. As always, your work is excellent. Good luck on all the writing this story may cause you on that project however. :twilightsmile:

You know, I constantly try to imagine how to use Flim and Flam without it becoming a complete farce. While this story is indeed hilarious while reading in their voices, it's also quite moving. Bravo good sir :moustache:

wonderful little one shot yah got here. pips one of my fav chars (or at the very least he's in my top four :trixieshiftright:) and its always good to see what flim and flam are up too after the cider machine incedent.

I think we have a winner here folks. I love how you portray FLim and Flam, and its very easy to hear their voices in this.

Awwww! That was very short and sweet. I enjoyed it thoroughly. :twilightsmile:

Tho I don't like the Flim-Flam brothers....This story has moved my heart (a couple of inches to the right) :fluttercry:

A nice little story. :pinkiesmile:

this was brilliant. i loved it, i really did. short and sweet yes, but it had an evident plot and quality way of getting their. equally, i enjoyed your interpretation of the flim flam brothers. not completely bad, but even their good deeds had the hints of egotism and superiority. quality characterization, believable idea, and all around great story. good job.:twilightsmile:

Sent here by Dawnscroll and I am glad he did, this is an excellent short. Definitely gets a spot on my user page wall of recommended oneshots.

Nonpareil, huh? I had always wondered what it was they were saying.

Dawnscroll made me do it!

And I don't regret it. This was a great story. I love when I can find the occasional fic that make Flim and Flam out to be good, instead of the usual greedy scumbags.

*chuckle* Flim and Flam are two charming guys, and it's fun to see them as good guys for a change. Nice little story.:eeyup:

Wow. Nice fic you have here. It was not only touching, but moderately funny (Mostly because of the Flim Flam stuff. I can just imagine them saying that all, with the mock surprise and everything.), and very well written. And... it made me like Flim and Flam. Now there's a change. x] This is a surprisingly good story. Nice job. :)

This is very good.

I liked it. I was half-expecting the Flim-Flam brothers to be trying to screw Pip over or something like that but you turned that on its ear. Then again, this sort of made me realize they were only dickheads and not total monsters in their epic episode. Nice story! It makes me want the duo to come back for season three in some manner.

Had to comment again: fifteen minutes after reading this fic and it still has me in a good mood!

Well despite featuring some of the ponies I don't really like. That was a nice little story. :twilightsmile:

Also. Damn you Invictus for writing Flim and Flam well enough that I read their lines in their voices. :twilightangry2:

I love seeing Flim and Flam portrayed as actual, sympathetic characters. It's a rare sight to see, and this certainly doesn't dissapoint.

Dude, I fucking cried. No shit, and no clue why. Just tears:fluttercry:. That was awesome. Power in 2,000ish words. Bravo.

Just commenting to say I liked this. Like everyone else, I enjoyed Flim and Flam in this, but I like them anyway. Between this and the Psych crossover, you've earned yourself another follower.

bloody amazing and damn touching

psychology approves


Excellent, I mean.


Okay, now that was unexpected. This was definitely worth the featuring. It's poignant, skilfully written, and I have a soft spot for good guys!FlimFlam. Good job, author.

That... was very interesting. Completely amazing, and I loved it, but still interesting. Never thought those two groups would get together and work out well :rainbowwild:

Brilliant little piece. :pinkiehappy:

First story in the first edition of the reviews did not disappoint. Excellent characterization and a wonderful short about self discovery. Thank you for your contribution Invictus.

I'm ashamed that it took the reviews for me to find a story like this. I've always prized myself on my ability to find stuff. Oh well, this was amazing though. I can't wait to read more stories by you.

Brilliant! Definitely deserved to be spotlighted in the reviews.
And Pipsqueak doesn't get enough fics about him, he's too adorable for words.
Flim and Flam have a lot of awesomeness to them as well (despite that cider incident).

There, I fixed the syntax! Thank you, Mudpony, for pointing that out.

Anyway, thank all of you commenters for your more-than-kind words. I'm absolutely thrilled that you've enjoyed this story and can only hope that you find my future endeavors as entertaining.

You're the best!


Its nice to finally find a good story with these characters. I like how believable this one is. :pinkiehappy:

I was brought here by the Seattle's Angels review, and I was expecting the revelations in regards to Pip. What surprised me was the new perspective you gave on what were originally fun but one-dimensional villains. Bravo.

That's a good opportunity to gain respect from the community!

I'm surprised Flim and Flam didn't try to exploit him.

This took a LONG time to be on EQD.

YES! I love Flim and Flam! :heart:

Hehe, and they're right; being able to sell someone on their own name is pretty impressive! And here I thought that "selling ice to Eskimos" was the highest level of skill! XD

I gotta say, I have a weakness for stories where Flim and Flam are the good guys.

Oh my, that was precious. Well done! :rainbowkiss:

What a charming story. Flim and Flam were perfectly in character here. Yes, they were nice... to a young child, whom they had no gain from exploiting, whom they could help with no real expenditure from themselves (a peppy confidence-boosting speech and a bit of teleport magic) and whom they could probably sympathise with for having made a few bad choices. The brothers are profit seekers, not malefactors, after all. Very enjoyable.

Love the story and I'm glad this is the first Flim Flam Bros fic I've read because it doesn't present them as monsters.
Anyway I did notice one tiny error:
“They never know how good they’ve got it. Good thing we’re around to send them home.”
The we're should be we were. We're is a contraction of we are so it doesn't work in that context.
Keep up the great work!

An interesting way of using the Flim Flam Brothers! You did a great job with their dialogue, and the overall slice of life was entertaining to read. Nicely done!

This was a lovely little tale that put me smiling silly. Thank you so much for that. :)

Flim and Flam are very fun characters, and it's great to see such an affectionate spin on them! Nicely done! :pinkiesmile:

I read this fic months ago! I remember liking it, but I don't remember what I was thinking at the time.

I love it when talkers use their powers for good. This as very sweet. nicely done.

Bravo! Flim and Flam are nicely done here. I wish there were more stories where these two got to show off their wit!

“Now wait a moment, Flam,” the one the magnificently mustachioed stallion had called Flim spoke up.

You got the names backwards. :twilightblush: Flam is best mustache pony! :moustache:


Great portrayal of Flim and Flam, I've always disliked the shows version. I myself see them as nothing more than two salesponies trying to make a living.
On a side note the definition of Flim and Flam are this:
Flim: 1. A five-pound note.
Flam: 1. A deception or trick. 2. A falsehood; lie.
I wished you would have compared the brothers names defining money and falsehood to Pipsqueak's name defining "A contemptibly small or unimportant person."
I still thought it was great for what it is! :twilightsmile:

So awesome!

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