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I Love Sunset Shimmer



This story is a sequel to Hey, Cheerilee, Cheerilee!

Only a week has passed since the last Cheerilee incident, and Jimmy has returned. But things are about to heat up again...

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Lol, keeping the school in order deserves a drink indeed!

Great work!

It was once again a quiet day on Roanoke Island.

Only the sound of Cheerilee's knife scratch-scratch-scratching, as she carved "CROATOAN" into a wooden post, could be heard.

Thanks :3

Don't forget the blog post promotion before you go to bed X3

Jimmy sat in his room, looking at a webpage on his PC. There was a look of shock on his face. And no, this time it wasn’t because his friend had sent him a scary video, as he did from time to time to prank him.

“No!” he gasped. “It cannot be true!”

But his eyes told him otherwise. Hasbro had recently announced that the 9th season of his favourite TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, was going to be the last and the story would come to an end.

Poor Jimmy...:fluttershysad:.

Whilst some users on Fimfiction had been claiming since 2017 that Season 9 would bring the finish, it was still a shock to read. The show had been a huge part of Jimmy’s life. And before the year was out, it would be gone. Forever.

Dont be said that its going to end...be happy that it happened and you got to see it:pinkiesad2:.

That very thought saddened him immensely, as Sunset was by far his favourite character. How would he cope if she were to go? More importantly, how would the fandom?

The Fandom will keep her alive:scootangel:! All of them:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

Jimmy’s attention was momentarily distracted when he noticed something lying on his table. It was some sort of green pin, though what it was doing there was beyond him. He reached toward it, and picked it up to examine it. “Where did you come from?” he asked. “And more importantly, what are you doing in my room?”

First the pin:twilightsmile:.

Just then, it vanished from his hand. “Well, that was weird. Wait a second!”

The pin was now in the button hole of his shirt. Just as he noticed this, he saw the shirt change color, from a deep red to a white. It now looked like something that would be worn with a suit, but the sleeves looked like they had been rolled up.

Then the sleeves:ajsmug:.

“I need to look at this,” he said, getting up and walking into the bathroom. He got there just in time, to see a brown waistcoat with golden trim suddenly appear over the shirt, a perfect fit. He knew this character was familiar, but he couldn’t figure out who.

You'll see:raritystarry:.

It was just then his pants decided to join in on the changing game, and began to shrink up his legs, revealing the tops of his socks. Once the legs had stopped shrinking, the zip and button disappeared, followed by the legs merging together. This meant that, yet again, Jimmy was in a skirt. This skirt changed to the color green, followed by light green flowers with yellow centers appearing as a pattern on the skirt. This was itself followed by a lighter green underskirt appearing, which fell to just below where the skirt stopped. Safe to say, Jimmy’s face looked like a beetroot. Or was it a tomato?

Then the facial features:scootangel:.

“Thank heaven nobody can see me like this,” he said. The world moved away from him slightly as a pair of boots formed on his feet, which grew up his legs to reach his knees. This was followed by green laces appearing, holding them on his legs, followed by green toecaps and boot protectors mounted to the top of each boot.

It was then Jimmy realized who this was.

“Oh, not Cheerilee again!”

Eeyup, and this time you're human:rainbowlaugh:!!!

The world shrank in size slightly as he gained height, bringing him up to Cheerilee’s proportions. This was followed by his hair growing longer until it reached down below his shoulders. This in turn shifted to a two-tone purple color.

The the hair:yay:!!!

His skin then turned to a bright pink or mulberry tone, as his eyes changed to green and freckles appeared underneath them. He then became aware of a tingling sensation in his chest, and looked down just in time to see his chest begin to grow in size, his nipples morphing into a pair of breasts. He inhaled to absorb the pain as his shoulders narrowed and his hips widened, followed by his manhood disappearing into his (or by now, her) body. Her hands shrank in size slightly, followed by her feet. Luckily, her boots changed size with them, avoiding any issue of leaving them behind.

And the transformation is complete:yay:!!!

“Well, that was weird,” she said, trying her voice. As expected, her voice was now that of Cheerilee. To make the situation weirder, a bright flash occurred, and she was suddenly in Canterlot High’s library.

You even have her voice:rainbowkiss:!!!

Cheerilee remembered what she was meant to be doing. She couldn’t really afford to daydream in her line of work. She went back over to the trolley of books and began putting them back on the bookcase when a voice attracted her attention.

“So I just push the letters here, and then the words and moving pictures will come up here?” There was a student who had taken a rather interesting approach to operating one of the PC’s, and Cheerilee set forth to rectify that immediately.

“Yes,” she said, with a forced smile as she put the PC down. “That’s right.”

The student smiled. “Maybe this place does have magic.” As Cheerilee went back over to sorting books, her ears were suddenly assailed by loud music. As she turned around, in irritation she saw where the noise was coming from.

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were playing loud music through a speaker, and god was it awful. Cheerilee charged over and turned the speaker off. “Girls!” she hissed. “What are you doing?”

Sweetie Belle looked up at her. “We’re just seeing how many hits our new music video has gotten.” She then turned the speaker back on, which caused the awful music to return.

Cheerilee had had enough. She picked the speaker up. “No!” she exclaimed. “The school computers are for research purposes only!” She then walked away with it. She did like them, but they didn’t half drive both her and the staff crazy!

Oh, I see what you did there:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:!!!

It was just another day for her, but boy would she need a drink when she got home.

Indeed, maybe you should go to Berry for that:raritywink:!

You forgot this part ^^'

“I need to look at this,” he said, getting up and walking into the bathroom. He got there just in time, to see a brown waistcoat with golden trim suddenly appear over the shirt, a perfect fit. He knew this character was familiar, but he couldn’t figure out who.

Not exactly. this is a Transformation story ^^;

Do you know who I am?

Hi Olivia. Nice to see you again.

So.... Blog Post promotion please? ^^'

I look forward to what you produce in future.

I know you will for sure :3

It's a variation for the :3 emoticon

Ok then. Looked at A Tale of Two Apples yet? A new chapter has arrived.

You also don't comment on my stories much anymore...:fluttercry:

(That moment when you realise all the E2s were scrapped)

I have been distracted lately ^^;

I will try to get some comments up ^^;

And for me it has been a good day.

Good to hear :3

Tomorrow, Day 21 of my 2019 MLP Marathon, I'm heading on to watching Equestria Girls Friendship Games, along with doing the Friendship Games shorts first :3

yep, and then on Day 22.... Starting on Season 6 of course :3

The first 7 episodes of Season 6 on Disc 1 of the Complete Season 6 DVD :3

I see. Which one of them had the episodes in the wrong order?

Hmm..... I think, if memory serves me correctly, I think it was the Complete Season 3 DVD. But I think why it did was because the episodes shown were in Production order ^^'

Yeah. In the UK Season 1 set, several of the episodes were the wrong way round.

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