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Anything can happen, but it usually doesn't.

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Insta fave. I love this ship and i love its stories


Oh, and, like, cute 'n' stuff. :P Really like how the garden gave them something to ~bond over~ and how you can see even from the beginning what they're seeing in each other, why it makes sense. They click!

Also, super neat to see how your style translates to something more upbeat; it's still that distinctly strong character writing, just in a different sort of setting and with a different tone.

I'm up for more if you are

nice and fluffy so far. You're a hecka cool writer, y'know? Keep it up! It looks like you're enjoying the journey.

I wonder if Wallflower Blush would faint halfway through Pink Floyd's The Wall.

And of *course* Wallflower wears a "plain white bra" while Sunset's lingerie is smoking hawt as hell. Nice contrast you've got going here. Especially since Sunset strikes me as more turned on than Wallflower, despite the wrappings.

I like the pace you set for yourself in this version of the chapter. Wallflower does Wallflower things as soon as they enter Sunset's apartment. Which is appropriate, methinks.

And then, ew, boobs.

You've got something nice and giggly going on here. I like how clean and consensual and *adorbs* it is. Keep it up. F'naaa.


Whoa! This is cute!.

Here's hoping for a second chapter

Good story, love it

They don't have to hold back anymore.


Flutters danced through her entire body,

I just... I can't help but imagine tons of miniature Fluttershys dancing around, frolicking with critters, and giggling with merriment. Because of the capitalization, I can't help it. XD

I'm down for snuggle-smut!

Okay, I'm more than convinced. You're too awesome not to follow. Keep up the storytelling asskickery!

This was tender and heartfelt. I feels all warm and squishy now. =3

I went back and read the first chapter, not because I didn't remember what happened but because I wanted to have that buildup of feelings all over again going into this. And let me just say, it really pays off, sliding perfectly into this chapter. And oh my goodness, this chapter. This is so so sweet and I love their dynamic (and that they both keep asking if they're comfortable!) and just gah.

Oh and the whole thing's hot as hell. Enhanced snuggles? Heck yes.

That's from Undertale, not tattletale.

I was calling 9706048 a tattletale. =P I wasn't referencing the game Tattletail. :pinkiecrazy:

Does there really need to be a sex tag/M rating if it's just snuggling?

ENHANCED snuggling.
See also: lewdness

Oh. Oh! Oh my, the snuggling has been enhanced.

I love how absolutely awkward they both are on their little adventure. I look forward to seeing these two adorably stumble around/into eachother in the future.

Also, lewd.derpicdn.net/img/2018/8/19/1810458/medium.png


I look forward to seeing these two adorable stumble around/into eachother in the future.

stumble around/into eachother

into eachother

Also, lewd.


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