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Insta fave. I love this ship and i love its stories


Oh, and, like, cute 'n' stuff. :P Really like how the garden gave them something to ~bond over~ and how you can see even from the beginning what they're seeing in each other, why it makes sense. They click!

Also, super neat to see how your style translates to something more upbeat; it's still that distinctly strong character writing, just in a different sort of setting and with a different tone.

I'm up for more if you are

nice and fluffy so far. You're a hecka cool writer, y'know? Keep it up! It looks like you're enjoying the journey.

I wonder if Wallflower Blush would faint halfway through Pink Floyd's The Wall.

And of *course* Wallflower wears a "plain white bra" while Sunset's lingerie is smoking hawt as hell. Nice contrast you've got going here. Especially since Sunset strikes me as more turned on than Wallflower, despite the wrappings.

I like the pace you set for yourself in this version of the chapter. Wallflower does Wallflower things as soon as they enter Sunset's apartment. Which is appropriate, methinks.

And then, ew, boobs.

You've got something nice and giggly going on here. I like how clean and consensual and *adorbs* it is. Keep it up. F'naaa.


Whoa! This is cute!.

Here's hoping for a second chapter

Good story, love it

They don't have to hold back anymore.


Flutters danced through her entire body,

I just... I can't help but imagine tons of miniature Fluttershys dancing around, frolicking with critters, and giggling with merriment. Because of the capitalization, I can't help it. XD

I'm down for snuggle-smut!

Okay, I'm more than convinced. You're too awesome not to follow. Keep up the storytelling asskickery!

This was tender and heartfelt. I feels all warm and squishy now. =3

I went back and read the first chapter, not because I didn't remember what happened but because I wanted to have that buildup of feelings all over again going into this. And let me just say, it really pays off, sliding perfectly into this chapter. And oh my goodness, this chapter. This is so so sweet and I love their dynamic (and that they both keep asking if they're comfortable!) and just gah.

Oh and the whole thing's hot as hell. Enhanced snuggles? Heck yes.

That's from Undertale, not tattletale.

I was calling 9706048 a tattletale. =P I wasn't referencing the game Tattletail. :pinkiecrazy:

Does there really need to be a sex tag/M rating if it's just snuggling?

ENHANCED snuggling.
See also: lewdness

Oh. Oh! Oh my, the snuggling has been enhanced.

I love how absolutely awkward they both are on their little adventure. I look forward to seeing these two adorably stumble around/into eachother in the future.

Also, lewd.derpicdn.net/img/2018/8/19/1810458/medium.png


I look forward to seeing these two adorable stumble around/into eachother in the future.

stumble around/into eachother

into eachother

Also, lewd.


Sunset nestled snugly against her, resting her head on Wallflower’s chest.

I've always wondered if that would be discomforting. But, then again, that's all part of my innate attachment to my long-standing bewbs are just giant testicles theory.

Wallflower did her best to keep her body as still as possible so as not to disturb the absolutely gorgeous girl who was using her as a pillow.

Hand pillow? Naaaaaah...

Tummy flutters, Sunset had called them.

but for Wallflower at least, the waves of excitement were now coming from somewhere decidedly lower.

Wellington, New Zealand?

She slowly reached up and touched Sunset's hand, which gave her breast a delicate squeeze.

Y'know, there's softcore.

And then there's sofffffffffffffffffffffffftcore.

“Hnnnnnnaaaaahhh...” Wallflower sighed,

I've always wondered how *speech* would (or should) factor into lemons/yarns/smut. Mayhaps this will be a learning experience.

“I know I asked before, but... Are you okay...?


It's not just "consensual."

It's "comfortsensual."

“Pfffffffftt—” Wallflower couldn’t help but laugh.

You forgot the (SPIT) tag.

Wallflower’s heart melted at the sight of Sunset Shimmer being so nervous.

Mesa glad this is endearing and not mood-killing.

Slowly, slowly,

Egoraptor: Lot of "slowly" going on.

A breathless moan left Wallflower’s lips as she felt something tracing across her legs,

Oh Nietzsche *please* be futa.

With each pass, her breathing grew a little heavier and her legs spread a little wider.

This is a sensitive fic... but not a sensual one. I'm used to reading smuts that are uber-dedicated to describing every dollop of lubricant and salivary strand, but that's not the meat and potatoes of this. This is about the emotion and the amorous feelings being generated by the sensuality. Good on you for claiming a narrative tone and sticking to it. (get it? "sticky?")

