• Published 21st Feb 2019
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Oddworld Spike's Wrath - TAD2

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Genuflect, show some respect
Down on one knee!

Ah didnt see that b4 lol thx

Managed to read this huge story.
It was pretty enjoyable big time.
Aside from a few things that bugs me but eh..

Going start reading the sequel then.
Hoping when Spike and Mal meant by "persuading" Nightmare Moon(and Daybreaker, yes. More focused on Moonie though) they don't mean like beating up and subduing her or something. Prefer like Luna coming to terms with her darker self on equal stuff rather than NMM was basically on a leash and them going "Behave.. or else" while therapy is going or something.
Feels like there's alot to touch on for Luna's inner darkness and such. Like with her bottling things up at times.

Glad Chrysalis wasn't killed off or something.
Wonder if she will reform in the sequel?
In fact I wonder where she got those other changelings from and such?

Sorry if my other comments were so.. iffy or something.

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