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The stories clog up my brain and prevent me from thinking about anything else until I write them down. True story.


Teenage Starlight Glimmer is a latchkey foal, her parents never at home, so she's raising herself. She has demigoddess-level magic, untreated mental illness, and (hidden in the back of her closet) a black grimoire, a vile necronomicon, a book of the most blasphemous spells only known to the worst eldritch abominations and Tirek-worshippers that have ever existed.

It’s not a good combination.

Starlight isn't a bad filly, really she's not, but she has problems. She tries to be good, not always successfully, but when Starlight's mother suffers yet another personal tragedy, and there's nothing Starlight can do to cheer mom up, the necronomicon offers Starlight some help from the most loathsome depths of space and time. And Starlight is always looking for the magical solution to her problems.

Can Starlight cover up her crimes before dawn?

Cover art by commission with the excellent NixWorld! (FIMFictionDeviantArt). Please show NixWorld the love.

NixWorld made Equestria Daily!

Vaguely shares a universe with my other stories. No need to have read them first, however.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 31 )

I love this please keep it up, you are an amazing writer.

Starlight, go sit in the corner.

Thanks! The entire story (8 chapters, about 20k words) is written, less some minor polishing. Unless I get hit by a bus or stuck changing planes at some airport without wifi, I’ll drop 1-2 chapters per week until it’s done.

Fairly minor spoiler: mom won’t be very happy with Starlight.

Starlight Glimmer committed Equestria's only capital crime about a month after her sixteenth birthday. It started on a Monday.

And that's when I realized it's going to be good :rainbowlaugh:

Starlight glanced down at the not-very-old scars on her own wrists, just above her forehooves, then looked back at mom.

Well, pony's wrist is more like in the top half of foreleg.


And that's when I realized it's going to be good :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! I hope the remaining chapters do not disappoint you.

Well, pony's wrist is more like in the top half of foreleg.

You are absolutely, 100% correct—but that was an important part of the story so I used ‘wrist’ as shorthand to keep the narrative flowing.


And my allusion was not in vain!



You know they’ll cut your horn off at the base before the trial, right?
This seems a little...

Don’t assume it’s being truthful.

The best ever attack of the Undead that I have ever read.


Thank you! Deeply, thank you!

I hope the remaining four chapters can live up to your expectations.

His body blew apart with a massive puff of putrefying meat.


Grandma Firestar was lurching on three legs and levitation.

Zombies can't restore severed limbs?

Mom watched, horrified, as the pony she loved more than her own life loped away into the woods, followed by fifteen hell-beasts.

So, the book didn't lie about number of zombies?


Zombies can't restore severed limbs?

Trust me in this one. I’m pleased people’s noses are twitching on the foreshadowing.

Crack! She was back, levitating the vodka bottle down, as hard as she could, smashing it against the coyote’s smoldering coat.

Whoosh! It lit up, howled, and she felt the magical connection snap as it returned to death.

Well, vodka kiiiinda burns (try to ignite it, though) but in practice won't even boil off all the water that's in it. And why prioritize that pancake if it's the safest zombie around?


Interesting.... I’m an ex-drinker myself or I would do the experiment! Don’t keep the stuff in the house anymore.

(I did watch some youtube videos to see if it would burn at all, however.)

Many thanks!


... or I would do the experiment!

That's what I did. Ethanol vapor above layer of liquid burns off and leaves water behind despite heat of combustion being ~10MJ/kg for ~2MJ/kg heat of vaporization. Piece of wood soaked with it is pretty difficult to ignite.


And for that, I thank you! I’ll tweak Chapter Six before pushing it...

Wait, who's Firelight?

Actually she didn't take over Our Town. She founded it. Meaning it didn't exist till she decided to build a town. She started building it and the ponies came to her of their own free will.

Remember, when the Mane 6 arrived, that one pony said he would take them to the town founder Starlight.

People keep saying she took over the town, when in reality it was her town to begin with.


Huh. I missed that. (My six-year-old decides which episodes we watch and rewatch!)

I’ll dig through the transcipts on mlp.fandom and find the exact wording and edit as needed.



Double Diamond: Perhaps you'd care to speak to our founder Starlight Glimmer.

And you’re right! Thanks again. Chapter 8 corrected.

I loved this thanks for making it.

Thanks for reading it! I appreciate the positive feedback.

Well... so long as they're polite

Oh jesus, I just did the math.
15 zombies from the graveyard, one undead flatyote, but the book said 17

the last one's in her mom, isn't it

Ehhhh, what’s the sex tag for? I haven’t read it yet.

This is my favorite version of a young Glimmer so far, nice work! Will you ever explore more of this verse in the future?


"Unexpected Stories Over Drinks" is this same Starlight and Trixie as adults; I'm (slowly) writing a novel that will be sequel to this, "Princess Luna's Unconvincing Disguise," and "The Ponies in the Caves."

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