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I am just like Discord....just without the god powers


Spike wakes up in world where everypony treats him like a baby. Not long afterwards he finds Big Mac who is now a helpless foal stuck in the same predicament as Spike. It all adds up to Discord playing a game with the two as he was fed up losing in O&O he decided to create his own game with his own emberassing rules. The two will have to play and survive as there will be emberassing consequences for losing.

This is a birthday present to my best friend: Zubric

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Ooh! Cute start to a most intriguing adventure. I do like the little foreshadow of Discord's presence via the dice roll towards the end. It helps to set up for what to potentially look for as the story progresses.

Twilight is definitely one stern mother. Though Starlight is definitely a completely different mare. It makes you wonder if Spike, if still a padded lil' baby dragon, would have made more of a difference towards Starlight's reform post Season 5?

I do hope Zubrick is enjoying this work. It's off to a most epic start. :)

A good start. Could use a little reworking at the beginning but overall not bad.

This is a cute start. I like how confused Spike is but is going with it for fear of a grounding lol

Betcha Discord had something to do with the lollipop. I have to wonder how Big Mac feels being the youngest sibling now, younger even than Apple Bloom.

ah! The dice roll was to determine if the lollipop was cursed. If only Spike knew to be wary of tempting items that could have negative character effects.

I'm really enjoying Starlight Glimmer being a mother figure. It really does make me wonder if a foal would be great for her future.

The mane 6 may not really be all ready, or even interested, in being parents. However I do believe Starlight Glimmer being a canon mom would make a lot of sense. It'd be a great way to conclude her progression by having a foal and promising to be there to ensure the magic of love and friendship never left him, or her.

Plus, for Starlight's foal, we wouldn't need much to it as compared to Shining Armor and Cadence. Those two having a baby made a lot of sense and was more expected than, in my opinion, a big plot point / character building moment. (We don't see much of how Cadence and shining are as parents. Thye don't seem all that different outside of the typical 'exhausted parents' stuff)

It will be neat to see how this story continues. Though, somehow, I think I missed one of your stories. :( If so, I'm sorry.

9468754 You've missed the first full chapter of "The Cake Twins and a Baby Pie".

Wonder if the Cake Twins are still in diapers in this world. :trixieshiftright:

I just wonder how spike and Big Mac are going to stop discord and get out of the game discord made for them

9494323 There's probably some kind of monster they have to defeat.

D'aww! Super cute throughout with Spike now starting to understand some of what is making things happen in this bizarre alternate world.

Rarity does quite the job in making him clothes. "The Power Puppies" was definitely a cute touch. As Discord is behind this it is certain the draconequus is more than enjoying embarrassing the heck out of Spike. He's getting Big Mac but more than showing Spike his disdain for what happened during the last O&O game.

I am particularly fond of how Starlight is the one bussing around Spike in this story. Normally it would be Twilight as, well, she's often seen to be his mom / caretaker. Seeing this side of Starlight is quite sweet. :)

Keep up the adorable work!

I would think Twilight is more the type to prefer spankings over grounding. After all she likes getting things done and so she would like the discipline to happen quickly.

Starlight was now more determined to get the shorts over the diaper and was trying to pull the tan shorts over the giant thick padding of the diaper but just for some reason, she couldn’t. Starlight scratched her head, “huh maybe you're right? I mean, your diaper must have gotten bigger because your shorts just don't fit?”

Huh? I thought they couldn't understand Spike.

Feels kind of abrupt. I would've liked to see more of an actual adventure. Things like battling evil teddy bears and monsters from the closets.

i think I shouldve thought this one more through. But Ill do better in planning out my stories.

9550770 You can always put in "On Hiatus" and come back to it later when you're ready to focus on it more.

Quick finish but definitely a great one. Kind of like going through the final gauntlet in a mission. Endurance is what gets you through and boy did Spike endure.

I wonder how much the other ponies remember what happened? Twilight surely appears like she could have very well been in on the whole thing with Discord. Though it would be interesting to think if Starlight remembers being a maternal figure.

Starlight definitely could make for a great mommy. This story is, for me, the first time I really saw her in a motherly role and it was adorable!

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