Their fingers laced together,

“S-sorry! I’m sorry!” Sunset pulled away, and Wallflower gasped as her finger pulled out. “Are you alright? I’m really sorry, I thought—!”

Cute. And a solid factor of this fic's overall tone.

Silly Sunset. She had to learn that her Wally-Chan has animuu girl levels of sensitivity.

“O-oh geez...”


“You’re really good at this,” she said.

Shimmer? I hardly even know her!

As wonderful as this feeling was, it was all the more meaningful because Sunset was enjoying herself too.

Not enough smuts focus on the inner sensations of both partners, or maybe I've been reading the wrong smuts.

As Wallflower’s soft moans gave way to longing whimpers, Sunset began pressing more firmly into her folds.

We really haven't had any... medical terms at all in this story, have we? That's nifty.

All the while, her fingers continued to swirl around Wallflower’s labia.

D'oh. Never mind. It's fine. It'sfineit'sfineit'sfineit'sfine.

“You look so adorable right now,” Sunset said.


“I’m right here with you,” she said. “I want to feel you shudder…”

Intimate with a capital I. And while this is immensely, deliciously, psychologically sweet and consensual, it feels like the closest we get to something remotely resembling "assertively dominant." The softness of this fic is epic.

“I couldn’t really say why,” Sunset said. “For the longest time, whenever I heard people talking about anything sexual,


“But not with you,” Sunset said, smiling.

"I hate sand, but sand's not like you. You're not rough or coarse..."

“I love you,” Sunset sighed. “I really, really do.”

Whew. Saved it in the end.

Sunset held Wallflower close, gently stroking her hair as her orgasm reached a fever pitch.

Always the best part.

“So you, uhm… Finished...?”

Hmmm. That's an uncommon one.

“Mmmmmm…” Wallflower closed her eyes, sighing. “You were wonderful.”

I wonder if even lesbians fake it.

“Heeheehee—okay,” Wallflower giggled. “We’re wonderful.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plant girl.

Now more than ever, she knew for certain what love felt like.


Misery detox indeed.

I'd prescribe more of it. The stuff it produces is fuzztastical.


Okay, this is the adorable sexy fluff I was here for. This is really nice. Thank you for taking the time to show these two being sweet together before things got heated. I like how you have them bounce off each other.

These two being awkward and sweet and figuring this out together... it would be very easy for it to kill the mood and yet it adds instead. How you can tell you're doing it well.

Also, with Sunset enjoying making someone shudder... I mean who can blame her?

Very sweet and sexy, plus you could hand this to someone as an example of natural affirmative consent and good communication. Very nice.

Now I just need to avoid all your other fics look like :p Since it looks like it'll be misery executed with the same skill and I'm not sure I can take it.

for real, thanks though. glad you enjoyed the SunFlower snuggles, cuz let's be real they're perfect together

(you should totally read all my other stuff tho)

“Me, I hope,"


They're so cute and gay and mushy, I love it! Also I don't know how to complement this while still sounding decent, so I'll settle with a hearty "Well done!"

The SunFlower is Inevitable.


It would be weird to leave a comment about touching myself while I read this.

Stan Smith voice: "It would be weird if you didn't!"

This is lovely and snuggly and fluffy. Just gonna finish it before--

If enough people are interested, I'll add another chapter delving into smuttier territory. If not, I'll do it anyway. I don't play by the rules, y'all.

--okay, that's quality sass. Immediate upvote.

This was mostly just adorable! :twilightsmile:

Also, I couldn't help but imagine that the "tummy flutters" we're tiny little Fluttershy clones with butterfly wings, just floating about and going "On my...oh my!" and "Oh! Please excuse me." and such.

Author Interviewer

This is so cute, I'm gonna diiiiiie D:

Author Interviewer

Consider my heart fuzzied and warmed!

Bddhshanahwge this was so cuteeee I'm dyingggg fbdndn

Lots of smiles were had while reading this, I've had this laying around forever and I'm glad I finally got around to reading it! This was really well written, every paragraph was lovely to read and painted a clear image in my head. Can't wait to read the rest of your stories!! <3

Welp, it took me... *checks calendar* five months to get to back to this, and this wasn't even one of your sadfics! XD I'm a huge sucker for romance, no matter the sexuality or gender of the characters involved. All I have to say is bravo!

Oh, and :heart:. Can't forget about :heart:.

Oh come on! If you’re gonna do a sequel don’t spoil it for us!:twilightoops::facehoof::twilightangry2:

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