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A high-school student living in Seattle decides to write fan fiction about ponies. What could possibly go wrong?


Gilda's rich parents send her off to Junior Speedsters flight camp, in the absurd hope that she may someday become the first griffin member of the Wonderbolts, despite the fact that she's only a slightly above-average flyer. Her roommate, Rainbow Dash, came to the camp on a scholarship and quickly shows the camp why. Gilda struggles to stand out in the camp, and ultimately winds up questioning the reasons she's there in the first place. Together with Rainbow Dash, though, she winds up finding out things she never knew about herself, and things she never knew about the world.

Written for "PoNoWriMo", and therefore barely edited. Plot is not set and I have no character bible. Tags could change at any point. Yay?

Chapters (2)
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Good start. I am excited for more, make it soon! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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