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I was reading down the short description for this story and as soon as I reached Dusk's name I was like 'Damn, Buster's done it again!' because A. You've monopolised Dusk and B. I know I'm in for a quality read.


Dusk has kind of become my baby at this point. My thicc, twinky, hung-as-all-fuck baby that I whore out to everyone.

I'm such a good parent.

Hell, I should say so. Dusk's gotten more tail than most people get in their lifetimes. You're the platinum standard of parenting. I guess the only way you could be one-upped is if his actual momma screws him, but hey, what are the chances of that happening.


Sorry, the state says I'm not allowed to adopt children anymore after they discovered my child sex ring after my other boy won the UK's top slut-bag competition by bringing thirteen men to orgasm with his asshole at once.

The papers had a hard time reporting on that one, I tell you.

Oh God nooooooooooooooooice!

UNF! Now that's some quality clop!
Applebutt is always a win

PS AJ tag is missing


Oh dang. Now I should write a sequel where Dusk fucks AJ over a bar after a night of heavy drinking.

I'll fix it.

Jejeje would be funny if dusk managed to ground certain rainbow haired junkie for eleven months, just to prove himself as stud enough for his fuck-friends

He would probably be glad to fuck her brain out on a cloud until they accidentally bust it or cause people to wonder why the rain smells funny and it's white and sticky, but I don't think he would take away from her the thing she enjoys the most (aside for sex) just out of spite

It was figurative speech

That junkie carried along half squad of dolls and a gigantic marshmallow
Pretty sure that she still can carry someone inside
... for his part
probably should look in every corner, the prank war will be brutal
and let me tell you a fact a pregnant woman (or at least my ex's) becomes a sexy and insatiable predator (terrors of hormonal desbalance)

I will never understand how people can make an intrinsically hot idea so bland and boring

that's almost a talent of its own, in a way

Media is gonna have a field day with these two but who cares? Dusk scored one of the finest pieces of tail in Equestria as his marefriend and he's not afraid to show it.

TDR #19 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Who's the artist of the image?

May I ask why this story has a twilight tag when she isn't here.


It's mostly because concept and execution don't go hand in hand with one another.

A good concept needs a good writer to flesh it out and make it work, and sadly I am not one, thus a lot of my shit ends up being repetitive drek that follows the same list of ideas, often reusing the same descriptions, analogies, and even similar passages from older works because I'm simply a bad writer with a very limited skill set.


Because Dusk Shine is the R63 version of Twilight, and there's no tag for Dusk Shine.

That cover picture tho...

Pony porn down voted check.

Dusk leaned forward again, running his tongue over her back, lapping up more of her salty sweat, his nose picking up the trance-inducing scent of her skin, mixing in with the grass around them, the apple smell in the air, and the faint perfume she wore. He could feel his cock drooling inside her pussy, thick globs of pre bubbling out of the tip and putting that first layer of paint on her well-fucked stomach before he'd even gotten going properly yet.

I thought he was in her arse.


Oh, shit, yeah, he was indeed.


Edit: fixed. I hope.

novabytes (aka ponybytes), you can find their page on Derpibooru

I searched both names, ponybytes found nothing, and novabytes only found an image drawn by someone else as a gift for them. >.<

Ah, okay, there we go. Ah. . . . I think I forgot to include the “artist” prefix. <.< I’m an idiot.

I love some good old fashion raw sex!

I wouldn't mind some other stories of Dusk and the Main 6, maybe have the last one epilogue with Dusk finding out there all pregnant.

Of course i also would probably enjoy stuff with Dusk and less seen parring (crack parring's) like maybe Moon Dancer, Somnambula, TreeHugger or even Saffron Masala, so go ahead and write whatever you feel like.

Maybe Rainbow Dash (male) and Fluttershy (female)?

Edit: I don't get why I'm getting so many dislikes, it's just a idea.

Yes! More with the Mane Six! Please!

The amount of dislikes you have is comical. I don't know why you do, but I can't stop laughing. I'm so sorry. Please accept an apology like.

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